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Thursday, December 13, 2007

R.I.P. Genreal

Monday, December 10, 2007

Us....and Them...??!!

Yesterday....our lady Majida made us all in tears as she pured her feelings out. She summarized our pain and frustration, and expressed what's burning us from the inside, demanding a solution, and a break for us to live....

Today, the answer came, and it came loud and clear. The Orange General assured us no election is to be held before the holidays. Why the hell should we celebrate!!?? And why the hell should all the hotels in Liban be fully booked??!! No! We all have to continue suffering till the Orange General fulfill all his dreams!!!!

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And just hours ago, riots and tires burning took place in Beirut's Southern Suburb, claimed to be protesting against "electricity block out", as if HA followers ever move on their own, without having the "signal" from above....

I'm sorry Mrs. Roumi, it seems they don't want to hear your voice and your pledge. They are in a different world...a world of "them"....far away from "us".....

Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Independence Is Made Everyday"

"Doubt the political leaders decisions, confront them when they are wrong, but NEVER doubt March 14th spirit. You are this spirit and it is you -not the politicians- who made March 14th"
Gebran Tueni. Check the video clip, minute 7:35

I didn't write about this issue all this time, because deep down inside, I didn't want to believe this is actually happening. I really hoped that at a certain time, things will change and I'll see them back to what we asked them to do. But all that vanished as March 14th declared their official position regarding Constitution amendment.

But, one must face the reality, and as simple as that, March 14th political leaders had just betrayed us. They have betrayed the very basics of March 14th, and it is our role to point that out.

I can't but to think -as I'm writing this post- of all the sacrifices and efforts we all put for the Cedar's Revolution, of all the pure souls that were lost because they believed and made us believe that Liban is coming back. How can I go to Gebran Tueni's Anniversary in a couple of days??? What can I tell him? How can I justify what is happening??!

How can I ever read Samir Kassir's articles again, and never feel this horrible disgust feeling deep inside? What do I tell Pierre Gemayel?? We had to give up? We don't believe in you anymore?

I disagree with you, Mustapha! We are NOT immature, and March 14th political leaders don't need our support now, they need to listen to us, and to know that they have betrayed the trust we gave them. They betrayed our martyrs, and threw away everything they did for Liban.

This blog, stands in respect to the brave men who refused to give up; Ghassan Tueni, Nasib Lahoud and Botrous Harb. In 2004, 29 brave men said no, and started the Revolution. Today, history repeats itself.

Ghassan Tueni said "Independence is made everyday, nothing comes for free". We need to keep this in mind, and we need to keep the dream alive inside us. We owe our martyrs, and we owe Liban that much.

One important note, while this blog is against Constitution Amendment, and against military men entering politics, but I have nothing against General Sleiman, and he showed nothing but pure patriotism, and so he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Let's just hope he will be able to fill the huge gap, that has been there for years....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rain In Tripoli

As sietske reported from Beirut, Tripoli -once raining- gets triple the number of cars in the streets!