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Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary Tent City!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, It has been a whole full year, since the opposition transformed our lovely-source-of-bride-Down-Town into a one of a kind Tent City.

One must sit back and evaluate the opposition's experience, and what were the results of their sit-in. Here goes the numbers:

  • According to Mr. Tarek Barakat, a member of the local restaurant association, 75 restaurant, bar and coffee shops had closed, and 2700 employees lost their jobs.
  • Tony Salameh, owner of a chic department store, said of the Tent City. "The Arab tourists are no longer coming. Businesses are in despair and are moving out."
  • About 80 shops had closed or had moved away from DT.
  • Senior'a Government has not been toppled, instead, It has the Executive powers of the President, till a new president is elected.
  • Businessmen are asking the Government to put an end to the sit-in
Yet, the opposition is planning to (yes, I'm not kidding!), to celebrate the first anniversary of the sit-in, and to ensure to all Lebanese, that the sit-in will continue for YEARS to come till Seniora's Government is toppled!!!!

Can we put some reason into this? Can we "talk" to those supporting the sit-in? Explaining how such moves will lead to nothing but more suffering? According to Prince Arslan: "The sit-in has prevented Israeli flags waving in the middle of Beirut , and put an end to the American plan for Lebanon".

See the logic???!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

باي باي فخامة الرئيس

Countdown Almost Over....Count Up About To Start!

When I first sat up the Lahoud Countdown Timer, all what I hoped for is to see him out of Baabda Palace, and put an end to his painful term.

Today, I just realized that I wasn't hoping much for electing a new president! Check the timer yourself, it speaks about kicking Lahoud out of Baabda, never about electing a new president! Unlike the official LF site!!

Am I psychic??!! Or it's just the simple fact that Liban is doomed to be in continuous struggle??!!

You tell me......

You Can't Give What You Don't Own

What can we do? No matter what happens, our Orange General will always be our Orange General!

So yesterday, he did what he does best, acting as if he is the Head of the State, the President of the Republic! And some how, the country was drowning, and he came just in time for rescue!

It seems our Orange General needs to be continuously reminded. Dear General, with all due respect, you DON'T OWN the presidency, you were NEVER the president, and according to how things are going now, you AIN'T going to!

You can't give what you don't own General, and therefore, you can't give us the presidency, and try to look like the big man who decided to give up his right for the people. The Parliament, and ONLY the parliament can give the right of Presidency, so wake up!

And another thing, March 14th OWNS the majority in the Parliament, and so ONLY March 14th can decide who is the next PM, NOT you, General.

In all cases, what happened is a typical March 8th maneuver; right when they realize they failed, they come and declare that they are willing to give up their rights for the sake of the country! Speaker Berri did it not along time ago when he declared that the opposition gave up its demand for a National Unity Government, as if they were ever able to force such government to begin with!

Stop fooling the Lebanese! Accept Democracy, be there in the Parliament, and allow our Liban to breathe........History will never forgive you......

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Special thanks to BJ! I've searched a lot for this picture on the net, and I just found it on blacksmithsoflebanon

We miss you guys, you were our source of inspiration. And we will always remember your sacrifices......

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pierre...... We won't Forget You....

Dearest Pierre,
It's has been almost a year since they assassinated you...... and we're still struggling to build the Liban we all seek.

It's been a year, and we are still waiting for a president to carry on the Cedar's Revolution.

It's been a year, and they are still refusing to let us live.

It's been a year, and they are accusing us of being American, French and even Israelis.

It's been a year, and we won't EVER give up.

We're gunna elect the president, we're gunna build the strong Liban, and we're gunna always always remember you....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

General..... Please!!!

It seems that we will never run out of our Orange General's wisdom!

Now, he believes that it is not right to elect the president, even by two-third of the Parliament votes!!!! "Because it is unsuitable to role one third of the Lebanese population out of the Lebanese consensus, and try to isolate it!" "We want fair Democracy. We will not cover a Presidential elections, even if it is done with the presence of two-thirds of the votes, because we refuse to cover a president who is not covered by the whole Lebanese"

Excuse me! Are you telling me that if two-thirds of the parliament attended the session, and they all elected one president, you'd still refuse to cover him/her??!! The only way you would cover the president is if s/he was elected by EVERYONE??!!! And you call that "Fair Democracy"???!!!

If I'm not mistaken, neither you block general, nor the Christian wing of March 14th voted for Berri when he was elected the Parliament Speaker!!! So Mr. Berri doesn't have the cover of half of the Lebanese population, let alone the whole Christians of this country??! Are you trying to say that he shouldn't be recognized as the Speaker??! Does that means that we need to elect a new Speaker?!

Oh no! of course that's not what you meant! You are just contradicting yourself (as usual). It seems you have finally realized that March 14th nor March 8th is willing to vote for you as a president, and decide to throw the table over everybody, huh?

Or maybe the "National Unity" is ONLY important when you realize your out of the picture??!!

Please explain to me, how do you refuse to recognize Seniora's Government or a two-third elected president, and still recognizing a Speaker of the Parliament who wasn't elected by ANY SINGLE Christian block in the parliament???!!! Teach us how can we "Divide" the "National Unity" according to our benefit, maybe we could find logic behind that after all.....

Please General....For the MILLION time.... we are not STUPID. Your charisma can only take you so far Aoun, and you are running out of it.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Douma... A Lebanese Politics Video Game

Are you a big fan of Jumblatt? Can't wait to see Berri in the street kicking @$$? Crazy about Jeajea unleashing hell on his opponents? You'd die to see the Orange General in a fight with his angry temper? Or you want to cheer "Bel rou7 bel damm nafdeek Saadeddine" while Hariri shows his marshal arts skills?

Wonder no more! Ziad Feghaly is bringing all that and much more live starting November 15th, 2007! All what you have to do is to log on to to enjoy a street-fight-style-video-game featuring our one-of-a-kind-famous politicians!!

The creator of the game, included Lahoud too! What a better way to show your appreciation to his deeds than to to see Jumblatt or Jeajea finishing him with their "special moves". Better yet, you could even play as Lahoud, and let Hariri unleash all his anger and frustration on him!!!

Unfortunately, the game didn't include Nasrallah, who seems to have sent his right-hand-side-kick Hussein Haj Hassan to carry on the fighting task (Do I even need to comment on that??!!).

So Ladies and Gentlemen, don't miss the official opening of the "Ultimate Lebanese Fight" tomorrow. November 15th, 2007. Come and cheer to your loved leader, watch your opponent suffer endless pain, or even come and join us as we laugh at our ironic reality......