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Friday, February 23, 2007

Lahoud Countdown Timer

Ever since I put the countdown timer on the top my blog, I feel delighted every time I open my blog as I realize that we are getting closer and closer to get rid of him.

We're getting there ladies and gentlemen. we are so close :)




Thank you mate, please check the aknowledgement on

thank you

Ms Levantine said...

Don't feel so happy Failasoof. Lahoud goes and then what? The parliement convenes and votes for a new president? Or the bickering starts again and we have a constitutional crisis?

The rule of thumb is that every new president is worse than the preceding one. I know it sounds impossible in Lahoud's case, but time will tell.

Leafless Eve said...

he he he... love that... but i hope it's much sooner then this.
ms levantine, Lahoud goes and it doesn't matter what's after that. When your cleaning out you're cleaning your room, you don't say WHY should i fix the bed first? or the closet first... It doesn't matter... you get rid of what's not good for the country, one traitor at a time, and things just start to fall in place. No one knows if the next pres. is gonna be better or worst, but atleast we'll know he's not an illegal, pro Syrian president.

Leafless Eve said...

oops, i wrote cleaning
maybe i should go clean my room :)

FaiLaSooF said...

you are more than welcome ya zalamy, you don't need to thank me.

What can be better than spreading this "happy timer" as you call it among us :)

Yalla, it's getting closer :)

ms Levantine and Leafless eve,
leafless eve said it plain and simple. As simple as this, Lahoud mut leave, and believe me gurls, any one is BETTER than Lahoud.

Anonymous said...

stupid 3an jad....
u still put ur money on politicians coming and leaving?
can't believe there are still stupids like u.

Maya@NYC said...

hahahhahah.... ktir mahdoum!.... we have to admit: lahoud succeeded where no one else did: he united the lebanese : we all (ALL) hate him! "Liban" deserves better!:)

FaiLaSooF said...

Do NOT trust politicians, you vote for what they say they are going to do, NOT cz of the politician him/her self.

You know, I hought Lahoud didn't do one single good thing as a president, but you are right, he actually united us against him!

And you are right :) Liban DOES DESERVE better, much better...

Liliane said...

Lol eve, your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

Failasoof, funny timer :) I like it

Khawwta said...

Good one ;)

FaiLaSooF said...

liliane and kahwwta,
glad you like the idea :)

Anonymous said...

ya jame3a we are at 215 days.... were getting there.

We need to be ready for another try by the Syrians to take the spot again.