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Monday, February 05, 2007

Palestinian Model

It seems that the conflict we are having in Lebanon is not that different than the one taking place in Palestinian territories.

Lately, "Hamas" and "Fateh" supporters have been engaging in violent actions in Gaza strip, that lead to a Saudi attempt to gather the two sides in Mekka to reach a solution. The main points in the agenda is to form a "Unity government" to put an end to the escalation in the streets.

Is this what will happen in Liban? Would escalations in Liban reach a stage where the "unity government" will be the price to stop the violence in streets?

Both, March 14th and March 8th are continuously declaring that they don't won't things to get out of control. But how would things come to an end then? Would the opposition try to imitate the Palestinian model if it was proven to be effective there?

Things are getting more and more complicated, and no one seems to be able to predict what will happen next.....

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