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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Audacity of Liban

We (regardless of what you consider “we”; Arabs, Orientals, Phoenicians, or Lebanese) are born and raised on our rich heritage. We take so much pride in our history, in our achievements, and mostly in our set of morals and values. It is our way to face the West; while they have the power, the technology, and the prosperity, we have the history, the heritage, and the morals and values for a better life.

And as much as I take personal and deep pride in all that mentioned above, I can’t but to stand in honor to a great nation, that have taught the whole world, yet again, the real meaning of the “Land of Opportunities”. This nation, has come through its relatively small history far beyond many of the nations of the world, and have reached a level of democracy that many can’t even DARE to dream about.

Obama has showed us that hope is not a weakness, that dreams are not hopeless, and that audacity of hope can be far more superior and effective, when we simply believe that we can make a CHANGE.

In only 60 years, the US jumped from a country full of racism and hate, to a country where White people are cheering and supporting their first-ever African-American president.

At the same time, I can’t not to remember a great man, an ever-living martyr, who had the same dream, the same hope and the everlasting audacity to call for a truly independent Liban. His words, his courage and his wisdom motivated, and are still motivating us to BELIEVE in Liban.

Dearest Gebran, we won’t lose faith, and we won’t ever give up hope. We can, and we will cause the CHANGE you always promised us. The road may be long and dark, but it is our BELIEVE that will guide us through. We struggled for 30 years to gain our independence, and we won’t stop, even if it takes us another 30, 60 or even 100 years, till we see the Liban we have always had the AUDACITY to dream, hope, and seek.

God bless your soul, rest assured that even though the current situation looks gloomy, but we are still here, and we are still strong, and we didn’t give up….not yet.