Always in Our Minds....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don’t Use US Anymore!

Back in 2005, there were TONS and TONS of reasons why we marched, why we stood united and said ENOUGH!

Back in 2005, people from all over Liban, went to Freedom Square demanding independence and freedom.

We didn’t march for leaders, we didn’t march for money, and we didn’t march because someone forced us to.

We marched because we believed in Liban, because we wanted a better Liban, because we were fed up with COMPROMISATION.

Tomorrow, don’t you DARE use us. Don’t you DARE lie to us. Don;t DARE go on TV and say we have people’s support.

WE don’t TRUST you, we’re not marching to Freedom Square for YOU. We are there to say one thing and one thing only…..

We shall never give up on Liban. We are March 14th, not nowadays politicians. We made March 14th, and you politicians followed us. We didn’t compromise, and we won’t compromise.

For our true figures, heroes and martyrs… Rafic, Gebran, Samir, Pierre and all of March 14th, for YOU we march tomorrow……

De3an yalli rahou7 b yalli be2yu……