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Monday, July 31, 2006

If it is True

Israel has sent many videos showing eveidance that their was rocket-lunching truck inside the building that was bombraded in Qana, claming that they wanted to target the lunching truck and not civilinace.

Reporters from all different news agencies confirmed that they didn't see any kind of Hezbollah activity in Qana or the nearby area. But I guess as always, the whole world is lying, and only Israel says the truth!!?

I think it has become a media war, and the truth is hidden somewhere out there. In all cases, whether it was hezbollah using civillinace as human sheilds, or Israel attacking civilliance, nothing can justify killing innocent children in such barbaric way. And I from this blog condim each and every country/organization that are using/targetting innconet people, no matter who are they......

Israel thinks she can justify its latest massacre in Qana by saying they didn't know there were refugees in the building. Let me ask you this: How did you know there was rocket-lunching truck in that building but didn't notice the over 50 refugees using the building as a shelter? Or you just choose to see whatever suits you, and turn a blind eye towards the rest of the picture?

Once again, nothing can justify murder, nothing can justify Qana's massacre. And no matter how many years pass, we won't forget and we won't forgive......

Who are the Lebanese?

One year ago, all of us marched to down town Beirut, demanding our freedom and independence. We showed what is like when the nation raises above all the obstacles, and declares loud and clear, that we are here, and we are not going to allow others to take our country a hostage. All of us, Christians and Muslims, showed the true meaning of unity against all odds. And by our unity, and our persistence, we gain the independence we deserve….

This summer, we marched back again to down town Beirut, shouting out loud and clear. Once again, that we are a nation that will never surrender, a nation that won't accept to give, a nation that knows one thing and one thing only; we are HERE, and we are STAYING.

It's Lebanon, it's our beloved country. No matter how barbaric our enemies may become, they can destroy our infra structure, they can kill our children, but they will never take our LOVE for our Lebanon; they'll never divide us.

To all the people of the world, we are Lebanese, and we are so damn proud, and we won't give up, and we will NEVER surrender…..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yet another Massacre...

It's 1996 all over again. We woke up this morning on a new massacre. 55 people, 37 of which are children, have been brutally killed after Israeli missiles targeted a building in which refugees have been hiding from the war.

Anger, grief, feeling of helplessness and most of all feeling of disgust are some of many emotions we are all feeling at once towards how things are progressing in the region. Every night we go to sleep hoping that next day will be better, that we will finally see a light of hope to end this madness, only to wake up the other day seeing more and more innocent people being killed, and our beloved Lebanon in grief and sadness.

People here can't even look at each other; we just can't take it anymore. This is far than anyone could stand. Nothing can justify death if children in such brutality, nothing can explain such attacks on innocent angles. The pictures of these killed kids are hunting us every single moment.

In Lebanon, everybody is wondering what the world has come to, how come everybody sees such massacres and yet sit still and do nothing???!! How can we believe the Israelis (with their laser-guided missiles and surveillance airplanes) when they say that they didn't know there were refugees in that building????

Reporters from all over the world were shocked, heart broken and in tears as they are reporting the massacre, everybody is just disgust. This is NOT only a war; it’s a genocide against humanity.

Here in Tripoli. People are full with rage, grief, sadness and so mixed up emotions. When will this come to an end? When will we gain our life back? Who will compensate for all this destruction and the souls that have been gone?

To all international powers, STOP this massacre, STOP this genocide, STOP this madness……

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What are they thinking!!??

Today, our TV cable was out, so we were forced to check the radio to get the latest news. To my surprise, there were an Israeli new channel. They were talking in bad arabic accent, trying to turn people against Hassan Nasrallah, saying that he's the only reason why the lebanese people are suffering...

What exactly are they after? do they really think that any Lebanese would take their side??!! They have been distroying us for over 30 years, didn't they relaize that we WILL NEVER surrender? are they actually thinking that we could be with then agaist a fellow Lebanese??!!

Many of us may disagree with Nasrallah and his approaches, and many would even be mad at him, but there's NO WAY ON HELL that we could side with Israel and leave him behind.

What ever the reason, we are under war now, and the Israelis are attacking us. So to those on teh radio I say: "Give up, and instead of wasting your time trying ti turn us against eachother, worry about your own people and make sure they won't realize the truth and turn against you!!!!"

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


التضامن الزائف
هي قصة لبناني اضطر إلى النزوح إلى "الشقيقة" بحثا عن طائرة تقله إلى جامعته في كندا. تبدأ القصة بمحاولة إيجاد سيارة تاكسي من طرابلس إلى حمص. "إنها الحرب و مخاطرها" يقول سائق التاكسي السوري. أصبحت أجرة الذهاب إلى حمص 300$ بعدما كانت 50$ (كرمال عيون التضامن). يوافق صديقنا مرغما.

على الحدود، التفتيش لا يثتثني أحدا، و كأن اللبناني ذاهب في سياحة إلى "الشقيقة" لا نزوحا من الحرب! و إذا أردت الخلاص، ما عليك إلا إظهار الدولارات، و فجأة تصبح من كبار الشخصيات. الغريب في الأمر أنك مضطر إلى "رشوة" الموظفين على الحدود السورية إذا أردت المرور بسلام في كل الأحوال، إنه المبلغ المدفوع الذي يحدد "دقة التفتيش" و زمنه. مرة أخرى (كرمال عيون التضامن).

تستغرق الرحلة إلى دمشق حوالي الأربع ساعات، لا يتوقف فيها الراديو السوري عن بث الأغاني الوطنية، و التأكيد على دعم المقاومة، و على أهمية التضامن مع الأشقاء اللبنانيين في دفاعهم عن "الشرف العربي". يبحث صديقنا عن مكان للإقامة ريثما يتمكن من تأمين حجز إلى كندا، الفنادق في دمشق على اختلاف أنواعها مكتظة باللبنانيين و الأجانب الفارين من لبنان. غرفة في فندق ثلاث نجوم أصبحت ب160$ بدلا من السعر الاعتيادي الذي لم يكن يتجاوز ال40$ و مرة أخرى (كرمال عيون التضامن). "لم أرى في حياتي هذا العدد من الأجانب في دمشق قط، نحن نستفيد من مصابكم بكل الأحوال" يقول سائق التاكسي الذي يوصل صديقنا إلى مكتب السفريات. لبناني آخر، ارتأى افتراش أرض المطار في دمشق، ريثما يحين موعد إقلاع طائرته. لكن عليه أولا أن يدفع ضريبة "التضامن"، 50$ لموظف شرطة المطار, الذي يؤكد "تضامنه مع لبنان و اللبنانيين" و أنه ما كان ليسمح بافتراش المطار هكذا لولا تلك الظروف، "يا هيك التضامن يما بلا" يضحك صديقنا اللبناني و في حلقه غصة. إنها حرب اللبنانيين وحدهم، و عليهم دفع ثمنها بالدولار الأمريكي.....

محطة أخيرة، تفصل صديقنا اللبناني النازح عن ركوب الطائرة، إنه التفتيش في المطار. "كنا نتذمر من التفتيش على الحدود، لكن الكارثة هنا أعظم" هذا لسان حال الجميع هنا. فموظف جمارك المطار لا يمكن معاملته كموظف جمارك الحدود "الناس مقامات" يوضح الموظف. و مرة أخرى (كرمال عيون التضامن) يضطر صديقنا إلى استعمال الدولار. "هين قرشك، و لا تهين نفسك"، إنه التضامن بأبهى صوره، إنها الوحدة كما لم تكن يوما!

أخيرا، تقلع الطائرة بصديقنا اللبناني، بعيدا عن "التضامن الزائف" و مآسي الحرب. و لكن حيث تنتهي معاناة لبناني، تبدأ رحلة عذاب لبناني آخر، مع التضامن الزائف...... لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله.
ملاحظة: عن جريدة "صدى البلد" بتصرف

What does it mean to be a Lebanese?

A freind of mine, Najwan Fares, wrote an article describing her thoughts and feelings towards what's happeneing recently in Lebanon. I'm gunna puplish her article here, and I'm leaving it up to all of you to comment....

To My Love...Lebanon!
Wake up Lebanon...Why are you still sleeping? It's not time for sleep. Today's is the big day! this is the wedding that never ends, where the bride is waiting patiently for her groom that doesn't show up when the church bells start playing.
Children playgrounds become battle grounds for the grownups, where swings become replaced by firing guns!
The scent of fear is all that can be smelled bound to the odor of fresh innocent blood furnished across the streets of Lebanon.
What's going on? Can someone tell me because I haven't still woke up from the disclosure.
All I can remember is welcoming one Friday morning with War!
Did I just say the story that filled our history books??
Our record is the biggest bed time story ever. The title begins with war, and the ending will always be war! We will always fight on the details that will fulfill our greediness.
Lebanon has always been a victim of a seriel conspiracy. It never had time to build itself the way it should. Held one brick in a hand, and feared that the other will never reach the wall.
We never had the right time to recover from the paranoid that conquered our lives for 30 years!
An enner battle that will need everlasting therapy to get cured completely. It's a shame on us that we killed ourselves when we killed our human brother. Lebanon wa sassassinated by its own people...
This gave pthers the chance to live on us like parasites craving for shelter and more Arabian blood...
An alibi to reinforce the peace in the country!
Our life is empty now!
By the time we swear that this will never happen again, another crisis arises within us. Another generation is raised under the pressures of the collapsing bombs. Screams, screams, and more screams....Stop....
Cries of the innocents roaming around the ashes of what was their home. Fledding away to shelters, and then a lightening and a death rated sound. If you choose to run away, then this is no choice, but an obligation. If you choose to stay, then we are sentencing ourselves to death. But we can't just all leave and give the enemy more reasons to destroy.
He must know who we really are; we're the nation that always held its coffin under the sirens of attacking bombs; we're the people who will risk their lives just to see their country independent and free!
We have no safe asylum except our faith in God! No Israeli flop can manage surpassing that...]
I've never been praying type but now I'm all on my knees trying believe that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. We could've stayed outside all this and chose another road to our dreams about Lebanon, but Lebanon has always been a bet and a wild game lots of political parties enjoyed taking the launch.
We never had the preferance in anyhting concerning our home. We were a doll in the hands of the strong!
But who will take the lead, the law or the strong?! This is the question... This is no time to throw accusations. This is time to unite mentally and physically...
They are killing our dreams and imaginations, but they will never kill our free will to live and grow on the idea that Leabnon is ours, from its north to its south...
We will always breathe the same air that filled our lungs when we first opened our eyes on this world!
Our life is ours, not for somebody else. We are no puppet!
This war is for all Lebanon not for anyone in particular. Lebanon was chosen the place to commence this barbarian act, therefore; it's a shame on those who act as if we are no part of all this.
How does it feel when the sacred is torn?
I've always wanted to know but never dared to ask. Now, all i want is us to live again. Is that too much to ask for?!
Although our hearts are still working normally,a nd our mobile activity is there on standby, we are Dead.
I have died with the ones who died in the south,a nd my soul is dying with the dreams of the kids who prepared themselves for summer camp and my thoughts have passed away with the elderly that were preparing themselves for the other life!!
Some have lost contact with their close ones for 5 mins, but lots have lost them forever...
Someday, the church bells will rhyme along the prayers of the mosque, and Lebanon will become evergreen.
From now till then, God bless us all!
Najwan Fares

Monday, July 24, 2006

My internet connection is destroyed!

Last Saturday, Israel made a raid on telecommunication towers in the north, leaving me and the rest of the north with no cell phone network coverage as well as no internet coverage.

As it was expected on this site, Tripoli Oil Refinery was attacked last Saturday. It will be difficult for me to keep you updated with the situation, at least till I get my internet connection fixed.

Thanks for all your support, and please keep checking out the blog, as I will updated whenever it is possible...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

That's the Situation

According to how things are progressing, it seems that Israel has a hidden agenda behind its attack in Lebanon. We can safely say that kidnapping two soldiers can't be a reason to justify the daily Israeli attacks on Lebanon. Obviously, Israel had planned for such an attack long time ago, and it seems that Hizbollah's last move gave the Israelis exactly what they need to go out in the world and say: "We're getting rid of Hizbollah on behalf of the International community". And in that manner, they got the approval of Bush's administration to cover the operations, while the UN -as usual- seems rather helpless to do anything about it.

But that's not everything, Israel won't just go into a war without getting some benefit out of it. True, getting rid of Hizbolah threads is important, but not important enough as to go into a war all over again. It only make sense that US administration has given Israel the green light to go and actually re-invade southern Lebanon. And once again, the reason for that would be to eliminate Hizbollah's danger on Israel. And then USA can start negotiations with the Lebanese government; disarm Hizbollah, spread Lebanese army along the southern Lebanese borders, and Israel would withdrawal its forces back to the international borders.

Scary scenario, but it seems logical, and it easily explains why USA is against any interference in the crisis up till now, the evacuation of foreigners from Lebanon and the international silence towards the crisis.

Such a scenario can lead easily to another civil war in Lebanon. Once again, there will parties who are willing to go with the American proposal, while others will be against it, and declare resistance to liberate the occupied Lebanese lands.

Let's just hope that such Scenario won't take place, for we are all tired of war, and asking for nothing other than peace and prosperity to our beloved country Lebanon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Northern Lebanon Under Attack!

Latest news states that Israeli army bombarded northern Lebanon (Kobayat town) earlier tonight. The attacks targeted the road linking Akkar to Syria.

I just talked on the phone to my friend Dominique, who is from Kobayat, and he said that he was on his way home when the attacks took place. Now the main road to Kobayat is ruined, and he can't reach his town anymore.

Rumors say that Tripoli might be the next target for Israeli army later tonight. Central el Mina, Rachid Karame International Fair and Tripoli Oil refinery are among the suspected targets.

More news will be added as soon as I get my hands on them...

A Reply

It seems my article "Shame on you..." Had brought lots of attention.

The last comment was:

Anonymous said...
1. These pictures are staged by the photographer, no parent will let his child sign shells, its just aint done.
2. What reads on the shell is to "Nasralla with love". Since you can read English, I guess you already know that, and that turns you into a liar.

I feel I'm obliged to reply to that last comment simply because I was accused of being a liar.

First of all, if you (whoever you are 'cause you didn't leave your name or e-mail) paid enough attention, you would have been able to see that the article was taken from a source: so it wasn't me who said what was written by Israeli young girls on the missiles attacking innocent Lebanese children (more than 1/3 of the casualties among Lebanese are children)

Second, if you don't have the GUTS nor the COURAGE to state your name and e-mail, Don't bother us with your accusation and analysis. My blog has a credibility and I won't allow anonymous person to question my integrity.

Third, even if what the girls wrote was "To Nasrallah with love", that doesn't make it right. These are children that should NOT be raised to hate and kill other innocent people, NOT to mention that they were in a military area, which is an extremely dangerous place for civilian rather children to be in.

Fourth, I hope you'd show these young Israeli girls the results of the missiles on Lebanon. Maybe that can help you guys in teaching them more and more violence and hate can lead to LETHAL ends....


Huge demonstration took place on Tues. July 18, 2006 in fornt of the White House, declaiming the unjustified war against the Lebanese and Palestinians, and asking Bush's administration to stop the massacres being committed.

Bush's administration is not willing to interfere till certain goals are met! I wonder what are these goals.

Up till now, more than half million Lebanese are considered refugees, living in public schools and gardens after the Israeli attacks left them with no roof above their heads. Lebanese and international NGOs are doing their best to help the refugees, but the whole country is threatened to be erased from existence!

Peaceful Demonstrations To Stop The War

July 18,2006:

Toronto, Canada - 7:00PM at Dundas and Yonge (across from Easton Centre)Montreal

Canada - 5:00PM at PMDORCHESTER SQUARE, 1155 METCALFEStuttgart

Germany - 6:00 PM at Schlossplatz in Stuttgart (downtown)

Doha, Qatar - 8:30 PM at Lebanese School of Doha

Abu Dhabi, UAE - 7:00PM in front of the Lebanese embassy Abu Dhabi

Grenoble, France - 6:00 PM at Place Félix Poullat, Grenoble

Athens, Greece - 7:00 PM In front of EVAGILISMOS HospitalTorino

Italy - 5:30PM at Piazza

Castello, London, UK - 9:00PM - 10.30PM on Parliament Sq. London

Abu Dahbi, UAE - 6:00 PM in front of the Lebanese embassy in Abu Dhabi

July 19, 2006:

Boston, MA - 5:00 pm at Copley Place, in front of Gibran's sculpture

More info will be added soon.

P.S: Taken from

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

SHAME on you....

This is what we are facing...In the pictures below you can see young Israeli girls writing messages on the missiles before they target Lebanese territories. A sample of the writing is:

"Dear Lebanese kids, die with love"

No Comment.....

P.S: Taken from:

To my baby!

In case you checked the blog habebe....I just want you to know how much you mean to me. And how much happiness and pleasure you bring to my life...Even if it is resembled in a 30 min. Call every other day...But I know for sure that we're always together...

I love yew habebe....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tripoli at Night

This is how Tripoli looks like from my balcony at night during the hard time we are going through. Up till now, we're still better than other areas in Leabnon. We are still getting electricity and water. The phone lines are still working too.

Refugees from the south are starting to arrive to the city's puplic schools and fairs. The city is running out of basic supplies....but we can still hold for a few weeks. NGOs are doign their best to provide all the basic needs for the refugees.

I know nothing good comes out of war, but you really see the best out the lebanese during hardships. We are trully one hand right now, one soul and one man. Let's just hope that we will continue to be ONE when this suffering ends, because no matter what, we have a country to build...again and again and again

That's all for now...take care

Dear Readers

To all who are reading my blog,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking time to read my blog.

I promise I'll update the blog on daily bases, or even sooner, depending on my connection and the progress of events.

Thanks again for all your support, and please feel free to add comments and suggestions

Yours faithfully,


Save Lebanese Civilians

Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition

Help us by signing the petition..thanks alot

Tripoli Under Attack!!

It was 1:00 am, quite night, no cars in the streets, and everybody is thanking God that we are at least having some peace, a typical Tripoli night.

I was on my way to bed when we heard a huge expulsion and all of a sudden the sky turned white. Just like that, the ground beneath me began to shake, and all my family members woke up terrified. The Israeli army has just attacked the city's port.

We are now all freezed next to the TV trying to know what actually happened. That's what war does, it sucks the life right out of you....

I'll try to keep you updated with everything as soon as I can. And maybe with some pictures if I can.

UPDATE 1: July 17th,2006. 12:00pm

I took a ride around Tripoli today...Everything seems to be normal. The people are acting as if nothing has happened. I think this is how the city tries to deal with the situation here; acting as if we were bombarded by the Israelis last night. Reporters say that 7 people were killed and 10 injured, and that one soldiers was saved from under the distraction.

Around 1:00pm rumors were spread that the Israelis are going to target central el mina. The central is right next to my house, needless to say, we were terrified and we started packing up the essentials and preparing to head to the shelters. Fortunately, they were only rumors, and everything is fine till now.....

Here are some of the pictures I took in Tripoli this afternoon.

Nini Square

Nadim Jisr Street

Annour Square (Sa7et Allah)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nasrallah... A Puzzle!

Some people might say that it's not a good time to start such an argument, others may accuse me of being pro-Israeli for what I'm bout to say, but I wish you would think about what I'm going to say, and then judge me.

I used to have a great respect to sheikh Nasrallah. After all, he was among a very few who really stood up and faced the Israelis. But, I have to say that lately, I think the man is making some strategic mistakes.

I'm sure you all have seen Nasrallah on TV lately. In his speeches, he seems to be appealing for the Arabs and Muslims - al oumma - the term he's using in addressing the people. He is emphasizing on that he is NOT asking for the support of Arab and Muslims governments, but he's seeking the support of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

While many of you would say: "so what? What's so wrong about that?", I say that he's NOT considering the rest of the Lebanese people. Let's face it, even if Hezbollah got the full support of every single Arab and Muslim in the world, it won't succeed unless the hezb got the Lebanese (ALL LEBANESE) full support. We can't deny the fact that when Nasrallah speaks about the oumma, he is excluding Lebanese Christians who are partners of this country. And while Muslims don't feel threatened with Nasrallah speaking that way, Christians do!

We are Lebanese FIRST, and Christians and Muslims second, and I think that Hezbollah must focus its efforts now to gain the support of all the Lebanese. Everybody supported Hezbollah and Nasrallah in 2000, because he brought victory to all Lebanon, but since then, Hezbollah christian support has been declining, mainly - I think- due to the fact that Nasralah speeches focus on the oumma instead of Lebanon, specially at times of war.

Save Lebanon

People around the world,

This is a plea for help!

My beloved country is being distroyed barbarically by the Israeli army. Distruction is beyond explaining. Men, women and children of all ages are being killed every moment. Our country that we have been building from the ground during the last 16 years is being distroyed infront of our very own eyes, eventhough we are not to blame for all what is going on.

Please help us, don't turn your back on Lebanon. Help us stopping the Israeli barbaric attacks on our beloved Lebanon.

Spread this plea around the world, send it by e-mail to everybody you know, an specially to the world leaders. Help us save Lebanon NOW

Lebanese Blogger Forum

Just an example of how barbaric and savage Israel really is.....

Lebanese Blogger Forum

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Barbaric Israel

They are targetting civilians! Why would they target innocent kids??!! How can anyone be that cruel?

I just heard that the israeli army warned the people of a lebanese village to evacuate their village within two hours or else they will bomb it. The poor civilians tried to go to the UN unit nearby but they didn't let them in. The ones that tried going by car to the Sour city nearby were targetted by the israeli aircrafts!!!

People who are trying to escape to Syria are also targetted by israeli bombs, may I ask what the hell is that??!! These are innocent people who have nothing to do with this war? Are they that much barbaric???? Can anyone explain this?

God be with us, all we can do is to pray that we will be saved......


There is nohting more tirrifying than feeling HELPLESS and not being able to do anything while the one thing you love the most is being distroyed infront of your own eyes.

It can't be discribed what it is like to see your country being torn by bombs coming from the ski and the sea, and you're just sitting there watching the distruction and NOT being able to do anything but to raise your hands up in the skies and pray to God to save Lebanon and its people.

Maybe I don't have an official papers that says iI'm lebanese, and maybe most of you would look strangely at me when I say Lebanon is my country eventhough I dont have the lebanese nationality, But who said that love can be defined by a peice of paper? Love is something that takes over your soul, it's a feeling that fills up your heart, mind and soul. I don't care what others say, but no peice of paper can tell me who I am and where I belong to. I am Lebanese and Lebanon is my country.

Words can't describe what is happenning here. To see that all what we spent years building up is being cast away in less than 72 hours is horrible. Specially after what we have been through in the last two years, when we all went in the streets demanding our freedom, and after all the sacrifices all of us paid in order to see Lebanon as we always dreamed of.

I can tell you guys one thing, we are used to be distroyed, but we always come back again. No matter what happens, Lebanon was and will always be the pearl of the east.....