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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nasrallah... A Puzzle!

Some people might say that it's not a good time to start such an argument, others may accuse me of being pro-Israeli for what I'm bout to say, but I wish you would think about what I'm going to say, and then judge me.

I used to have a great respect to sheikh Nasrallah. After all, he was among a very few who really stood up and faced the Israelis. But, I have to say that lately, I think the man is making some strategic mistakes.

I'm sure you all have seen Nasrallah on TV lately. In his speeches, he seems to be appealing for the Arabs and Muslims - al oumma - the term he's using in addressing the people. He is emphasizing on that he is NOT asking for the support of Arab and Muslims governments, but he's seeking the support of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

While many of you would say: "so what? What's so wrong about that?", I say that he's NOT considering the rest of the Lebanese people. Let's face it, even if Hezbollah got the full support of every single Arab and Muslim in the world, it won't succeed unless the hezb got the Lebanese (ALL LEBANESE) full support. We can't deny the fact that when Nasrallah speaks about the oumma, he is excluding Lebanese Christians who are partners of this country. And while Muslims don't feel threatened with Nasrallah speaking that way, Christians do!

We are Lebanese FIRST, and Christians and Muslims second, and I think that Hezbollah must focus its efforts now to gain the support of all the Lebanese. Everybody supported Hezbollah and Nasrallah in 2000, because he brought victory to all Lebanon, but since then, Hezbollah christian support has been declining, mainly - I think- due to the fact that Nasralah speeches focus on the oumma instead of Lebanon, specially at times of war.


Anonymous said...

very well said. I, a Christian Lebanese, am indeed majorly disillusioned by Nasrallah right now. Lebanon is very very low on his priority list. After all, he delivered it straight to the monstrous enemy, for th egreater good of the ouma. It is a shame...

Failasoof, please keep us updated, I am from tripoli as well, but currently far and worried.

Anonymous said...

I am a lebanese muslim and I still agree with you. We are lebanese first, and he has no right to fight whatever war in lebanon without the agreement of all lebanese. He does not care about lebanon and he clearly stated that. for this reason and in the face of all this we should all be united and not let internal or external forces divide us. That is what they are betting on.we should look back at what happened to us when we got divided. We should stay united, for the sake of our lebanon.

Keep up the good blog.