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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tripoli at Night

This is how Tripoli looks like from my balcony at night during the hard time we are going through. Up till now, we're still better than other areas in Leabnon. We are still getting electricity and water. The phone lines are still working too.

Refugees from the south are starting to arrive to the city's puplic schools and fairs. The city is running out of basic supplies....but we can still hold for a few weeks. NGOs are doign their best to provide all the basic needs for the refugees.

I know nothing good comes out of war, but you really see the best out the lebanese during hardships. We are trully one hand right now, one soul and one man. Let's just hope that we will continue to be ONE when this suffering ends, because no matter what, we have a country to build...again and again and again

That's all for now...take care

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