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Thursday, July 20, 2006

That's the Situation

According to how things are progressing, it seems that Israel has a hidden agenda behind its attack in Lebanon. We can safely say that kidnapping two soldiers can't be a reason to justify the daily Israeli attacks on Lebanon. Obviously, Israel had planned for such an attack long time ago, and it seems that Hizbollah's last move gave the Israelis exactly what they need to go out in the world and say: "We're getting rid of Hizbollah on behalf of the International community". And in that manner, they got the approval of Bush's administration to cover the operations, while the UN -as usual- seems rather helpless to do anything about it.

But that's not everything, Israel won't just go into a war without getting some benefit out of it. True, getting rid of Hizbolah threads is important, but not important enough as to go into a war all over again. It only make sense that US administration has given Israel the green light to go and actually re-invade southern Lebanon. And once again, the reason for that would be to eliminate Hizbollah's danger on Israel. And then USA can start negotiations with the Lebanese government; disarm Hizbollah, spread Lebanese army along the southern Lebanese borders, and Israel would withdrawal its forces back to the international borders.

Scary scenario, but it seems logical, and it easily explains why USA is against any interference in the crisis up till now, the evacuation of foreigners from Lebanon and the international silence towards the crisis.

Such a scenario can lead easily to another civil war in Lebanon. Once again, there will parties who are willing to go with the American proposal, while others will be against it, and declare resistance to liberate the occupied Lebanese lands.

Let's just hope that such Scenario won't take place, for we are all tired of war, and asking for nothing other than peace and prosperity to our beloved country Lebanon.

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