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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yacoubian Building

It's a SCREAM in our faces! A true honest WAKE UP call!

YES, this is what we have come to, this is how bottom-low our society has become. So many people criticized the movie, and said that it is an awful presentation of our society, but the truth is that this is the first time we see a true attempt to see things EXACTLY how they really are. Those who reject the film are only rejecting or trying NOT to accept that we no longer a nation of honor, religion and so called "Fadeela". They want to keep hiding behind their noses, trying to hold on to a false history that no longer exist, that if it ever existed to begin with!

For those of you who say they can't stand a meaningless Egyptian movie full of comedy, PLEASE go see the movie. It has brought a whole new level to Arab cine industry. Great acting, everyone is so truly honestly representing his/her character, with all the misery, passion and complications.

Farther more, try to read the novel, it's 10000000 times more touching than the movie, and if the movie is that much strongly effective, you can imagine what the novel looks like.

I'm NOT exaggerating at all. THANKS for the great author for this wonderful "slap on the face". THANKS for your honestly, courage and most of all transparency in translating the true image of corruption that has rotten our poor societies. For all the actors and actresses, THANKS a lot for this devotion. THANKS for everyone who made this film become a reality.

They say the first step in treating a problem is admitting to actually having the problem. I believe that "Yacoubian Building" has put our feet on the right track, and it is up to each and every one of us, to understand the lesson, and try to make a change around him/her, instead of just sitting on our butts, and living the illusion that we are "the best nation of the world"........

Around Beirut

So, we just finished the God damn huge F***** exam, and the only thing we could think of is that we need to get out! just go to where ever we can go and try to see the world around us and all the things we have missed during the past two weeks (because we were stuck home studying the endless virology).

At City Mall, this huge ad got my attention; it is supposed to be about some shoe store, but I wonder what the girl in the ad has in mind (so the photographer as well).........

I leave it up to you

I'm Back!

I know I have gone without any notice, but seriously I was obliges to do that because I had lots and lots of study to do during the past 10 days. It's true that as a MED II student, study never ends, but I promise I'll find time to keep this blog alive.

Stay tuned, for updates are about to come, specially after I finally got over the HUGE F***** virology exam yesterday.

Thanks for your continuous support

Saturday, October 21, 2006

UNIFIL Dilemma

Yesterday, the Lebanese Army established its full control over the Lebanese soil, and removed the Israeli violation near Adayce area, where the Israelis were watching from the other side of the borders, and the UNIFIL forces monitoring the area.

It'd give us a great deal of pleasure and security to see our army defending our borders and NOT backing up from a potential confrontation with Israel. And the fact that the UNIFIL forces are monitoring every single move of both sides gives a great deal of security; for I know that Israel won't do a stupid move as to engage with the Lebanese army while the whole world is watching its attack, and Hezbollah is not stupid either to engage in such a fight, knowing that any presence of its arsenal will be a direct violation of UN resolution 1701. More and more, it seems that UNIFIL might use force against Israel to put an end to its violations. What more could we ask for after all that?

But, being the suspicious person that I am, I can't help but to get a little bit worried about these massive forces that we have here in Lebanon now. We all know that UNIFIL forces, up till now, takes orders or shall we say cooperate with the Lebanese governments in all its actions. But would this situation remain the same in case of a governmental change? We all are aware that US and France are happy with the current Lebanese government, believing that it is made of forces that know how to stay in the middle and NOT go to extreme measures that could escalate the situations. But what if a change put pro-Syrian powers back into the government? Would the UNIFIL still take orders from such government? I doubt that very much. Then what would happen? Foreign forces in Lebanon not cooperating with the Lebanese government, won't that be considered some sort of occupation? Or will such forces give us a great push NOT to allow such tragic change to occur?Just having these thoughts in my mind, and wanted to discuss them with all of you, if you have any opinion about that, feel free to share them :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Do You Think?

The following quote was taken from a report published in TIME :

"With deep political mistrust between Syria and the United States, the two countries are hardly ready-made partners in the war on terrorism. Yet by the end of 2002, Zammar was one of at least four prisoners jailed in the Palestine Branch cells in Damascus who had landed there as part of the CIA renditions, according to the book, which is being published by St. Martin's Press. It is widely believed that Zammar, who has never been charged with anything, is still being held without trial in Syria at an unknown location. He was last heard from in 2005, when he sent a letter from Syria to his family in Germany through officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross."

It seems that the Baath regime and US administration are getting along very well, why am NOT surprised?

Winter is Here!

Beirut had suffered from TONS and TONS of rain in the last couple of days.
Pictures talk for themselves....

Friday, October 13, 2006

We Won't Stop!

Our dear soldiers and civilians lost since October 13th, 1990, we won't ever forget you. And we will NEVER stop demanding to know what happened to you, and where you are now.

This is a very short article just to let the whole world know that no matter what happens, and no matter how many politicians turn their heads away, we will NEVER EVER stop demanding to know your fate, for the only simple reason that you are LEBANESE , and your families deserve to rest assured knowing what had happened to you....

Monday, October 09, 2006


Since I've started living in Beirut, I haven't been able to stay connected to all my friends in the North, specially those whom I spent years working with at OSA (office of student affairs) at my university.

But yesterday, the office organized a lovely "Reunion and Iftar" gathering, and though I had a pathology test today, I found myself going to the gathering no matter what.

I had a great time, we were almost 30 person, most of I haven't seen for months. We spent the time catching up, laughing about our memories and what we used to do, and laughing our asses off doing all the crazy things we do usually. You don't really realize what you are leaving behind till you live it all over again. And it feels great to know that though we have gone in our separate ways, we still find time to get together and catch up, lovely feeling indeed....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beirut International 7th Film Festival

A great chance to watch good quality films from all over the world. Of the films, two Egyptian ones have got my attention.

"Malak w Ketaba" very nice movie giving a whole new perspective to the relation between different generation. It also gives you an idea about the dramatic changes occurring in the Arab world, specially among young people in their 20's or 30's. A MUST seen by all means.

"Yacoubian Building" is by far the best added-value of this film festival. I've read the novel, and I was amazed and shocked by the courage of the writer to discuss "taboo" issues in the Arab world, including homosexuality, religious extremists and sexual harassment. Should the film be as good as the novel, it would be the most MUST see Arab film.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gebran Tueni

Yesterday on New TV, there was an episode of "Akid Akid Maestro" dedicated to the memory of Gebran Tueni. Nechan hosted Nayla and Siham Tueni, together with Gebran's lovely young girls.

I was so touched by that episode. Gebran had a huge influence on me ever since I started reading and listening to him (about 5 years ago). I've always admired his courage and his ability to speak his own mind in all cases. He lit the fire inside me, and provoked me to dream about a true Lebanon, where we can participate in building and making this country ours.

All freedom martyrs affected me deeply, but Gebran's assassination broke my heart. I saw Nayla on TV many times. You could feel Gebran's presence in her eyes, talk and even breath. It's true what they say :"Elli khallaf ma mat" "He who had kids never dies". Up till this moment, you can still see the burden this young lady has on her shoulders, and yet she's not quitting. On the contrary, she's more determined to carry on the Tueni's legacy.

I know that the possibility of you, Nayla, reading this post is almost zero, but I just want you to know that it's not only you who lost a father. We all lost a true father, and an inspiring leader, who lived his life pushing us to defend what we believe in, and to never stop dreaming about OUR LEBANON.

May you rest in peace dearest Gebran, we miss you so much, and you will always remain alive in our memory, hearts and lips as we keep reciting your oath......

Monday, October 02, 2006

For the Love of Lebanon

Beirut 2006 Marathon is held on November 26th, 2006. The map below shows the Beirut Marathon 2006 course. I'm asking every single one of you who can run, walk or jog, adult or teenager, to come and participate in this great event.

"For the Love of Lebanon" is the logo of this year's marathon, so all of us who loves and care about Lebanon should be there to show the whole world that we are here, and where're staying, for the love of Lebanon.


What can I say? A champ is always a champ. I've never doubted his ability, and Alonzo was stupid enough to provoke the CHAMP thinking that his days were over, well Alonzo, let me tell you one thing: "THINK AGAIN!"

Coming from the 6th position to the one place chumi deserves, the FIRST, and heading the points table, what a rush!

This year us by far, one of the most exciting F1 season in years. I'll leave you all with pix of Schumi celebrating....

The famous "Jump"!