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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yacoubian Building

It's a SCREAM in our faces! A true honest WAKE UP call!

YES, this is what we have come to, this is how bottom-low our society has become. So many people criticized the movie, and said that it is an awful presentation of our society, but the truth is that this is the first time we see a true attempt to see things EXACTLY how they really are. Those who reject the film are only rejecting or trying NOT to accept that we no longer a nation of honor, religion and so called "Fadeela". They want to keep hiding behind their noses, trying to hold on to a false history that no longer exist, that if it ever existed to begin with!

For those of you who say they can't stand a meaningless Egyptian movie full of comedy, PLEASE go see the movie. It has brought a whole new level to Arab cine industry. Great acting, everyone is so truly honestly representing his/her character, with all the misery, passion and complications.

Farther more, try to read the novel, it's 10000000 times more touching than the movie, and if the movie is that much strongly effective, you can imagine what the novel looks like.

I'm NOT exaggerating at all. THANKS for the great author for this wonderful "slap on the face". THANKS for your honestly, courage and most of all transparency in translating the true image of corruption that has rotten our poor societies. For all the actors and actresses, THANKS a lot for this devotion. THANKS for everyone who made this film become a reality.

They say the first step in treating a problem is admitting to actually having the problem. I believe that "Yacoubian Building" has put our feet on the right track, and it is up to each and every one of us, to understand the lesson, and try to make a change around him/her, instead of just sitting on our butts, and living the illusion that we are "the best nation of the world"........


Battal Agha said...

I have read the book - It is indeed excellent and am looking forward to buying the DVD. As I am in North America, there is no chance in hell that the original film will be presented here. Can anyone tell me if the DVD is available?

FaiLaSooF said...

Dear battal agha,

You can follow the link found in the article to enter the film website and see how you can get a copy of the film.

I think the film will be presented in US some time next year, since I heard that it has been nominated for the academy award for "Best foreign movie"