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Saturday, October 21, 2006

UNIFIL Dilemma

Yesterday, the Lebanese Army established its full control over the Lebanese soil, and removed the Israeli violation near Adayce area, where the Israelis were watching from the other side of the borders, and the UNIFIL forces monitoring the area.

It'd give us a great deal of pleasure and security to see our army defending our borders and NOT backing up from a potential confrontation with Israel. And the fact that the UNIFIL forces are monitoring every single move of both sides gives a great deal of security; for I know that Israel won't do a stupid move as to engage with the Lebanese army while the whole world is watching its attack, and Hezbollah is not stupid either to engage in such a fight, knowing that any presence of its arsenal will be a direct violation of UN resolution 1701. More and more, it seems that UNIFIL might use force against Israel to put an end to its violations. What more could we ask for after all that?

But, being the suspicious person that I am, I can't help but to get a little bit worried about these massive forces that we have here in Lebanon now. We all know that UNIFIL forces, up till now, takes orders or shall we say cooperate with the Lebanese governments in all its actions. But would this situation remain the same in case of a governmental change? We all are aware that US and France are happy with the current Lebanese government, believing that it is made of forces that know how to stay in the middle and NOT go to extreme measures that could escalate the situations. But what if a change put pro-Syrian powers back into the government? Would the UNIFIL still take orders from such government? I doubt that very much. Then what would happen? Foreign forces in Lebanon not cooperating with the Lebanese government, won't that be considered some sort of occupation? Or will such forces give us a great push NOT to allow such tragic change to occur?Just having these thoughts in my mind, and wanted to discuss them with all of you, if you have any opinion about that, feel free to share them :)

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