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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Liban Celebrates Sleiman

Today, Liban, all of Liban is celebrating the new president. The amount of joy, happiness and hope in the country is unbelievable, and let me add, illogical. But it seems the Lebanese are simply "fed up" of the whole political struggle, and they are willing to "turn a blind eye" and just hold on to any hope.

But today is not a day to analyze what is going to happen, or how things are to progress. The country has been without a president for over 6 months now, and just couple of weeks ago, the whole country was about to vanish. So we SHOULD celebrate the back to normalcy, at least for the time being. As Imrou El-Kays put it AGES ago: "Elyawm khamr, w ghadan amr" "Today we drink, tomorrow we act"......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The After Math

Now that life has got back to its norm in Beirut, and to the rest of Lebanese areas. It's a good time to sit, thin and analyze the after math of the last escalations.

Of course, depending on what side you are supporting, the conclusions will be totally different, as it's the thing with everything is Liban lately...

Nevertheless, there are certain points that no one can deny:

  • The so-called "Holly Arsenal" has gone with the wind; HA is just another militia that its arsenal needs to be "organized" or better yet "disarmed".
  • HA has lost all kinds of support, or even sympathy among the vast majority of Sunnies, Druze, as well as a significant proportion of Christians (including HA's own allies).
  • There's no such thing as the "State's Power"; Liban is a big farm, where every "cock" govern his "chicken" and agreeing to live next to other "cocks".
  • EVERY DAMN BODY in the country is armed; with HUGE varying degrees of course in both amount and experience. Nevertheless, they are all armed, and always ready to start "killing".
  • The "Tolerant" Sunnies received a huge "blow", and fundamentalists, radicals and extremists are starting to appear again, demanding the return of "Jihadism", asking for "Revenge", and worst of all, Sunni youth giving support to such movements.
  • Sectarian hate and clashes had reached the roof! There are calls from Beirut Sunnies to "Ban dealing with any Shiite", and Shiites insisting more than ever, that there only salvation is HA, never the State.
  • So long for the days of "Free press". Nowadays, closing down TV stations, radios, and newspapers has become the new "fashion" in Liban.
  • The Army has proven one more time, that it can't protect its people; all it can do is wait for the killing to stop, to put a meaningless "check point", and count the casualties from both sides, asking for public awareness to "bury" the escalations!
  • Another "Dialog Session", another "endless hope" from poor Lebanese, asking for nothing but for things to settle down, so they can live and raise their kids.
  • Liban has lost once again. Lebanese, all Lebanese has lost one more time. And the worst thing ever is that people are "celebrating" whenever their party members "kill" or "Destroy" members or properties of others.
  • HA's has become a major problem, and we can't go on like that anymore, but what can March 14th do about it? How can convince HA to disarm its arsenal? Especially after the last escalations?
Here's an awful example of how much sectarian hate has escalated, even among the youth: (Though I don't accept messages of hate in my blog, but it is necessary to show how bad things have become lately).

"If the shiates keep up with their messages of HATE, all of Lebanon will be wiped out one day...
Right now, I HATE you so much...I didn't before...I always though we were all one....but you scare me and one day I will be strong enough enough to fight you back...unless of course you become more human and start thinking with your head and open up your hearts...
righht now you are animals...I wish you humanity"

"ma3leh i can understand 3asabeytkon w msabetkon bel ekher **** em manate2kon byoum w 3ezzetkon da3asna 3layha b se3at fa basita 3awwo 3al facebook la teshba3o:) wle wen kento wa2t el ma3arek kento bzaweya el byoot ya **** mennak 2elo, halla2 jeyeen tshedo marajel basita el mohem 3refto 7ajmkon wel marra el jey eb2o nzalo 3al shere3 w farjouna 7ajmna EZA FIKON...allah w nasrallah ya kleb el 7ariri"

"mabrook 2awal 2entisar lal 7izib ......5ali nasrallah ya3ref meen l druze...w 2allah yer7am shohade2na li ra7o defe3an 3an l karami wil wojod...3alay 2om l rejal w 3alay 3om l 2a7rar w 3alay 2awal daress l motghatressen l fores"

Where are we going? What's next? God knows!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Was Wrong!

I was wrong.
To every man, women, teenager which has ever read my blog, I want to say I'm sorry.

I was wrong....
When I defended HA

I was wrong....
When I considered it a legitimate "resistance"

I was wrong....
When I went into endless argument that HA is one of us

I was wrong....
When I thought that the "Arsenal" will never be used against other Lebanese

I was wrong....
When I asked the whole world to condemn Israeli savage on Liban, and never mentioned HA

I was wrong,
When I had a small hope that one day, we can see a free Liban without having to go into bloody clashes with HA

To correct my mistakes, I want to say I'm sorry.

To correct my mistakes, I must call things by its name

HA: A Sectarian, fundamentalist, terrorist MILITIA.

We won't give up, we won't stop. Our dream of a free, democratic, independent Liban will come true. You can occupy us, you can kill us, but you will NEVER EVER take away our FREEDOM...