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Monday, August 21, 2006

Two Choices

The country is divided between two major choices nowadays (divided, why doesn't that seem unusual?!).

The first choice is the one called "The Resistance choice". Its major player is HA, and the rest of March 8th in addition to Aoun. This team believe in that the only way we can win is by fighting Israel with everything we got. And that "Peace" is an illusion and we would be stupid to believe it. Not only that, but those who believe in abiding by the UN resolutions are considered nothing but traitors who are paid and supported by US and Israel. This team believes that the past 15 years were anything but a correct follow of the Taif Agreement with some simple mistakes. It was a time of security, prosperity and hope for a better Lebanon, a Lebanon made by the hands of free resistant men who fought and will continue fighting Israel with everything they got, together with the Syrian brothers, who did everything they can to re-build Lebanon, and who we now miss their ESSENTIAL presence in our beloved Lebanon. And for sure together with the Iranian regime, which is supporting our resistance financially and militarily, and who we should follow its wise policy to clean our region from Zionism for good.

On the other side, there's the choice of March 14th. This team believes in that the only way out for a good strong Lebanon is to abide by UN resolutions, build a strong independent fully-controlling "STATE", and use the "diplomatic methods" to gain our rights back from Israel. They believe that the only way we can defend Lebanon is by insisting on the "Truce" with Israel, building a strong united Army that can defend our soil, and make the central government the only authority who takes all Lebanon's essential decisions. They believe in a country that provide all essential meanings of life to its citizens, a country able to live without being destroyed every couple of years, a country where people are equal, where everyone is responsible for his duties, and the government is responsible for providing him with his rights.

So what is it going to be? Choice A or choice B? What do you think?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's going on?

Can anybody tells me what's going on lately?

France wnats to send 200 soldiers...mostly engineers
UN is asking all countries to support the UNIFIL
Israel warned LAF to be deployd at the borders before UNIFIL arrives
Minister of Defense said that LAF will "Hit hard" on anyone who would broke the truce

Can you all see how missed up things really are?

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Fadi El Khatib was unstoppable as he scored 27 points after half-time - including 16 in the third quarter alone - and pretty much dominated the match in the last two quarters. He finished with a game-high 35, giving his national team their first win ever in basketball championship over Venezuela 82-72.

"This was a tough game but we did very well to recover after half-time. We knew we were going to have a tough challenge against a team like Venezuela but we were well-prepared mentally and physically. We have a lot of motivation and are here to represent the Lebanese people." El Khatib said after the game.

Lebanon has made a huge step into qualifying to the 1/8 round.

Lebanon will play against Argentina tomorrow, Good luck team. Make us proud.

Mission Mecanique!

There is nothing more fun to wake up as early as 6am to take you car to the annual car inspection (called "mecanique" here)!

Experience has taught me that if you want to finish early, you got to show up there early! I left home (Tripoli) around 7:00, and made it to the inspection center (Majdlya) at 7:15. They usually start at 8:00, and I wanted to be the first to show up, but to my surprise, there was a loooong line even outside the center, all waiting and thinking that they got there early enough!

Once you enter the center, you get surrounded by a flood of children asking you if you got all the needed papers for the inspection. Not only do they all have to repeat the very same thing, but even though you clearly shout "No, thanks. I'm fine", they will keep asking you: "Do you got a certification of residence? Do you have a copy of the car registration card? Do you need insurance? Do you want coffee? Tea? Man2ouche?". They even fight over the person who seems to accept their help!

Good thing I took the newspaper with me. I don't know what I would have done to pass time without it. Here you can see how crowded the center is (and that's so early as 8:00am, imagine how things are round 11am!!!)

The first task you have to do (specially when you are alone), is to try to coordinate two missions at the same time:
1)Getting yourself a ticket and paying the fees
2)Make sure that your car stay in the line and keep it moving!

So basicly you have to keep an eye on your car, another on the line to get the ticket, and manage to do them at the same time!

Once you get your ticket, it becomes a matter of time, very long time, till you get your turn. Every now and then, you need to re-start your car's engine just to move couple of meters ahead, but you can't be more happier to do that, specially when you've been waiting for hours and you just can't wait to get it over with.

One can't but admire the degree of organization at the center! I was in "line 3", which is a line for "Trucks, big trucks", eventhough my car is Honda CR-V, but no one seems to care, just get it over with!

As you get closer to the inspection, you notice a lovely sign for "Important Instructions".

The first one says: "Make sure the line number you are in matches the one written on your coupon". Can you tell me where my line number is?

When it was my turn, the workers asked me NOT to take any more pictures, but I wasn't going to stop anyway, so the rest of the pictures were taken "undercover", but I have to say, there good ones!

As my car reached the final stage, they asked me to go to the clerk officer to get the result. I was sure my car will pass the test, but one can't help but to feel anxious as he waits for the results. Once the officer told me: "Mabrook, your car passed", I has this big smile on my face! I was happy that my car passed, but I was Thrilled that after two and a half hours, my mission is finally over!

Lucky me, since we have two cars in the family, I have to repeat this mission TWICE a year.....

Friday, August 18, 2006

State of Hizbollah

It seems to be a new wave in Lebanese politics. Obviously, HA (not Lebanon) victory have encouraged lots of people to come in public and address a new terminology in the scenes.

In his editorial,Mr. Charl Ayoub, Cheif editor of addiyar newspaper was more than pleased with president Assad last speech. "For so long, the Arabs have been waiting for a true leader to express their feelings and beliefs, specially that frustration has dominated them due to the Arab regimes that made allies with USA" "Assad's speech came in a moment that all Arabs were waiting for, a moment of pride and truth, where an Arab leader stands and refuse to follow the American-Israeli wishes"

In his article in AlBalad newspaper, Mr. Ali Al Amin said: "Would the Lebanese Shiites trust that the Lebanese state is the way out and not the state of HA?, and could the Lebanese Shiites accept going on in building such a state that makes his own HA state useless?" "HA has proven that it is very efficient in building its own state, army, security and even its own cabinet, taking advantage of the high organization, strong beliefs and funding coming from outside (Iran), whereas the state of Lebanon is left to be stolen by political dealers from all sects of Lebanon. Let the "State of HA" be the example"!

Mr. Hassan Nasrallah said in his speech last Monday: "We all want the state, but what state are we talking about?"

Through out the Lebanese civil war, the different militias refused the "State of Lebanon", all of them, including the very ones who support this state right now. But history showed, that all these parties weren't successful in establishing their own state instead of "State of Lebanon". History is repeating itself now. HA has (with no doubt) shown a great deal of organization, but we never heard before about a "State of HA". HA kept assuring all Lebanese that he's part (and an essential one) of the Lebanese fabric, but it seems that nowadays, HA has yet another agenda.

Mr. Nasrallah addressed all southerners, and those from Bekaa and Da7yeh, that HA will support them financially, and that they won't have to wait for the Government to help them. Instead, HA will re-build their houses, and even pay them good amount of money sop that they can support themselves till things are back to what it used to be.

I want to address a question, if you believe in the "State of Lebanon", then why would you tell the Shiites that they don't need their country? And that you will provide everything they need, not to mention that you already showed that you are the one defending them against enemies. Aren't you making people more and more disbelieve in their country? Aren't you making them depend entirely on you? Doesn't that mean that HA is after building its very own "State of HA"?

And what about the rest of the Lebanese? Mr. Amin said : "Let "State of HA" be the example" Do you even realize how dangerous your saying is?!! What if this model doesn't suit the rest of us? Should we start seeking to build our very own "State" as well? Where would that lead us? Another civil war?? Should we all seek a kind of organization and funding from outside like HA?

This is scary, dangerous and irresponsible. I'm going to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, this logic that some people are trying to advertise will take Lebanon to the unknown. Only a central, strong,efficient "State of Lebanon" should be supported by ALL of us. And any steps that could jeopardize that should NOT be allowed to happen.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

For the First Time in 40 years....

Nothing can make one happier than to see his nation's Army being deployed all over his country. Live on TV, we saw the rise of the Lebanese flag in Marj'ayoun military base, what a rush!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seniora...Thank You

For believing in a united Lebanon
For making us believe in a united Lebanon
For making us dream again in a prosper Lebanon
For insisting on the Government's right to fully control all of Lebanon
For replying to all those who keep suspecting the rise of Lebanon
For showing those who try to divide us that we are united for Lebanon
For proving to those who call us "traitors" that we are Lebanese
For sharing with all the Lebanese your unconditional love for Lebanon
For allowing us to sleep knowing that we are safe in Lebanon
For stating that there will be one authority to Lebanon
For being the right man in the right place for Lebanon
But most of all, for letting us know that our prime minister is a HUMAN being with true feelings for Lebanon

Thank you PM Seniora, God bless and protect for us and for Lebanon

A Promising Start

I'm writing this while Minister Mr. Ghazy Areedy is talking in a press conference. Let's hope that what he's saying is true, because I can't tell you how happy I am to see that we are (for the first time ever) having a true government that is establishing its full control over all Lebanese soil.

Mr. Areedy was loud and clear in saying that "The only ligitimate arsenal in the south will be that of the Lebanese government". When he was asked about what will happen if weapons are discovered that don't belong to LAF, Mr. Areedy was clear in saying that "The LAF has the right to take these weapons, no weapons are allowed there but that of LAF and UNIFIL".

This is a promising start, let's just hope that this decision will be applied as it was decided, I'm really optimistic about that, and I hope HA will apply to this decision and not make any troubles of any kind.

What Do You Think?

I've been having a debate with Solomon2, about my article titled "Logical Thinking" for the last couple of days. I want to share this debate with all of you, and please feel free to comment and share your own point of view.

Solomon2 said...
But Israel, with its "stupid inexperienced" leadership, has cost us a huge boost we gained after years of struggling Nasrallah was just dithering. He knew all along that he retained the power of initiative, that he could initiate an armed conflict with Israel and arrive at the current result. It is only a defeat for Lebanese democracy if you accept it as such. Let me give you a parallel example. Over three centuries ago, England faced a similar problem: its new monarch, James II, having previously proved himself in battle on the world's oceans, now wanted to convert England back to Roman Catholicism. In its "Glorious Revolution" of 1688 the English exiled their lawful monarch and installed a Dutchman to take his place. In short, the English risked their lives by choosing to maintain their values over blind patriotic loyalty to a crown they felt would betray their souls. As I recall, this Revolution was entirely bloodless.

FaiLaSooF said...
Dear Solomon2,It is clear that you don't know how things are in Lebanon. You can't compare England in 17th century to Lebanon now. We are fighting for our country, we got rid of Israeli occupation once, then we got rid of the Syrian troops, and we will always work on getting rid of everyone who want to dominate us. But solomon2, you can't NOT to agree that Israel last invasion only made things worse. If they were smart enough, they wouldn't have done such a thing, or at least, continue what they are doing till they can achieve something. Instead, they only killed civilians, and then realized they got stuck once again in "Lebanese mud" and hurried for UN to reach a ceasefire....

Solomon2 said...
Are you sure that it isn't because you aren't familiar with 17th century England that you can't see the parallel?You didn't "get rid of Israeli occupation once", not through armed confrontation, anyway. Israeli public opinion was such that, after the PLO artillery threat had been removed, people wondered more and more why troops had to stay. The PLO wasn't coming back. Occupation seemed like a dirty business. It was better for Israeli souls to depart and let the Lebanese be. If that meant not challenging the fiction that the Lebanese kicked out the Israelis, that was fine as long as there was peace. The dozen or so soldiers the Lebanese resistance killed every year were an additional grief for the Israelis, not the primary cause for their departure.Along with most of the Western world, I applauded - just look at my blog! - at how the Lebanese wielded "people power" following the assassination of King Hariri (let us be frank, he was your king; he even meets the historical definition of a king) to kick out the Syrians. However, as soon as politics went back behind closed doors matters started to fall apart, didn't they? All sorts of compromises, and then that self-serving clown Aoun, who as "General" had vowed to kick the Syrians out himself just before escaping to Paris, returned and cut his own deal with Nasrallah, gravely weakening the March 14th movement. The bitter truth is that time and time again Lebanese have been divided along sectarian lines and this results in a gravely weakened state. Anyone with enough money and muscle - the French, the Palestinians, the Israelis, the Syrians, the Iranians - can come along and dominate any central government fairly easily. Lebanese vote sectarian and are assumed to be loyal to whoever pays the bills - you heard Nasrallah's promises - and dividing the country by paying off one or more sects never seems to fail, they can dominate for a long time without Lebanese lifting a finger.As a medical student, you must have looked on the bombardment many times thinking, "Wow, a few feet away and many more people could have been hurt. It happens often enough, we're lucky it doesn't happen more often." It wasn't luck. Lebanon survived the Israeli onslaught not because its people are tough but because Israel did its very best to minimize civilian casualties while attacking a Hezbollah that crouched behind and hid within the civilian population. Given the tonnage of bombs available to the Israelis, a raid that was truly aimed at the defenseless Lebanese population would have killed tens of thousands.The truly pernicious thing about false propaganda is that even though you know it's false, you start to believe it bit by bit, unless you're very careful. It's a myth that "Israelis only killed civilians." Despite the limited civilian casualties, Israel did achieve something, as far as Israel is concerned: a substantial weakening of Hezbollah's military capability, and the demonstration that Hezbollah's "deterrent" was meaningless: Israel can conquer Lebanon anytime it wants to. But why bother if they don't have to? If the Lebanese gov't offered some encouragement and cooperation, the Israelis might have decided to stay and help uproot Hezbollah. But given the Lebanese attitude, why should Israel do all the dirty work alone? It would be difficult to do without Lebanese cooperation.However, it looks like that opportunity is over now. The true choice, like that of 1688, is whether the Lebanese value "patriotism" over their democratic values. For sixty years Arab despots have used Israel to stir the cauldron of hatred that blinds and binds their subject populations. Nasrallah - who started this war, no matter what some people claim - is counting on the formula working yet again. How will you choose?

FaiLaSooF said...
Solomon2,When you wanna approach such a sensitive topic, you need to be unbiased. Not only were you biased, but you don't even want to consider the Lebanese points of view.The good thing about free media is that you can hear what's going on on the other side of the borders. Israel was "forced" to get out of Lebanon; because compared to Golan heights, Israelis were suffering too many casualties. Not a day passes that you don't see engagement between Israelis troops and Lebanese (not only HA at that time, many different parties). Israeli puplic opinion, the high cost of such meaningless occupation and let's fact it, the pressure from the international community (who wanted nothing but to put Syria and HA in the corner) lead Israel to withdraw from Lebanon. If it wasn't for our resistance, Israel would have still been occupying southern Lebanon, exactly like the case of Golan heights. Please save me the crap about "Israel not targeting civilians". Israel tried its best to devide the Lebanese community, by targeting one side without the other. That was the strategy during the first days of war. But all other Lebanese parties showed solidarity though they said after war, we have some serious things to discuss. More than 1000 casualties, mostly children, and you tell me "despite limited number of casualties"??!! What is a huge number in your thinking? 10000 and more??!! Have you no shame?!!! About what happened last year. You need to undertsand that in Lebanon, majority can't rule alone, you always have to consider the minority, and make sure that no one religious sector is left behind. March 14th lacked the Shiites, and that was a huge problem; yes we were the majority, but we lacked the biggest one sector community! Then came the clown Aoun, and being an ex-general, he can't work unless he's in the top of the pyramid, something that the rest of March 14th weren't accepting, so he turned into HA, who saw in Aoun a perfect CHRISTIAN ally. You really think that a government lacking Shiites and Aoun's overwhelming Christian support (at the time) could have survived? Compromises were a "MUST", I didn't agree on it then, but no other solution was in hand. And no, not any one can come here and dominate the central government easily, and Israel is an excellent example to that. Five wars Israel had against Lebanon, and in all these wars, Israel was never succeeded in that. And if you are going to refer to 1982, then I want you to recall how May 17th agreement (though it was a good one for Lebanon) was refused and cancelled. Solomon2, it is easy to be away and talk about "measured responses" and "the right of self-defense". But when you want to come and talk politics, you don't have the right to be biased, specially when you are NOT a part of the conflict. That is USA biggest mistake, and it seems it is yours as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Syrian credibility

When Syrian foreign minister Mr. Mouallem was asked "Since HA was victorious, why didn't Syria cease the chance and moved its troops to liberate Goulan Heights, or at least help HA fighters by expanding the battle fronts against Israel ?" He answered: "This is a conspiracy to make Syria get involved in the war to help Israel!!!". When he was asked "Why don't Syria allow a birth of a national resistance movement in Goulan heights that would liberate Syria", Mr. Mouallem answered: "We believe in international community, and they owe us to return our occupied territories back!!"

It seems fighting Israel is right only when it is in Lebanon. Resisting the American-Israeli axe is only a winning cause only when we're talking about Shebaa farms, not in Goulan Heights.

What a creative Syrian credibility! Thanks for your solidarity!

Joke of the Day

Why would Nasrallah be buried in next to Rafik Hariri in downtown Beirut when he dies?

So that the people can point out and say: "That's the man who build Lebanon, and that's the man who destroy it!"

Logical Thinking

Why did Israel invade Lebanon?

The very first reason was to bring back the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. After 32 days of bloody war, Israel failed to even locate where these soldiers really are. Israeli officials, during the first days of the war, insisted that they will not even consider negotiating a prisoners swap with HA, saying that Israel won't tolerate such behavior from HA anymore. After 32 days, Israeli foreign minister said that Israel is welling to discuss exchanging of prisoners! WHY on hell did you rage a madness meaningless war for over a month, destroying a whole country when you were accepting such swapping procedure in the first place??!!

The second reason was that Israel wanted to eliminate HA arsenal once and for all. After 32 days, the mighty IDF (not sarcastic, in military considerations, IDF is a mighty army) wasn't even able to prevent HA rockets from hitting northern Israel, not to mention its fail in eliminating HA arsenal. Even though IDF used almost all of its power, they weren't succeeding in meeting the goals they set before the war.

Pathetically enough, PM Olmert adjusted his invasion goal to only addressing a "strong blow" to HA, so that its rockets won't threat Israel anymore. Those who think so are either stupid or ignorant; are you blind? Don't you see that you made HA even stronger than ever? Just last night, Mr. Nasrallah promised all the refugees that he will re-build their houses. Not only that, but he will give money to all these families so that they can rent houses and buy furniture for a year till their original homes are re-build. Israel has given Nasrallah a once in a life time opportunity to tell the shites that you don't need your government or your country, HA is your government, HA is your country and it is HA who will protect your interests. Israel helped HA to become a real country within country. And while Israel says that she can't live when there's a terrorist organization on its northern borders, now you made HA strong enough to influence and even dominate the Lebanese political scene, so that before you know it, you won't have a terrorist organization near you, but you'll have a terrorist country!

Israel has assassinated all efforts the Lebanese spent years trying to build a real independent country. Those who were against HA arsenal before July 12th can't even talk about disarming it now! In his speech, Nasrallah was clear: "We will not accept such debates about disarming us anymore". Those who were in favor of making peace with Israel can't even mention it nowadays; how can we call for peace, when Israel caused all this destruction in Lebanon?

March 14th movement, who was successful in getting rid of the Syrian influence in Lebanon, and who was trying to establish a real sovereign state, has lost all its cards now. You have brought us 30 years back, and you have allowed HA to establish itself victorious and to force his own terms on the rest of the Lebanese parties.

We won't give though, we are used to struggle for our beloved country, and we are willing to continue our struggle because we believe in a real independent sovereign Lebanon. But Israel, with its "stupid inexperienced" leadership, has cost us a huge boost we gained after years of struggling. A boost that we will need years to come to re-gain, in our struggle to establish our Lebanon.

Our hopes are now on PM Seniora, who by far, represents all of our hopes and dreams, and share with us the unconditional enormous love for Lebanon.

"Our choice is clear. We have chosen lif. We have overcome wars and destruction over the ages. We shall rise up again.”
PM Seniora, Beirut, July 27th, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bye bye Lebanon!

In 2005, we saw a ray of hope, and we follow it with everything we can. In 2006, this ray of hope was assassinated. I can't even talk anymore..... I loosing my faith in a true Lebanon......

May God have mercy on our beloved Lebanon...if it exists anymore.....

Words can't describe

LBC just showed a touching story. The LBC team went to Bent Jbeil to check on the situation. They entered Bent Jbeil Hospital (which was hit heavily). They saw an 80-year-old women inside the hospital moaning. Right next to her, lied her husband, he was injured and lying on the ground. The lady crushed into tears once she saw them crying for help "Please help my husband, please help my husband". They carried the husband and took him to another hospital. On their way, the lady was crying as she was telling her story. "Our village was hit heavily, we had to leave, but no one else stayed in our village but us, as my husband was injured, we kept crawling for two days till we reached Bent Jbeil, but no one was there. We went to the nearest building, and hided there till you came" she said.

I couldn't help myself but to start crying as I was hearing her talking. She was so helpless. An 80-year-old lady with her husband, spending two days crawling, with her husband being injured. I felt so helpless, to see such a tragedy and not being able to do anything, and knowing that as time passes, more and more of these stories will be uncovered.

I don't know what to say, of all the horrible scenes I saw in this war, this was more than I can take. This couple should be enjoying their few years left in this life. They should have been living a safe, calm and comfortable life. They don't deserve to suffer like that. Seeing that lady crying and thanking the LBC team over and over again..... I don't know what to say. Words can't describe...They just fail to describe....


I don't know for sure why, but I have a strong feeling of emptiness today. Cease fire seems to be effective up till now, but everybody is anxious and waiting. No body knows what will happen next. I think it's the unknown future what is making me so gloomy today.

I saw my friend Jihad today, he came from Jbeil to fix his I-mate. We had lunch and talked. It was nice, I haven't seen the guy for like two months, and it was great to catch up. We went back in memory to our last year as medical students. We also talked about the destruction in Lebanon. It used to take about 20 min. From Jbeil to Tripoli, now, it took Jihad almost 70 min.!! It's going to be a long journey to get back to how things were before July 12th.....

That's about it, nothing more to talk about, all we can do is just wait, watch TV, and see how things are going to be........


Reporters have mentioned that "timed bomb" are being exploding in refugees' faces trying to return to their villages. It seems IDF has planted lots and lots of "timed-divisive-land-mines" that are starting to explode, resulting in more and more casualties.

We all know that the refugees want nothing more than to return home, but I urge you all to wait a couple of least till Israel give the Lebanese government the "land-mines maps".

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seniora...Yet another Challenge

PM Seniora and its government are facing yet another challenge recently. After what was considered a "victory" to Lebanon by PM Seniora, it seems that UNSC resolution 1701 was not approved by HA. Rumors say that HA was welling to go along with the resolution, but when Israel clearly said that "Shebaa Farms are out of question", HA reconsidered his its decision, putting PM Seniora and its cabinet in an ugly situation. Others says that HA never approved the UN resolution, but the government tried to change its mind, which failed dramatically and led to postpone the Government meeting tonight.

Minister Areedi and Minister Fatfat both said that "the government needs farther discussion of the UN resolution" before the government meets again, but reporters say that HA refused to discuss disarming its arsenal, or to withdraw north of the Litani river as long as Shebaa Farms issue is not solved.

Lebanese government is once again under huge pressure. In fact, the whole "State Project" that we all hoped to become a reality is at jeopardy now. But we have to give PM Seniora some credit, he have proven many times that he is the man of difficult times, and up till now, he was successful in achieving what was considered the impossible itself.

Let's just hope that this struggle comes to an end soon, specially that we started to believe that this war finally had come to an end..Let's just pray and cross our fingers....

When Will They Understand?

"Syria says that she supports the Lebanese Government acceptance of the UN resolution 1701"
Exactly who asked you your opinion? When will Syria understand that they can't interfere in Lebanon anymore? Whether you supported it or not, let me get this clear for you...IT'S NOT YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!

If you really want to be helpful, write an official document stating that Shebaa farms are not yours, and you can bet the Lebanese Government will NOT only support your decision, but it will be thankful as well!

Syria, please start listening to what PM Seniora is saying: "Syrian should start accepting that Lebanon is an independent state, and they don't have any right interfering with our national affairs". Go and worry about your own issues, like Goulan Heights, the Syrian land still occupied by Israel till now!

What if?

What if a bug fell in a cup of coffee?

The British: Throw the cup and never come back to the cafe again.

The American: Take the bug out and drink the coffee

The Chinese: Eat the bug and drink the coffee

The Israeli: Sells the coffee to the American, and the bug to the Chinese. Starts a media war talking about how his rights are being violated and how the cafe owner is being so anti-Semitic. Accuses HA, Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians of initiating a bacterial war against him. Demands the Palestinian president and HA leaders to stop planting bugs in his cup. Occupies Gaza strip and southern Lebanon again. Destroys homes and bridges, cuts off water and electricity and kills women and children. Asks US for immediate military support, and a million dollar grant to buy another cup. Asks UN to punish the owner of the cafe, and to force him to provide coffee for him for the rest of his life. Finally, he accuses the whole wide world of neglecting his cause, and not showing sympathy!

The Lebanese: Eats the bug, gives up the coffee, and apologizes to the cafe owner. Borrows money from his brothers and sisters to finance the purchase of a new cup of coffee which he pawns to his friends to buy yet another cup of coffee which he doesn't really need

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Irony of Life

The devil’s logic:
“Smile, my son, otherwise we may be accused of anti-Semitism”

Just Wondering

Saturday, is a holy sacred day in Israel. According to the Hebrew State, Israelis can't work on Saturday, it is a day for worshipping God.

And so, the Israeli cabinet can't have a meeting today (Saturday) to vote for the UN resolution 1701, and they will meet on Sunday. Nevertheless, Israelis can start a full-scale non-time-limited attack on Lebanon.

What do we learn from that? Israelis can't meet to discuss PEACE on Saturday (because it is a holy day), but they can invade, destroy and commit more and more massacres in Lebanon on Saturday....

Just wondering....That's all....

Act of Desperation: Final Episode!

It seems Israel just can't accept UN resolutions, and history is a clear evidence to that! What is going on? The whole world is supporting UN resolution 1701, and everybody is pushing towards a sustainable peace, Then why can't Israel accept and stop it's madness meaningless attack?

Ironically enough, all Lebanese stayed up all night yesterday waiting for the voting at the UN Security Council, and even though we were thrilled to see that 1701 has become official, we all knew that Israel won't stop its attacks, and we were right!

Trying to understand this, there are couple of explanations:

1) USA asked Israel to get rid of HA, and US diplomacy tried everything it can to postpone a ceasefire. But Israel disappointed USA, and HA still operative. This made USA stop considering Israel a "winning card" in the Middle East; sure USA will still support Israel, but Israel lost a lot of its value to US administration. Therefore, US showed "flexibility" and very just UN resolution was issued by UN Security Council. So, Israel now is trying its best to make as much damage and destruction as possible out of desperation and frustration...

2) PM Olmert is facing an increasing opposition in Israel, blaming him for taking Israel into a war it can't win, which eliminated the Israeli force "effectiveness" in the eyes of its enemies. More and more voices are asking Mr. Olmert to resign since he failed dramatically in protecting Israel best interests. All that forced Mr. Olmert (once again) to show that he's a strong man, and he asked for a full-scale invasion; again in an act of desperation to save his face and maybe have a chance in maintaining his chair as a PM of Israel.

3) IDF generals were astonished and amazed by their inability to defeat what they call "a terrorist organization". And therefore, they have put tremendous pressure on Israeli government, to allow a full-scale, non-time-limited invasion in Lebanon, in (again) act of desperation to show IDF "toughness"

4) An IDF spokesman said earlier today to Al Jazeera Network that IDF has actually expand its ground operation to help the Lebanese government and the newly expanded UNIFIL forces in cleaning southern Lebanon from "terrorist activities" so that LAF nor UNIFIL will has to face HA! And that Israel is actually giving a "free-unconditional help" to the Lebanese. Of course, this so-called help was translated by cutting tyre and sidon cities off electricity and making more and more civilian casualties.... Thank you IDF

So, what do you think? Just for the sake of mentioning history, you can refer to UN unrespected Resolutions and see how many of them were NOT respected but no one but our very own state of Israel, coincidence? You tell me....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Arabic Diplomacy......Excellent Job!

According to minister Fatfat in a talk show on LBC, Arabic diplomacy had achieved what was once considered the impossible. Mr. Fatfat mentioned the main points of UN resolution. Honestly speaking, I never thought that we would be able to reach such an excellent resolution. The main points includes:

  • Phased withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon, together with Lebanese army deployment in southern Lebanon
  • Mentioning the Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails
  • Expanding the currently positioned UNIFIL forces under the 6th chapter
  • Demanding Israel to give landmines maps
  • Asking Mr. Anan to give possible solutions concerning Shebaa farms strip within 30 days
  • Supporting PM Seniora's seven-point-plan
  • Insisting on the 1949 truce treaty between Lebanon and Israel
  • Providing all kinds of help to bring back refugees to their homes

When we take a closer look at this draft, we can see how excellent this resolution really is to Lebanon. Almost all of Lebanese comments were taken into consideration, and we can honestly say that such resolution can establish an excellent base for a sustainable peace.

The UN Security Council is now in session, and a voting is expected later tonight.

Israel and Hezbollah are put in corner now. This resolution gives Israel enough "insurance" to its borders, since the LAF and UNIFIL are to diploid in southern Lebanon, and the returning of the two Israeli soldiers. It also emphasizes on phased -yet complete- Israeli withdrawal from all Lebanese territories, returning back Lebanese prisoners, and providing the landmines maps; which is by far most of HA and Lebanon's demands. Both, Israel and HA, are urged to accept the UN resolution, once it becomes official, and put an end to this madness meaningless war.

This would not have been achieved if it wasn't for excellent Arabic diplomacy, strong and brave Lebanese government decisions, and amazing HA fighters' survival against the Israeli invasion.

Cedars Team

This madness meaningless war made us forget about our national "Cedars Team". I'd like to thank each and every person of them for the great image they are sending to the world about Lebanon.

"Cedars Team" made history by winning 83-80 over Canada, and 81-79 over Venezuela, coming 2nd in Slovenian international tournament, a preparation for the Japan World Basketball Championship.

Our hearts are with you, we're sure you are going to make our heads rise up in the ski. We are so proud of you, and ALL LEBANON supports and watches you, from schools, villages and destroyed towns filled with lebanese refugees.

Thanks a lot for putting a smile on our faces in these hard times......

I would also like to thank all the Arab countries (specially Jordan and Qatar) for their outstanding support for our national team. It means a lot to us guys, thanks again.

Why do I Love Beirut?

I'm sure you all going to see your reason within these, this is how AMAZING Beirut and Liban really is. Feel free to add your very own reasons.

I love Beirut for its opposites.

I love Beirut because I see a girl in a Mini skirt and her sister in a Tchador.

I love Beirut because it is neither West nor East it is both.

I love Beirut because one can party till 6 in the morning and not realize that it is Tuesday morning.

I love Beirut because Beirut is live as if they are going to die tomorrow and party as if they are going to live forever.

I love Beirut because I can be swimming in the morning and 30 minutes later I'm on the slopes skiing or doing after ski.

I love Beirut because I have never seen the sun this strong anywhere in the world.I love Beirut because I can see 6,000 years of history.

I love Beirut because Christians and Muslims are living an understanding and do not need to have Christian Muslim understanding classes.

I love Beirut because every Beiruti has a political opinion and will share it with you even if you could care less about his and you want to share yours with him.

I love Beirut for all the conspiracy theories and how many people actually believe them.

I love Beirut because any night I can find a friend to go out with.

I love Beirut because I do not need to call my friends to go and see them at their houses I just stop by.

I love Beirut because as soon as I arrive at one of my friends houses his mom takes me to the kitchen & becomes the spokesperson of the refrigerator.

I love Beirut because one can smell gardenia, and jasmine.

I love Beirut because strawberries taste like strawberries & fruits taste like fruits.

I love Beirut because the food is so good that one gains so many pounds even if she tries to lose.

I love Beirut because although the Lebanese women at times look alike as some did their surgeries at the same plastic surgeon they are the most elegant women I have ever seen.

I love Beirut because when I go out at night I don't know at which women to look at as each one is gorgeous in her own way.

I love Beirut because everyone knows me by name.

I love Beirut because I don't have to explain myself.

I love Beirut because of the traffic jams and the people you meet because of them.

I love Beirut because of the noise pollution from cars honking.

I love Beirut for the spirituality of the people whether Muslim or Christian.

I love Beirut because I'm the first to call my Muslim friends on Ramadan and they are the first to call me on Easter.

I love Beirut because on May 1st I see Muslims visiting Harissa ( Virgin Mary ) just like I see Christians.

I love Beirut because we can differentiate between a Jew and an Israeli.

I love Beirut because on the 22nd of every month I see Muslims going to St.Charbel and believing that a miracle will happen.

I love Beirut because women look like as if they are out of a Vogue magazine.

I love Beirut because you eat to live and live to eat.

I love Beirut because one leaves one cafe to go to another and one does this all day.

I love Beirut because all the Lebanese living outside want to come back and the Lebanese who are in Lebanon envy the ones who are living abroad not realizing what it means to live away from Beirut.

I love Beirut because a girl or a guy can easily tell you I just had a couple of Lexo or Xanax as if they just had a chewing gum.

I love Beirut because for every Lebanese we have a singer.

I love Beirut because the Lebanese star singers sing in nightclubs.

I love Beirut because women go into the swimming pool with full make up.

I love Beirut because guys go in with their cigars.

I love Beirut because it has been destroyed 7 times in History and has risen.

I love Beirut because since 1975 the Beirutis have withstood the PLO , Syrians , and the Israelis.

I love Beirut because the Beirutis will not accept anyone to occupy them and rule over them.

I love Beirut because we feel that it is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees.

I love Beirut because each street is a two ways street even if it is a one way officially.

I love Beirut because one can park anywhere and not get a ticket.

I love Beirut because one can go as fast as his speedometer.

I love Beirut because MEA lands there.

I love Beirut because on MEA we can clap in unison when we are about to land.

I love Beirut not because it is my city, but because it is the city of EveryOne.

I love Beirut because it welcomes every exile freethinker, independent mind of the Arab world.

I love Beirut because we have hundreds of newspapers and our press is finally free.

I love Beirut because most Arabs dreams of coming to Beirut and wishes his capital was more like Beirut.

I love Beirut because when I explain Beirut to my Western friends, my friends see the passion of Beirut in my eyes.

I love Beirut because there is so much misconception about Beirut in the media and in the minds of people who have never visited.

I love Beirut because when I tell my friends that I'm going to Beirut they tell me can you take me with you.

I love Beirut because we argue over who is going to pay the bill at a restaurant as everyone wants to pay it.

I love Beirut because although many complain about "not making enough money" everyone is living.

I love Beirut because if I do the cross before I start driving the person next to me does not ask me if I fear that I'm going to get into a car accident but instead does his cross as well.

I love Beirut because we accept our differences as we disagree with each other.

I love Beirut because it serves as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the Arab world.

I love Beirut because to praphrase what Gibran said about Lebanon " Had Beirut not been my city I would have chosen it to be."

I love Beirut because there is no city like it.

I love Beirut because even if Beirut is being destroyed you are still beautiful and will remain beautiful no matter how disfigured you are.

I love Beirut because you are always on my mind.

I love Beirut for no reason.

I love Beirut for all the reasons of the "world.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Title

They say life is precious, and that one should treasure each and every moment of it. But, we tend to take life for granted, and force ourselves into forgetting that death lies just behind the very next corner....

A dear friend and collegue of mine, Adeeb, died with his father in a car accident in Syria earlier today. When I heard the news, I just paused. The first word that came out of my mouth was: "WHAT??"

We have prepared ourslves that we might have to hear the news of one of us would die here in Lebanon, but to know that a friend far away from this madness meaningless war has gone, we didn't see this coming. I couldn't but to think that if it wasn't for this war, Adeeb would have been with all of us in our training at St. Georges Hospital in Beirut, instead of having a car accident....

What hurts even more, is that I can't even be there at his funeral to say goodbye, pay my respect, and support his family in this hard time. But we are trapped here, we can't even leave our house here in nortern Lebanon....

May your soul rest in peace Adeeb, you will always be in our minds.......

Flyers in the North Skies

False Propaganda

To those out there who keep denying the Israeli massacres in Lebanon. To all Israelis, this is what YOUR ARMY is doing in Lebanon.....

It's Our Turn Now!

For the first time, it seems that we in the north are seriously threatened to be targetted by Israeli raids. Flyers covered the skies on the north, specially Zgharta and Tripoli, warning people that Israel will hit "hard" in the area. Another set of flyers warned people NOT to use the highway since any van or pickup to be seen moving after 8 pm will be hit.

People are very anxious and disturbed here in Tripoli. My family and I are packing essentials and preparing for the worse.

I'll keep updating as much as possible, hopefully with pictures as well.

Civil Action

We, the people of Lebanon, call upon the local and international community to join a campaign of civil resistance to Israel’s war against our country and our people. We declare Lebanon an open country for civil resistance.

In the face of Israel’s systematic killing of our people, the indiscriminate bombing of our towns, the scorching of our villages, and the attempted destruction of our civil infrastructure, we say NO!

In the face of the forced expulsion of a quarter of our population from their homes throughout Lebanon, and the complicity of governments and international bodies, we re-affirm the acts of civil resistance that began from the first day of the Israeli assault, and we stress and add the urgent need TO ACT!

We urge you to join us in defying Israel’s aggression against our country and in defending the rights of the inhabitants throughout Lebanon, and particularly in the South, to live on their land. When the United Nations, created to preserve peace and security in the world, is paralyzed; when governments become complicit in war crimes, then people must show their strength and rise up. When justice and human rights are scorned, those who care must unite in their defense.

Building on our belief in our country, the efforts of the civil resistance, and on the arrival of the internationals coming to Lebanon for solidarity, we declare that Lebanon is an open country for civil resistance, starting from August 12
On August 12 at 7 am, we will gather in Martyrs’ Square to form a civilian convoy to the south of Lebanon. Hundreds of Lebanese and international civilians will carry relief as an expression of solidarity for the inhabitants of the heavily destroyed south who have been bravely withstanding the assault of the Israeli military.

After August 12th, the campaign will continue with a series of civil actions for which your presence and participation is needed. Working together in solidarity we will overcome the complacency, inaction, and complicity of the international community and we will deny Israel its goal of removing Lebanese from their land and destroying the fabric of our country.

To sign up to join the convoy, send us an email through our contact page or contact one of the following:
If you are outside Lebanon and want to sign up and join the convoy, you should know:
You need to obtain a visa for Lebanon and for Syria if your plan is to enter Lebanon from Syria.
We don’t have the funds to cover for the cost of your travel, however we can help with finding accomodations.

For questions and help for all internationals please contact Adam Shapiro at:

If you are in Lebanon, contact us through the contact page if you are interested in joining the convoy or want to volunteer in other capacities.
En castellano (In Spain; also be sure to contact Adam at the above address)Alberto Arceemail: nonviolenceproject@gmail.comphone: 0034655650048phone: 096170974462

Please check the website of this campaign regularly:
This campaign is thus far endorsed by more than 200 organizations, including:The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Cultural Center for Southern Lebanon, Norwegian People’s Aid, Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, Frontiers, Kafa, Nahwa al-Muwatiniya, Spring Hints, Hayya Bina, Lebanese Transparency Association, Amam05, Lebanese Center for Civic Education, Let’s Build Trust, CRTD-A, Solida, National Association for Vocational Training and Social Services, Lebanese Development Pioneers, Nadi Li Koul Alnas, and Lecorvaw.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Act of Desperation 2

They were crying their relatives, and walking in a mass funeral to bury their loves ones that have been killed in Israel latest massacres of El Ghazziey. They didn't imagine that they themselves will be victims of yet another Israeli raid....

Yet another act of desperation carried on by IDF. Now they don't even care to distinguish; anything that moves will be bombarded. They are helplessly trying to eliminate HA's ability to lunch rockets that they decided to just shoot whatever moves whenever it moves....

It's desperation in its best forms.....

Could it be True?

We all know that Israeli troops are spread all over the Lebanese-Israeli borders. We also know that they are fully-equipped and ready for engagement at any time. The means that these troops must be equipped with anti-missiles batteries, right?

Taking this into consideration, and the fact that the MK airplanes are showing us live pictures of katyousha rockets being lunched by HA, then how come IDF never shot these rockets before they hit their targets??!!

These are very simple, old fashioned soviet rockets, and so it shouldn't be that hard to intercept them, right? Specially that IDF has the anti-rockets batteries.....

Could it be that the IDF is not intercepting HA's katyousha on purpose? Think about it; not intercepting these rockets means that they will hit Israel, and so the Israelis can have a good argument in saying that HA is very dangerous, and its rockets are killing civilians. Like that, they can justify the massacres they are committing in Lebanon. Not only that, they can show the world that they are having casualties among civilians as well, so they can draw some international sympathy as well.

There's no way that IDF doesn't have the ability to shoot these rockets, specially that they can see them being lunched by their MKs. Not to mention that they did put Patriot batteries around Tell Aviv. I guess they care about Israelis in Tell Aviv more than they care about Israelis in Haifa and northern Israel, don't you agree?

Just a thought that crossed my mind, imagine if it's true.... Won't that make IDF responsible for Israeli casualties as much as HA..... Just a thought

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mitri Vs Gillerman

It was a cultural battle at its best. Both men where smart enough to point out the strong points that their respective parties have. Mr. Mitri focused on the suffering of the Lebanese, and on the Lebanese government plan to put an end to this conflict. He was direct, clear, and straight to the point. Mr. Gillerman, on the other hand, used his usual literature techniques. He makes you wonder how can they be so peace-loving and yet kill almost 1000 civilians in one week! Both men referred to historical events, and while Gillerman was smart in mentioning the ancient cooperation of both nations, Mitri was brilliant in pointing out the destruction Israel made to the same city that once sent cedar trees to king Solomon.

Gillerman focused that he's country is in danger because of terrorism, and that while he's sad to innocent casualties, but he tried to justify that by saying that they are going to war to make peace!

Mitri was more practical, he proposed a solution as seen from Lebanese prospective, and Gillerman didn't disagree. Both men, together with Qatar foreign minister, showed the intentions to establish a ceasefire.

The open confrontation has ended, I don;t think we can talk about who won and who lost, because both sides -each with its own point of view- seemed eager to end this struggle. It's now up to UN to do what it takes to put an end to this war, hopefully...

إلى الفؤاد الذي بكى فأبكى

Couldn't read this and not share it with all of you...

إلى الفؤاد الذي بكى فأبكى .... في بكائك يبكي الزمان , وبأمثالك مجد وكرامة الأنسان , وفي دموعك دموع كل لبنان . أيها الإنسان الإنسان , لسنا ضعفاء بل نحن أقوى الأقوياء , لأننا نؤمن أنه بالمحبة حب البقاء وليس بالبارود والقتل وزرع الشر والبلاء . جذورنا في هذه الأرض عميقة جذور السنديان وفروعنا صلبة صلابة أرز لبنان . أقوياء لأننا لم نتربى على الأحقاد فلا آبائنا صهاينة ولا أمهاتنا يحملن البنادق ولم نتعلم دروس الحقد من الحاخامات , تجار الدين الحاقدين . من أجل هذا تدمع عيوننا , دموعنا ليست كدموع الأطفال غالباً دون سبب , إنها دموع الرجال والشجعان في زمن يحكمه الرعاع وعزت فيه قيمة الإنسان . من أجل هذا نبكي من أجل هذا نرفض العيش إلا مع العدل ونرفض البقاء بالقتل , ونرفض المال بالذل. لأننا كي نقتل الظلام , نضيئ الشموع , لأن الأحساس ما زال فينا , نذرف الدموع . شهقاتك سمعناها تخرج من فؤاد الفؤاد ودموعك رأيناها تنهمر من حدقة حدقة العين وكلماتك من عمق أعماق الجراح . لا تخف لسنا ضعفاء وعلامة القوة في البكاء , من قال أن الضعفاء يبكون ؟ الكلمات الصادقة أقوى من حد السيف , تخيف أكثر من هدير الطائرات وصفير الصواريخ . نعرف ما معنى الأمومة ولسنا كمن افتقدوها , نعرف ما معنى براءة الطفولة ولسنا كمن اغتالوها . أقوياء لأننا نمشي مع دورة التاريخ الذي حول جدار برلين إلى حصى وغبار وليس مع من يبنون في عصر التواصل بين بني البشر الجدار , لسنا برابرة ولا نحن بالتتار. هم يدكون قواعد الوطن بالحقد ونحن نعيد بناء قواعده بالمحبة , ونسلحه بالوفاء لذا نحن أقوياء ... أقوياء ... أقوياء . لأننا ننتظر سقوطهم كما سقططت إمبراطوريات عبرت وقياصرة روسيا ودك قصر الباستيل , وولدت روما ومات نيرون . أقوياء لأننا نؤمن أنه إلى ألأرض يعود كل طيرٍ ولو جاب رحاب السماء . ستبقى بيروت وغداً ويذهب أولمرت خليفة شارون
شوقي أبوعياش

Act of Desperation

Al Arabiya network news reporter Rima Maktabi said earlier today that Israeli airplanes threw flyers warning all Lebanese citizens that any moving vehicle will be bombarded south of the Litani river all day long.

Just how desperate can IDF becomes? After 28 days of continuous air strikes and ground operations, the mighty IDF is still unable to eliminate HA's rocket lunching. Obviously, the MKs and state-of-the-are spying equipments can't help IDF, that they become so desperate as to start targeting any moving vehicle, how pathetic!

Once again Israel, you won't gain your safety unless you decide to cooperate with the determined Lebanese government. This government has given you a great chance to establish a sustainable peace with Lebanon, a peace that can long-live and save both of our nations all the suffering of endless meaningless war you are carrying on right now.

A Smart Leadership

It was a great move, a move that should have been done long time ago. The Lebanese government showed the world that it's ready to take control and hold its responsibilities in all of Lebanon. The agreement to send the army to southern Lebanon is a dream coming true.

We showed everyone that when we work as a team, we can achieve the impossible. The Lebanese diplomacy was able to make a difference, and the UN is willing to reconsider its resolution to make it more acceptable to the Lebanese government.

Lets hope the international community will take this step seriously. The international community owes this government a full support, and a strong resolution that will bring a sustainable peace that ends Israel agression, and provide a chance to the people on both sides of the borders to live and let live. We had enough of wars and killing, and we have paid far enough the debt of being part of the Arab world. It's our time to have a sustainable peace we all deserve after all the things we have been through.

Monday, August 07, 2006

So True!

PM Seniora

Doha from lebanesebloggers wrote an amzing article, and I thought of sharing it with you

Our Arabness Is Not Conditional

I couldn't help myself but cry with my Prime Minister Seniora, as he cried too.As he addressed the emergency Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Beirut, he choked on the words: "Our Arabness is not conditional. It is not by force, but a choice." (Ouroubatouna laysat mashroota. Innaha laysat bil irgham, la bal bil ikhtiyar)Very powerful words and very true. How much did my country pay the price for standing by its Arab identity?

I believe more than any other Arab country.To be Arab, we housed the Palestinian Liberation Organization, when other Arab countries expelled them. To be Arab, we got invaded by Israel time and time again and our lands occupied by them for 22 years. To be Arab, we fought each other for 20 years in a bloody civil war. To be Arab, we lived years through Syrian intelligence domination. To be Arab, we housed the last bastion of resistance, Hizbullah, when Jordan, Egypt and Syria, bordering Israel, have never had a shot fired across their borders since 1974. To be Arab, we had to live through years after the Israeli withdrawal from the south not knowing whether the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese or Syrian. To be Arab, we were not given Arab support to send the Lebanese Army to the south. To be Arab, so many more issues were taboo to discuss and resolve.

For the first time, live before the whole world, PM Seniora said these words to the Arab Ministers. He choked, cried, wiped his tears and continued on. Some of the attendants looked embarassed and moved.It's a choice, a choice we have made to stand by our Arab identity. And it's also a choice we've made to be pluralistic and democratic, a choice to be open and modern, a choice to be a message of coexistence for the whole world.Israel is a democratic state, but not pluralistic; it's a state for the Jews. And Syria, our other neighbor, is an authoritarian state that subscribes to one creed, Assadist Baathism.It is a difficult choice we the Lebanese have made: we want to be different; part of the Arab world, yet different, democratic, yet pluralistic. Lebanon: the house of many mansions, and the death toll rises....

Update: It turns out that the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting came up with something more than just a statement - a group of Foreign Ministers are heading to New York to work with Security Council members rallying support for the Lebanese government's seven-point plan that aims at reaching a comprehensive solution to all hostilities.

Update 2: The Lebanese government has ordered in those who served in the Lebanese Army the past 5 years. Is this the first step towards sending the Army to the south?

Update 3: News sources are saying that Syrian Foreign Minister Moallem did not agree with supporting the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting's official statement, which endorses the Lebanese government's 7-point plan and which stressed on ALL Lebanese people's resistance towards Israeli aggression, instead of just hailing Hizbullah's resistance. The 7-point plan includes a provision to turn in the Shebaa Farms to the UN until it's resolved whether it's Syrian or Lebanese territories.

To Moallem: What were you thinking? That you're coming to Lebanon so all could bow to your demands? So you could challenge the 7-point plan and keep some gambling cards up your sleeve?I should just say that our PM Seniora was decent enough to repel the rumors in his press conference that you left early because you were disgruntled. It turns out that the rumors were true!And yes the reserves called up will be heading to the south. May God be with them!

Why do the Lebanese support Hezbollah Now?

Needless to say, no nation would appreciate being under occupation. The Lebanese people, are no exception. They didn't appreciate Israeli occupation back in 1982, and sure they don't appreciate the new occupation in 2006.

All Lebanese supported HA when Israel was occupying southern Lebanon. They kept seeing HA as a resistance movement because HA was fighting Israeli troops inside Lebanon. This support continue till year 2000 when Israel was forced to withdraw from southern Lebanon by HA. Since then, Lebanese voices have been shouting demanding HA to be disarmed, and for Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon as well. In the year 2005, Syrian forces got out of Lebanon, and more and more Lebanese voices were asking to disarm HA, and start building the democratic country every Lebanese dreams of. They even started criticizing HA's actions along the borders, it was obvious that the Lebanese people want to build their country after all the suffering they faced.

The reason for that, is the fact that the Lebanese started to believe that Israel is no longer a threat, and that we can live in peace with Israel, if diplomacy can work out the very little problems that is left between the two countries. That made the most essential reason for HA's arsenal existence to vanish.

But after the latest war, the Lebanese started to see Israel as an enemy again. It is the fear from Israel what is making the Lebanese supporting HA now. Because they are seeing that the only force that could face Israeli aggression is HA. It is the fear what drives the support for HA. Right now, the Lebanese fear Israel far more than they fear HA, and that makes them support HA and NOT ask to disarm it now, even though it was the only thing the Lebanese want just before July 12th.

I hope Israel could realize that. The only side winning from this world is HA and Iran. Israel wasted the Lebanese motivation to disarm HA, and Lebanon's infrastructure is ruined once again. When you come to see it clearly, it is Israel and Lebanon who are the losers, and HA and Iran who are the winners.

Israel can't tell the Lebanese that they should disarm HA while it is destroying Lebanon. Israel should withdraw right now from Lebanon, and allow the Lebanese to re-gain the motivation to disarm HA. Only then, would Israel secure its borders, and Lebanon would start -with the help of UN- to disarm HA and start the process of building democratic Lebanon, without it being threatened by Israel every couple of years, and giving HA all the reasons to survive and continue attacking Israel.

The Real Problem

Since everybody seems to know exactly what they need; Israel keeps confirming that all it cares about is protecting its northern borders from future Hezbollah attacks and take its prisoners back, Hezbollah wants to free all Lebanese lands and take the Lebanese prisoners, the Lebanese government wants to re-activate the truce agreement of 1948 given that Israel withdraw from its land, then how come this conflict never seems to come to an end??

The real reason is Israel. The Israelis feel, no they believe that they are superior to Arabs; they have the most powerful highly-equipped army in the region, they have the full support of USA, they see themselves as the democratic example of the Middle East, and they consider themselves as "God chosen nation". For all that, they believe they have the right to force their own terms. They believe that the Arabs should accept to be inferior to Israel.

Taken that into consideration, the Israelis don't accept to give the Arabs their rights; "since we are superior, we get to choose what to give and what to take". In their opinion, the Arabs don't even have the right to argue. This Israeli arrogance prevent them from accepting that with all their so called superiority, they are not able to defeat Hezbollah, or at least prevent it from lunching rockets into northern Israel. They can't accept that they can't protect their borders. And so, they don't accept to withdraw from Lebanon.

Just yesterday, and after 24 days of continuous destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure, Hezbollah was still able to hit Israel and deliver a painful attack that killed 12 Israeli soldiers, not to mention the casualties in Haifa.

The Israelis need to admit that they are NOT superior to Arabs, and they can't force their own terms, and keep occupying, killing, and destroying the Arabs. They must understand that unless they accept a JUST solution in the region, they will never be able to protect their borders...

Wake up guys! Stop this racism and admit that peace means justice, not Israel forcing its terms. Once you do that, the Middle East can have peace.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The French-American Draft

In a previous post, I mentioned that Israel is planning to re-occupy southern Lebanon, with total American approval. Now the French-American draft seems to be a true evident to that!

Not only the draft suggests that Israeli troops are to stay in their positions inside Lebanon for the time being, but also it asks for refugees to come back to their respective villgaes. How on hell would I tell people to go back to their home while Israeli troops as well as Hezbollah's fighters are situated inside heir villages??!!! It's like telling them: "We don't give a shit about you, go back to your home and face death!"

I disagree alot with Mr. Nabih Berry, but I can't not to say that he does make a good argument, how can we accept a UN resolution that would actually force us to accept an Israeli occupation we paid BLOOD to get rid of for almost 30 years? How can we lok at the refugees in the face and tell them go back to your home, right where the Israeli troops are positioned???!!

One more time, the international community has disappointed Lebanon and Lebanese. Let's hope that this draft will be adjusted so it gives the Lebanese people something to live for.....

The Truth

It seems that the world is more and more realizing that a just solution for the endless Middle East crisis can be only achieved when everybody gets his rights.

In his article "What is 'brave' about giving back something you have stolen?" published by The Independent on August 6th,2006, John McCarthy clearly showed the simplest yet so far expected solution for a sustainable peace in the Midddle East:

"Israel has been occupying Palestinian land, in defiance of UN resolutions, for almost 40 years. Instead of insisting on Israel leaving all Palestinian territories, Mr Blair spoke of the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's "brave step of disengagement from Gaza" last year. What is brave about giving back something you have stolen, still keeping the rightful owners in a virtual prison? Until the safety and human rights of Palestinians - and of all people in the region - are valued as much and put on an equal footing with those of Israelis, there is no hope for a peaceful settlement."

Mr. McCarthy was kidnapped in Lebanon in 1986 and held for five years, yet he was able to see how thinsg are far away from just. I would like to personally thank him for his "courage" to say what he says in a world where it is a taboo to condemn Israel or its actions.

For the full article writem by Mr. McCarthy, please visit the following link:

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk: Slaughter in Qana

In his weekly dispatch from the front line, our veteran war reporter witnesses the aftermath of a massacre
Published: 06 August 2006

Sunday, 30 July
Qana again. AGAIN! I write in my notebook. Ten years ago, I was in the little hill village in southern Lebanon when the Israeli army fired artillery shells into the UN compound and killed 106 Lebanese, more than half of them children. Most died of amputation wounds - the shells exploded in the air - and now today I am heading south again to look at the latest Qana massacre.
Fifty-nine dead? Thirty-seven? Twenty-eight? An air strike this time, and the usual lies follow. Ten years ago, Hizbollah were "hiding" in the UN compound. Untrue. Now, we are supposed to believe that the dead of Qana - today's slaughter - were living in a house which was a storage base for Hizbollah missiles. Another lie - because the dead were all killed in the basement, where they would never be if rockets were piled floor-to-ceiling. Even Israel later abandons this nonsense. I watch Lebanese soldiers stuffing the children's corpses into plastic bags - then I see them pushing the little bodies into carpets because the bags have run out.
But the roads, my God, the roads of southern Lebanon. Windows open, listen for the howl of jets. I am astonished that only one journalist - a young Lebanese woman - has died so far. I watch the little silver fish as they filter through the sky.
On my way back to Beirut, I find the traffic snarled up by a bomb-smashed bridge, where the Lebanese army is trying to tow a vegetable-laden truck out of a river. I go down to them and slosh through the water to tell the army sergeant that he is out of his mind. He's got almost 50 civilian cars backed up in a queue, just waiting for another Israeli air attack. Leave the lorry till later, I tell him.
Other soldiers arrive, and there is a 10-minute debate about the wisdom of my advice, while I am watching the skies and pointing out a diving Israeli F-16. Then the sergeant decides that Fisk is not as stupid as he looks, cuts the tow-rope and lets the traffic through. I am caked in dust, and Katya Jahjoura, a Lebanese photographer colleague, catches sight of me and bursts into uncontrollable laughter. "You look as if you have been living in rubble!" she cries, and I shoot her a desperate look. Better get out of this place, in case we get turned into rubble, I reply.

Monday, 31 July
Benjamin Netanyahu tries another lie, an old one reheated from 1982, when Menachem Begin used to claim that the civilian casualties of Israel's air raids were no different from the civilians killed in Denmark in an RAF raid in the Second World War. Ho hum, nice try, Benjamin, but not good enough.
First, the story. RAF aircraft staged an air raid on the Nazi Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, but massacred more than 80 children when their bombs went astray. The Israelis are slaughtering the innocent of southern Lebanon from high altitude - high enough to avoid Hizbollah missiles. The reason the RAF killed 83 children, 20 nuns and three firemen on 21 March 1945 was that their Mosquitoes were flying so low to avoid civilian casualties that one of the British aircraft clipped its wing on a railroad tower outside Copenhagen central station, and crashed into the school. The other aircraft assumed the smoke from its high-octane fuel was the target.
Interesting, though, the way Israel's leaders are ready to manipulate the history of the Second World War. No Israeli aircraft has been lost over Lebanon in this war and the civilians of Lebanon are dying by the score, repeatedly and bombed from a great height.

Tuesday, 1 August
Electricity off, my fridge flooded over the floor again, my landlord Mustafa at the front door with a plastic plate of figs from the tree in his front garden. The papers are getting thinner. However, Paul's restaurant has reopened in East Beirut where I lunch with Marwan Iskander, one of murdered ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri's senior financial advisers.
Marwan and his wife Mona are a source of joy, full of jokes and outrageous (and accurate) comments about the politicians of the Middle East. I pay for the meal, and Marwan produces - as I knew he would - a huge Cuban cigar for me. I gave up smoking years ago. But I think the war allows me to smoke again, just a little.

Wednesday, 2 August
Huge explosions in the southern suburbs of Beirut shake the walls of my home. A cauldron of fire ascends into the sky. What is there left to destroy in the slums which scribes still call a "Hizbollah stronghold"?
The Israelis are now bombing all roads leading to Syria, especially at the border crossing at Masna (very clever, as if the Hizbollah is bringing its missiles into Lebanon in convoys on the international highway). Then the guerrilla army, which started this whole bloody fiasco, fires off dozens more rockets into Israel.
I put my nose into the suburbs and get a call from a colleague in south Lebanon who describes the village of Srifa as "like Dresden". World War Two again. But the suburbs do look like a scene from that conflict. My grocer laments that he has no milk, no yoghurt, which - as a milkoholic myself - I lament.

Thursday, 3 August
More friends wanting to know if it's safe to return to Lebanon. An old acquaintance tells me that when she insisted on coming back to Beirut, a relative threw a shoe and a book at her. What was the book, I asked? A volume of poetry, it seems.
Electricity back, and I torture myself by watching CNN, which is reporting this slaughterhouse as if it is a football match. Score so far: a few dozen Israelis, hundreds of Lebanese, thousands of missiles, and even more thousands of Israeli bombs. The missiles come from Iran - as CNN reminds us. The Israeli bombs come from the United States - as CNN does not remind us.

Friday, 4 August
The day of the bridges. Abed and I are up the highway north of Beirut with Ed Cody of The Washington Post (he who reads Verlaine) and we manage to drive on side roads through the Christian Metn district, which has inexplicably been attacked (since the Christian Maronites of Lebanon are supposed to be Israel's best friends here). "You cannot believe how angry we are," a woman says to me, surveying her smashed car and smashed home and shattered windows and the rubble all over the road. A viaduct has fallen into a valley, all 200 metres of it, though another side road is left completely undamaged, and we cruise along it to the next destroyed bridge. So what was the point of bombing the bridges?
We drive back to Beirut on empty roads, windows open and the whisper of jets still in the sky. I go to the Associated Press office, where my old mate Samir Ghattas is the bureau chief. "So how were the bridges?" he asks. "I guess you were driving fast." He can say that again.
I do an interview with CBC in Toronto and talk openly of Israeli war crimes, and no one in the Canadian studio feels this is impolitic or frightening or any of the other usual fears of television producers, who think they will be faced with the usual slurs about "anti-Semitic" reporters who dare to criticise Israel.
I turn on the television, and there is Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah's boss, threatening Israel with deeper missile penetrations if Israel bombs Beirut. I listen to Israel's Prime Minister, saying much the same thing in reverse.
I call these people the "roarers", but I leaf through my tatty copy of King Lear to see what they remind me of. Bingo. "I shall do such things I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the earth." Shakespeare should be reporting this war.

Saturday, 5 August
Lots of stories about a massive Israeli ground offensive, which turn out to be untrue. The UN in southern Lebanon suspects that Israel is manufacturing non-existent raids to pacify public opinion as Hizbollah missiles continue to fly across the frontier. But a friend calls to tell me that Hizbollah might be running out of rockets. Possibly true, I reflect, and think of all the bridges which haven't yet been blown to pieces.
More gruesome photographs of the dead in the Lebanese papers. We in the pure "West" spare our readers these terrible pictures - we "respect" the dead too much to print them, though we didn't respect them very much when they were alive - and we forget the ferocious anger which Arabs feel when these images are placed in front of them. What are we storing up for ourselves? I wrote about another 9/11 in the paper this morning. And I fear I'm right.

Taken From The Independent


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thank You!

People from all around UK are marching against war on Lebanon, and demanding an unconditional cease-fire.

Thanks for all the free nations of the world support our just cause....

El Mina in the early morning

I've been jogging daily in the early morning in elmina for the past week, and Today I felt like showing you how peaceful and wonderful the view from there is in the early morning.

Hope you'll like the view....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sound of Faith

Yesterday, my friend and I spent the night chatting online. She had to leave Lebanon and went back to her country, she was burst into tears saying that she want to come back to Lebanon, and that she misses everything. We stayed all night remembering all the places we went to, all the parties we attended, and all the happy times we all shared during the past year. While we were talking, I promised her that everything will come back to how it once was, and that before she knows, she'll be on her way back to Lebanon, where we all will be waiting for her.

Our conversation came to an end, and I went out on my daily jogging routine in elmina, only to come back and here the news that Israel bombarded three bridges on the Beirut-Tripoli highway. All of a sudden, I was filled with anger and disappointment. I think at that moment, I lost faith; seeing all the destruction hitting places that never reached before just made me disparate. When and how will things will be back to normal? Are we ever going to our normal life?

Then, it just hit me! What difference do a couple of bridges make? It's only rocks! We can re-build it, and we will re-build it again, and before you know it, Lebanon will be reborn again. It's the sound of faith, the sound that keeps us attached to our country, the sound that we all hear loud and clear, even if sometimes, we become an able to hear due to all the bombing and horror, but it keeps coming from inside, reminding us that we are here, and we are staying....

The North Under Attack

Half an hour ago, Israeli raids targetted thre bridges connecting the north to beirut. I guess this ends the debate about wether the north is to be spared in this barbaric attcks, it seems Israel is determined to destroy the whole infrastructure of Lebanon, even in places where Hezbollah NEVER exist.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Situation Analysis

Being obliged to watch TV to keep updated with what's going on in Lebanon nowadays, one can't help but to feel anxious about the future of this country.

In an interview with Alarabiya network, Syrian parliament member, Mr. Habach said that Syria is a regional player, and that should not be denied. When he was asked about what Syria could offer to end the conflict in Lebanon, Mr. Habach mentioned that if the Syrian troops were still deployed in Lebanon, Israel wouldn't have had the guts to attack Lebanon in such a brutal way. It seems that Syria is implying that if she is to play a role in ending the conflict, she needs to be paid. Syria obviously still wants to gain its influence back in Lebanon, and she's trying to seize the chance to get advantage of the latest events so that it comes back to play an important regional role. Mr. Habach said that the Syrian view to bring an end to this situation is a total solution that takes into consideration a sustainable peace agreement involving an independent Palestinian state, and an Israeli withdrawal from Golan Heights.

In the famous LBCI talk show kalam elnass, Dr. Samir Jaajaa said that March 14th movement has a lot to say, but now it's neither the time nor the place to start such a debate. Dr. Jaajaa stated that the LF, together with the rest of the parties on March 14th movement, are supporting PM Seniora's 7-point-plan to end this conflict. He believes that an international forces deployed in southern Lebanon is the most suitable way to defend Lebanon against future Israeli attacks; because such forces will have the authority to sustain a respect to the blue line, even if that meant the use of military power to prevent Israel from farther attacks against Lebanon, and vice versa. When he was asked about what he thinks about those who say that an international forces in Lebanon would only help Israel to disarm Hezbollah, causing Lebanon to be under American and Israeli influence, Dr. Jaajaa was very pragmatic in saying that at the moment, the only way we can prevent Israel from invading Lebanon again would be an international forces, specially that neither the Lebanese army nor Hezbollah (with everything Hezbollah is trying to do) has the ability to play such a role.

Obviously, Lebanon is once again a backyard for regional and international forces conflicts. Everybody wants to gain something out of this situation. Israel wants to get rid of Hezbollah's continuous thread, USA dreams about a new Middle East with a total American influence, Syria is trying to re-gain its traditional regional role (specially in Lebanon), Iran is trying to show its huge influence in the region, and get advantage of that in its nuclear conflict, and France wants to re-gain its influence in the region. And once again, it is Lebanon and the Lebanese who are the only losers of the whole situation.

Where are we heading from here? Is Lebanon going back to be under Syrian influence? Can March 14th movement gain the initiative back after the conflict is subsided? What is the future of Hezbollah? Would the Lebanese government accept NOT to have the decision of peace or war again? Who would compensate for the huge destruction in Lebanon? And will this dilemma happen again in a few years of time, or this is the beginning of the end?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A point of view

I've come to relaize that there's a debate going on on my blog. And since it's important, I wanted to show it right here...

A reader from Israel, nadav wrote the following:
"I am well aware of the damage that the tragic incident (which you call "massacre") has caused both for Israel and for peace seeking Lebanese. I learned about it when I woke up yesterday, and opened the Internet. Believe it or not, when I saw what had happened I felt physically sick to the extent that I needed to lie down for a couple of minutes. I knew at that moment, that not only many innocent lives were taken, but that we delivered Hezballa with the best ammunition it could wish for. Naseralla had wished exactly this kind of event to occur, because this was the only way he could have gotten out of this conflict triumphant. No matter how many Katiusha rockets we destroy and how many Hezballa figthers we kill, Lebanon is now united behind him, because of our military's horrible mistake. I know this all too well, believe me.But I still call upon you to ask yourself: What is this all about? The Sheba farms? A no man streach of land, 14 km long, 2km wide? A streach of land that the United Nations acknowledged as belogning to Syria, not Lebanon? Or is it the two Lebanese prisoners? One of them, Samir Kuntar, is a cold-blooded murderer, who killed a father and his two daughters at their home, and the other - an Israeli born spy? Does it worth it? And more importantly - do you really believe Hezballa has built such monstrous bunkers and piled up so many missiles and launchers for the sake of these causes?No, my friend (if you allow me calling you so), anyone can see there are much larger interests invloved, and the stakes are much much higher. Stakes, that Israel cannot afford to live with.As far as I'm concerned, you can have the Sheba farm, and your two prisoners. Will Hezbollah disarm after this happens? Only if forced to do so, and currently I don't see anyone who can and wishes to do so. I have hard time believing that the Lebanese goverment can disarm it, and I know for sure that the Iranian don't want to.We have no interest destroying your land, but the threat of Hezballa as a remote Iranian military outpost, was just too great for us to ignore, and it got greater by the day, with no other force but us, which can stop it.Hezballah may have been seen as a legitimate patriotic resistance as long as Israel held the security zone in South Lebanon. It is no longer that movement. It still uses "patriotic" excuses, but what really makes it going now - should worry you no less then it worries us.سلام عليكوم "

And here's a reply i got on my e-mail from a guy named Elie from Beirut:
"You said it yourself, Nadav, what does sebaa farms mean? let me ask you this, what does it mean to Israel? It's just giving Hezbolla a reason to survive. If you guys admit it worth nothing in your eyes, then just withdraw from it! Put Hezollah in th corner, disarm it from all its survival excuses. At least, by that the Lebanese government can say that all the lebanese land have been freed, anf hezbollah doen't constitute a patriotic resistance movement anymore.But when Israel continue occupying shabaa farms, and now establishin a new "security zone" as you call it (while it's simply occupying more and more lebanese territories), you are giving all the reasons to hizbollah to NOT only survive, but gain the support of all Lebanese.You said it yourself, this war ain't going to bring peace to Israel, you are loosing whatever you are doing, and Lebanon is suffering, only Hezbollah will march out victorious, and guess what? strnger than ever and having the support of the Lebanese.STOP giving Hezbollah excuses to survive, withdraw from shebaa farms and the rest of lebanese lands....As for the two lebanese presoners, if you say that one of them is a murderer who killed an Israeli family, then guess what? he two Israeli soldiers are murderers as well, in fact the whole Israeli army is a nurderer of poor innocent Lebanese civilliace. or you're gunna use the "double-standard" method again?If anyone is responsible for the existance of hezbollah, it's Israel and its stupid mistakes in Lebanon. This war will not disarm hezbollah, and IDF has just relaize that, but they are too proud to admit it....."

Two points I just feel like I need to talk about:
1) What happen in Qana is a MASSACRE, don't hide behind the truth, Nadav. When 55 people, mostly women and children, are killed in such a brutal way, it is called a massacre, not atragic incident. You can call a murder a tragic imcident, bu when you bombard innocent people hiding from IDF attacks, this has one name..... a MASSACRE.

2) Maybe shebaa farms doesn't mean anything to Israelis, but for lebanese, each and every sand of our lands matters as much as the whole Lebanon. And if you think it's not such an important thing, then just withdraw from it.

I'm not taking sides here, and I can see that you, Nadav, is a reasonable man. I don't support hezbollah, and we spent the whole of the last year asking for a full-control of the lebanese Government to all Lebanese territories, but once again Nadav, when Israel is attacking us and killing our innocent civilliance, we can't ask the only force defending Lebanon to disarm itself. I think you know what I'm talking about.

I'm glad that we're having such good illustration of points of views, keep it coming guys, but please name things by its real names, and don't hide behind your noses.