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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Promising Start

I'm writing this while Minister Mr. Ghazy Areedy is talking in a press conference. Let's hope that what he's saying is true, because I can't tell you how happy I am to see that we are (for the first time ever) having a true government that is establishing its full control over all Lebanese soil.

Mr. Areedy was loud and clear in saying that "The only ligitimate arsenal in the south will be that of the Lebanese government". When he was asked about what will happen if weapons are discovered that don't belong to LAF, Mr. Areedy was clear in saying that "The LAF has the right to take these weapons, no weapons are allowed there but that of LAF and UNIFIL".

This is a promising start, let's just hope that this decision will be applied as it was decided, I'm really optimistic about that, and I hope HA will apply to this decision and not make any troubles of any kind.


mikealpha said...

Can you give some more background about this minister. what party is he and what is his background ? Does his talk mean anything if the army commander says it wont disarm Hezb'allah ?

EvilConCarne said...

Ghazi Aridi (correct spelling) is the Minister of Information in the government, and as such is the official mouthpiece of the cabinet.

He is a Druze minister belonging to the party headed by Walid Jumblatt, the most outspoken of the anti Syrian camp and the leader of the Druze community.