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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Irony of Life

The devil’s logic:
“Smile, my son, otherwise we may be accused of anti-Semitism”


Anonymous said...

since when arabs are ashamed in hating jews?
why do you even bother to deny the obvious?
from cairo to teharan, its all sound the same, lucky we are used to it.

Galilee boy in Siren-land said...

Why is Arab humor so shallow?
Why such lack of creativity?
Why cant Arabs invent anything?
Could it be that they waste all their time and creativity to hate Jews?
Nothing the Jews did, even the 1948 war, comes close to what Saddam, King Hussein, Ayatollahs, PLO, and so on did.
Even Sabra and Shatila massacre was carried out by... ARABS.

Anonymous said...

correction...we don't hate jews. We just hate zionests who insist on killing us.

and for ur info, Tehran is not an arab capital! Iran is a Persian (NOT Arabic) Country!

Galilee boy in Siren-land said...

Anonymous FOR YOUR INFO:
1. IRAN supplies and orders ARAB terror groups. Nasralla is an ARAB, Hamas are ARABS sponsored by Iran. Its all the same culture of death.
2. There were one million Jews living in Arab countries and Iran before 1948. They were ordered to leave WITHOUT their properties. They became refugees in Israel until resettled in towns. These Jews were not Zionist. They became Zionist after being expelled from these Arab states, and Israel took them in.
Anyway u spin it: Hating Zionists is Hating Jews.
I and other Israelis don't hate Arabs. It is not our goal in life to hurt Arabs. It IS the goal of Arabs to hate and hurt Jews !

Anonymous said...

of course your goal is NOT to hate Arabs, you only enjoy killing them and deny them there rights, and when they rise to take their rights back, you call them terrorsits. Anyway, Have you seen the riots and demonstrations all over the world supporting the Arabs and condemning Zionosts? You ain't suggesting that the whole world is wrong and that you are the "God chosen nation" ? Opps, yes...that's what Zionists believe....and that's far far far from what judaism realy is, and you can ask all other jews who are against zionism.....

Galilee boy in Siren-land said...

"You ain't suggesting that the whole world is wrong"
1. A third of "the whole world" are Christians, A third are Muslims and a third are Asian (Buddhist and so on) I guess your one of those. That means u think 2/3 of the world is wrong.
I am a Jew.
2. Bush and Blair agree with Israel. How many people voted for them ??
3. Your Bible or Quran declares Israel belongs to the Jews.
4. History shows Israel belongs to the Jews.
5. Arabs are from Arabia ("Saudi")
I sit here in Siren-land (North Israel) and reminded of the RIOTS over the Danish cartoons and ARABS claiming "that the whole world is wrong".

Anonymous said...

1)Bosh and Blair, do you have any idea how many poeple around the world disagree with them?

2) The only countries who were against an immediate ceasr-fire were 3: US,UK and Israel..the rest of the WORLD wanted a ceasefire.

3)Israelis are IMPORTED from around the world, Arabs are in the Middle East for CENTURIES

4) Your dear Bush and Blair were against the Danish cartoons, and the rest of the world wasn't against Arab then, they were defending the free write of speech (Huge difference)

Honza said...

I think this picture is little right. Hizballah have carried Israel's soliders but it's not reason to kill over 600 people!

Galilee boy in Siren-land said...

1. My first point was to show you that "the whole world" cant agree on many things, obviously religion is one of them. And therefor, yes "the whole world" can be "wrong".
2. "the whole world" used to think the world is FLAT.
3. Someone voted TWICE for Bush and Blair and therefor MANY people support Israel. (since thats all they talk about)
4. Most Arabs and Iran think that Democracy and freedom of speech are bad ideas.
5. The UN agrees with Israel about 1559 (is that good enough for "the whole world".)
6. If Hiz missiles weren't falling around me and sirens going off, I would be working now. This goes back to my first post about creativity. Arabs destroy creativity.
BTW, are u in Lebanon?

Anonymous said...

Stay in your shelters boy, and forget about your work as long as your troops are helplessly trying run after a false victory

FaiLaSooF said...

galilee boy and anonymous,

I own't accept endless debate between both you anymore. As far as I'm concerned , you're both can't see farher than your own noses.

What are you trying to reach? Both Israelis (not all of them) and Arabs (not all of them) have nothing to do than to go into meaningless debate while killing continues.

This blog is not for such endless debates...either you have an original idea to share with us, or I'm gunna have to delete your comment.