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Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's going on?

Can anybody tells me what's going on lately?

France wnats to send 200 soldiers...mostly engineers
UN is asking all countries to support the UNIFIL
Israel warned LAF to be deployd at the borders before UNIFIL arrives
Minister of Defense said that LAF will "Hit hard" on anyone who would broke the truce

Can you all see how missed up things really are?


e said...

1701 calls for the disarming of HA and for a weapons embargo. Now, clearly the UN force cannot do this alone without support from the Lebanese. Since that is not forthcoming France and others do not want to be blamed for the rearming of HA. They are also afraid that if they do act, HA will target them.
So, if the Lebanese do not plan to honor 1701, to which they agreed, nobody else is going to take responsibility for it.
If the Saniora government doesn't even try to implement 1701 there will be another war, so why risk the life of soldiers in UNIFIL if their mission is hopeless?
Believe me that I am just as sad as you are about the situation.

JoseyWales said...


Don't know what to think myself.

I would bet though that what Murr said is just a joke.