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Friday, August 04, 2006

Sound of Faith

Yesterday, my friend and I spent the night chatting online. She had to leave Lebanon and went back to her country, she was burst into tears saying that she want to come back to Lebanon, and that she misses everything. We stayed all night remembering all the places we went to, all the parties we attended, and all the happy times we all shared during the past year. While we were talking, I promised her that everything will come back to how it once was, and that before she knows, she'll be on her way back to Lebanon, where we all will be waiting for her.

Our conversation came to an end, and I went out on my daily jogging routine in elmina, only to come back and here the news that Israel bombarded three bridges on the Beirut-Tripoli highway. All of a sudden, I was filled with anger and disappointment. I think at that moment, I lost faith; seeing all the destruction hitting places that never reached before just made me disparate. When and how will things will be back to normal? Are we ever going to our normal life?

Then, it just hit me! What difference do a couple of bridges make? It's only rocks! We can re-build it, and we will re-build it again, and before you know it, Lebanon will be reborn again. It's the sound of faith, the sound that keeps us attached to our country, the sound that we all hear loud and clear, even if sometimes, we become an able to hear due to all the bombing and horror, but it keeps coming from inside, reminding us that we are here, and we are staying....

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