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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The French-American Draft

In a previous post, I mentioned that Israel is planning to re-occupy southern Lebanon, with total American approval. Now the French-American draft seems to be a true evident to that!

Not only the draft suggests that Israeli troops are to stay in their positions inside Lebanon for the time being, but also it asks for refugees to come back to their respective villgaes. How on hell would I tell people to go back to their home while Israeli troops as well as Hezbollah's fighters are situated inside heir villages??!!! It's like telling them: "We don't give a shit about you, go back to your home and face death!"

I disagree alot with Mr. Nabih Berry, but I can't not to say that he does make a good argument, how can we accept a UN resolution that would actually force us to accept an Israeli occupation we paid BLOOD to get rid of for almost 30 years? How can we lok at the refugees in the face and tell them go back to your home, right where the Israeli troops are positioned???!!

One more time, the international community has disappointed Lebanon and Lebanese. Let's hope that this draft will be adjusted so it gives the Lebanese people something to live for.....


Anonymous said...

If you don't like resolution, just keep fighting. It's as simple as that.

e said...

You either want to fighting to stop or you don't. If you don't, don't complain any more about civilian casualties.
Go ahead, reject the UN resolution, then see if any one in the West will care anymore about Lebanon and its people. By rejecting the resolution you are proving that you want the war to continue. So be it. Now we know you are a warmonger and an obstacle to peace.

Anonymous said...

why can't you understand that israel don't want to stay in lebanon?

the goals of israel are simple and well known.after all the left wing israel goverment was elected for olmerts disengagment plan, how hard is it to understand that if lebanon won't threat us we wont threat lebanon?

why do you keep ignoring the fact that we can't live with an hostile terror army at our border??

get it into your head - israelis want nothong with lebanon, just live and let live!


yonatan said...

try puting some sense in your words, israel drew her forces out of lebanon in 2000, unless lebanon forces opened war on israel none would happen today.
now, if lebanon impose its sovereignity over her southern area, and wont allow terrorist to attack israel civilian population ( yes, thats whats hizbula are doing ON your behalf MR.DOCTOR TO BE) , then serenity would prevail again in both countrys.

FaiLaSooF said...

It seems that people just don't want to see the truth even if it hits them in the face!

"e" said that should Lebanon reject the UN resolution, the West won't care anymore about Lebanon and its people. So you are saying that this UN resolution is to help the people. Now picture this, Israeli troops in one side of your village, and Hezbollah fighters on the other one, would you choose to go back to your village with your kids???!! Ofcourse NOT.
We want peace and we want people to go back to their normal life, but it can't happen with such resolution. The West is ashamed of what is happenning, and they are trying to say that we tried to stop the war, but the lebanese refused. This is NOT true, you want this to end, make a UN resultion demanding an unconditional cease-fire, force IDF and hezbollah fighters to stay away from the borders, deploy international forces in southern Lebanon and sehbaa farms. Do that and you'll see that the conflict will end, and the Lebanese government with the UN can work together now on deploying the lebanese army in southern Lebanon (Israel will become safe, and on disarming Hezbollah, together with both Israel and Hezbollah sides returning the presoners of each other. When you do that, you're making peace, and you are giving the lebanese on the south and israels in the north the chance to live and let live.

"Yoav", we have a very bad experience with Israel, we can't accpet your troops to stay in Lebanon, not even for one day, without trying our best to get it out, it's our country and our freedon at stick, things don't happen that way, you don't occupy one's land and then tells him you don't really wanna stay there!

"Yonatan", you are asking for lebanese government to impose its sovereignity over her southern area, then put some sense in your government mentality! Withdraw from lebanese lands (icluding shebaa farms),and exchange presoners. When Israel do that, it eliminates all the reasons for the existance of Hizbollah's arsenal, so that the Lebanese government can easily disarm Hizbollah. But as long as you are occupying Lebanese territories, and capturing Lebanese presoners, you are ONLY giving Hezbollah more excuses to stay bombarding your northern areas, and making it IMPOSSIBLE for the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah.

AS you can see, I haven't offended any one of you guys, this is an open forum to exchange points of view, and I would highly appreciate it if you stopped offending me or the readers of this blog.

e said...

The Lebanese government cannot disarm HA. It is even more clear now that Syria and Iran won't allow it.
If I was sure HA would be disarmed by the Lebanese government I would support your suggestions. But there is no chance of that happening. Why don't you admit it?

Take it for granted that Israel will not leave the south until the international force arrives. I know you don't like it, but Israel won't leave right away. Whether Israel stays or leaves is the decision of the Israelis and we choose to stay because we cannot count on you to disarm HA.

Given this situation, what is your decision, war or peace? If it is war then be prepared to pay the price. The better option is to respect the cessation of violence and wait for the international force. Whatever you decide, we respect that but if it is war, don't complain when we bomb infrasructure.

FaiLaSooF said...

Read my last article, it;s my respond to ur arrogance