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Sunday, August 13, 2006

What if?

What if a bug fell in a cup of coffee?

The British: Throw the cup and never come back to the cafe again.

The American: Take the bug out and drink the coffee

The Chinese: Eat the bug and drink the coffee

The Israeli: Sells the coffee to the American, and the bug to the Chinese. Starts a media war talking about how his rights are being violated and how the cafe owner is being so anti-Semitic. Accuses HA, Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians of initiating a bacterial war against him. Demands the Palestinian president and HA leaders to stop planting bugs in his cup. Occupies Gaza strip and southern Lebanon again. Destroys homes and bridges, cuts off water and electricity and kills women and children. Asks US for immediate military support, and a million dollar grant to buy another cup. Asks UN to punish the owner of the cafe, and to force him to provide coffee for him for the rest of his life. Finally, he accuses the whole wide world of neglecting his cause, and not showing sympathy!

The Lebanese: Eats the bug, gives up the coffee, and apologizes to the cafe owner. Borrows money from his brothers and sisters to finance the purchase of a new cup of coffee which he pawns to his friends to buy yet another cup of coffee which he doesn't really need

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