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Thursday, August 10, 2006

False Propaganda

To those out there who keep denying the Israeli massacres in Lebanon. To all Israelis, this is what YOUR ARMY is doing in Lebanon.....


mikealpha said...

I'm American. I see your photos, some of which from Qana . Many people think the Qana photos were staged (pacifier added after attack, child photos staged, etc.) I dont deny that Lebanese are dying and suffering. I am slo see the photos from Israel. They suffer too. They only have photos of the wounded, not the dead because they think it's disrespectful to the dead.

I dont understand the point of your post. Hezb'aallah has brought war to your country (they didnt need 10,000+ missiles for anything else). If you want peace because you and your country suffer, then accept the ceasefire terms. If you want war then reject the ceasefire.

Siniora rejected the cease fire terms and made his own demands which altered the ceasefire to make it acceptable to Hezb'allah.

It seems logical to conclude that those he represents dont want peace more than they want to get their own way. In a war you get your own way by fighting. You get peace by accepting the enemies terms . Lebanon wants something else more than peace. So fight. Dont cry.

Besides Hezb'allah claims they are winning. Why should they want to stop ?

Ghassan said...

What is it about the obsession with parading the corpses of mutilated children? War is horrible , it is evil and it results in nothing but death and destruction. We all know this. What to the hell did we expect when we lit the fuse to this conflagaration? Did we really think that it is OK for us to lob rockets whenevr we want and to allow vigilante groups to take matters in their hands and not to be held responsible for our actions?

I deplore war and violence in all its forms but I will be damned if I am going to speak aginst it when the pain is inflicted on me and rejoice when I inflict it on others. If I am for peace then let me act as if I mean it.

BTW, what has Lebanon gained from all its provocations with Israel over the past 58 years? I will tell you what we have "gained", we have lost thousands of lives, many of our villages have been demolished, sections of Beirut have been leveled twice, the airport and our infrastructure have suffered damage valued at $billions, economic development has been set back decades ( even prior to the last war we were worst of in real terms than where we were in 1973!!!!) and with any luck we are demanding that we go back to the 1949 armistice? Does tha above appear to show any gains? Why are we doing this?

AM said...

Ghassan, what do you mean to say? that we deserve this killing? that it's ok to kill civilians this way?
Failasoof is not rejoicing by showing these pics, he is just showing what TV stations would not show.
Spare us the moral lessons now, it is not the time.

mikealpha, I am not gonna bother replying back to your points, just go a bit of reading, that's my only advice to you.

Anonymous said...

What is your honest opinion about that?

Any truth?

e said...

Please, we are way past the moral arguments now. No moral argument is going to stop Israel or HA. What we should be discussing is what agreement can stop the killing based on the INTERESTS of the parties. Perhaps there is no such agreement and the war will continue but moral outrage is not going to get us anywhere. The Israeli public has hardened its views and sees all Lebanese as HA. This is unfortunate but that is what war does. I am sure that most Lebanese rejoice when Israelis die. So there you have it, why don't you be more productive instead of climbing the wrong tree? Let's see you try some other form of argument that is not a moral one.

Fares said...

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