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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Act of Desperation

Al Arabiya network news reporter Rima Maktabi said earlier today that Israeli airplanes threw flyers warning all Lebanese citizens that any moving vehicle will be bombarded south of the Litani river all day long.

Just how desperate can IDF becomes? After 28 days of continuous air strikes and ground operations, the mighty IDF is still unable to eliminate HA's rocket lunching. Obviously, the MKs and state-of-the-are spying equipments can't help IDF, that they become so desperate as to start targeting any moving vehicle, how pathetic!

Once again Israel, you won't gain your safety unless you decide to cooperate with the determined Lebanese government. This government has given you a great chance to establish a sustainable peace with Lebanon, a peace that can long-live and save both of our nations all the suffering of endless meaningless war you are carrying on right now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah some great chance Israel was given by the Lebanese govt that sat and did nothing while southern Lebanon was kept a playground for terrorists!
Did anyone think maybe to even fire Hezbollah from the Lebanese govt after they decided to attack Israel?
Once again Lebanon, you won't gain your safety until you cooperate with the determined Israeli govt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:00

You don't know what the puck you are talking about.

We were under Syrian occupation until June of last year, therefore nothing could be done.

As usual, Israel has made shit out of a situation that could have been solved by diplomacy. Rewind to life prior to July 14th, it was better for you and I.

I'm no Hizbullah lover, but 2 wrongs don't make a right. It is you who are the blood thirsty terrorist.Now, we suffer and you suffer.

Get used to that bomb shelter kid, looks like it will be a permanent way of life for you.

e said...

Some Israelis may have to live in shelters for a while longer, but Lebanon will become a sub-Saharan country. We are going to bomb all electricity, banks and any other infrastructure. Forget yout phone and internet. You beter get used to using your donkey.

Overall, this is a fair trade, some Israelis in shelters, Lebanese living on less than 2 dollars per day. Have fun with your life.

Anonymous said...

Of course this is the kind of response we'd get from a Yahoodie! So Germanesque.

What's wrong little Aaron, did you break a finger nail today.

Hate to break it to you dude, but yeah you will be living in that bunker the rest of your Jewy life. And you and your Gov brought this insecurity onto yourselves. The Kings of over excess!
DISPROPORTIONATE. And here we thought "bulldozer" was in a coma.

You can't get away from your bloody murderous past, can you.

Anonymous said...

Mel was right.

e said...

As usual, the Lebanese begin spouting anisemitic monologues instead of taking responsibility for their own country. It is Syria's fault, it is Israel's fault, but it is never the Lebanese fault. Yea, right. Use your Internet while you can and don't forget to feed your donkey.

Anonymous said...


I thought you were the one who knows how to view his point without being rude and offinsive, but it seems you can be arrogant and falslessly feeling superior. Failasoof was right, you Israelis are arrogant, ans some day you're gunna pay the price.
I'm sad to see that you are no different than the rest of the Israelis who write here with nothing but hate.....


e said...

I can stand everything except antisemitism. Then I am not nice.

e said...

To make it clear, if someone wants to attack me personally that is fine, but generalizing to all Jews?
That I find sick and dangerous.