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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Syrian credibility

When Syrian foreign minister Mr. Mouallem was asked "Since HA was victorious, why didn't Syria cease the chance and moved its troops to liberate Goulan Heights, or at least help HA fighters by expanding the battle fronts against Israel ?" He answered: "This is a conspiracy to make Syria get involved in the war to help Israel!!!". When he was asked "Why don't Syria allow a birth of a national resistance movement in Goulan heights that would liberate Syria", Mr. Mouallem answered: "We believe in international community, and they owe us to return our occupied territories back!!"

It seems fighting Israel is right only when it is in Lebanon. Resisting the American-Israeli axe is only a winning cause only when we're talking about Shebaa farms, not in Goulan Heights.

What a creative Syrian credibility! Thanks for your solidarity!


Anonymous said...

I'm not questioning your conclusion. About questions and answers...Is it a joke, or he really said this?!

FaiLaSooF said...

NOP, it's not a joke. He actually said the exact words I mentioned!!!