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Monday, August 07, 2006

Why do the Lebanese support Hezbollah Now?

Needless to say, no nation would appreciate being under occupation. The Lebanese people, are no exception. They didn't appreciate Israeli occupation back in 1982, and sure they don't appreciate the new occupation in 2006.

All Lebanese supported HA when Israel was occupying southern Lebanon. They kept seeing HA as a resistance movement because HA was fighting Israeli troops inside Lebanon. This support continue till year 2000 when Israel was forced to withdraw from southern Lebanon by HA. Since then, Lebanese voices have been shouting demanding HA to be disarmed, and for Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon as well. In the year 2005, Syrian forces got out of Lebanon, and more and more Lebanese voices were asking to disarm HA, and start building the democratic country every Lebanese dreams of. They even started criticizing HA's actions along the borders, it was obvious that the Lebanese people want to build their country after all the suffering they faced.

The reason for that, is the fact that the Lebanese started to believe that Israel is no longer a threat, and that we can live in peace with Israel, if diplomacy can work out the very little problems that is left between the two countries. That made the most essential reason for HA's arsenal existence to vanish.

But after the latest war, the Lebanese started to see Israel as an enemy again. It is the fear from Israel what is making the Lebanese supporting HA now. Because they are seeing that the only force that could face Israeli aggression is HA. It is the fear what drives the support for HA. Right now, the Lebanese fear Israel far more than they fear HA, and that makes them support HA and NOT ask to disarm it now, even though it was the only thing the Lebanese want just before July 12th.

I hope Israel could realize that. The only side winning from this world is HA and Iran. Israel wasted the Lebanese motivation to disarm HA, and Lebanon's infrastructure is ruined once again. When you come to see it clearly, it is Israel and Lebanon who are the losers, and HA and Iran who are the winners.

Israel can't tell the Lebanese that they should disarm HA while it is destroying Lebanon. Israel should withdraw right now from Lebanon, and allow the Lebanese to re-gain the motivation to disarm HA. Only then, would Israel secure its borders, and Lebanon would start -with the help of UN- to disarm HA and start the process of building democratic Lebanon, without it being threatened by Israel every couple of years, and giving HA all the reasons to survive and continue attacking Israel.


Anonymous said...

i guess you just can't understand the other side of this conflict.
israel wouldnt be a threat to lebanon if the HA didnt exist!!

but as usuall, everyone are to blame but the lebanese people.
keep blaming israel for all the wrongs in the world, its way easier than really do something.
keep blaming iran, syria, the western world, it really helpfull! what else can you do?
maybe disarm the HA? why, they are protecting you from the evil israelis, who want to occupy your land and cook your children into matzas!
and with such protectors, who can harm you anyway??

people like you just make me realize that this whole war is really the only way for israel to protect itself from the fanatics in the arab world.

i truely hope that at least youll be a good doctor, cause the way i see it, peace is still far away.


FaiLaSooF said...


Keep your false superiority guiding you towards making more and more wars.... Nazi Germany did that before you, Iraq did that before you, it;s an endless circle of violence that you will pay painfully for it in the end...

Israel will not EVER gain its safety by war. the only thing your gaining by war is more and more enemies. But this suits you, doesn't it? because it helps you to visualize yourselves as the victims of the world.....

Tal, Israel said...

Very funny, did you forget what started this war?
it wasn't israel, it was the HA kindap of the two israelies

So from what you are saying, the Lebaneas people are either have a very short memory, or are that stupid, that they support the only force that brought that distruction appon them


Anonymous said...

1. i don't think im superior.

2. there is no argue about who started this war, and who tolrated offences for the last six years just for the sake of keeping the border quiet.

3. claiming that israel is like nazi germany because they both fought wars is a bit shallow.

4. israel has gained ALL of its security by force. in any point in israel short history until today, the only thing that stands between us and total destruction + genocide is the IDF.

5. its hard for us to make new enemies in the ME since EVERY arab nation has vowed to destroy israel, and all of them tried and faild (see 4.)

6. as i said before, i dont think that you have a good understanding about what israelis think or how they see thierselves.
mean while, its YOUR prime minister crying for help from the whole world for a crisis he could have avoided by doing the right thing years ago, sparing some lives at both sides.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous guy/girl with the points...

1)Throughout the past 6 yrs, Israel kept violating Lebanese airspace and international water, so if anyone had tolerated offences over the past 6yrs, it's the Lebanese and not the israelis, specially that not one rocket was shot to Israel by HA all this time to Israeli soil, all HA's operations were located at Sheba farms, the lebanese land occupyed by Israel.

2)Nazi Germany used to trap jews in closed camps and then kills them. Israel traps and still trapping plestinians in west bank and gaza srip, and slowly killing them. And now, Israel is forcing a seaige on Lebanon, depriving civiliance from basic human needs, pretty much like what Nazy Germany did to many nations during WWII.

3) By refusing to give back the land you occupied, you keep making new enemies. By committing genocides and massacres in Lebanon and Palestine, you are growing nothing but hate and violence.

4) Israel got everything it has now because of the full support of USA not because of your precious IDF, that can't even prevent a small group of army men from hitting northern Israel (sorry, most of Israel now) with katyoucha rockets.

5) PM Seniora cried bacause before being a politician, he's a human being who cares about human life and is affected by the massacres and destruction in Lebanon, unlike PM Olmert who justified all this massacres by bringing Kosovo examples, and the huge massacres there by the NATO, can you see the difference?

Elie, Lebanon