Always in Our Minds....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seniora...Thank You

For believing in a united Lebanon
For making us believe in a united Lebanon
For making us dream again in a prosper Lebanon
For insisting on the Government's right to fully control all of Lebanon
For replying to all those who keep suspecting the rise of Lebanon
For showing those who try to divide us that we are united for Lebanon
For proving to those who call us "traitors" that we are Lebanese
For sharing with all the Lebanese your unconditional love for Lebanon
For allowing us to sleep knowing that we are safe in Lebanon
For stating that there will be one authority to Lebanon
For being the right man in the right place for Lebanon
But most of all, for letting us know that our prime minister is a HUMAN being with true feelings for Lebanon

Thank you PM Seniora, God bless and protect for us and for Lebanon