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Friday, August 11, 2006

Cedars Team

This madness meaningless war made us forget about our national "Cedars Team". I'd like to thank each and every person of them for the great image they are sending to the world about Lebanon.

"Cedars Team" made history by winning 83-80 over Canada, and 81-79 over Venezuela, coming 2nd in Slovenian international tournament, a preparation for the Japan World Basketball Championship.

Our hearts are with you, we're sure you are going to make our heads rise up in the ski. We are so proud of you, and ALL LEBANON supports and watches you, from schools, villages and destroyed towns filled with lebanese refugees.

Thanks a lot for putting a smile on our faces in these hard times......

I would also like to thank all the Arab countries (specially Jordan and Qatar) for their outstanding support for our national team. It means a lot to us guys, thanks again.

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