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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Real Problem

Since everybody seems to know exactly what they need; Israel keeps confirming that all it cares about is protecting its northern borders from future Hezbollah attacks and take its prisoners back, Hezbollah wants to free all Lebanese lands and take the Lebanese prisoners, the Lebanese government wants to re-activate the truce agreement of 1948 given that Israel withdraw from its land, then how come this conflict never seems to come to an end??

The real reason is Israel. The Israelis feel, no they believe that they are superior to Arabs; they have the most powerful highly-equipped army in the region, they have the full support of USA, they see themselves as the democratic example of the Middle East, and they consider themselves as "God chosen nation". For all that, they believe they have the right to force their own terms. They believe that the Arabs should accept to be inferior to Israel.

Taken that into consideration, the Israelis don't accept to give the Arabs their rights; "since we are superior, we get to choose what to give and what to take". In their opinion, the Arabs don't even have the right to argue. This Israeli arrogance prevent them from accepting that with all their so called superiority, they are not able to defeat Hezbollah, or at least prevent it from lunching rockets into northern Israel. They can't accept that they can't protect their borders. And so, they don't accept to withdraw from Lebanon.

Just yesterday, and after 24 days of continuous destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure, Hezbollah was still able to hit Israel and deliver a painful attack that killed 12 Israeli soldiers, not to mention the casualties in Haifa.

The Israelis need to admit that they are NOT superior to Arabs, and they can't force their own terms, and keep occupying, killing, and destroying the Arabs. They must understand that unless they accept a JUST solution in the region, they will never be able to protect their borders...

Wake up guys! Stop this racism and admit that peace means justice, not Israel forcing its terms. Once you do that, the Middle East can have peace.


Kolya said...

Maybe if the Arabs gave up commiting acts of violence against Israel as a way of gaining "honor" and "dignity" there could be peace in the Middle East. Using violence to prove that you are not inferior to Israelis is not getting you very far is it?

I don't think Israel is preoccupied with the question of superiority - it worries about security and deterence. So if the only way Arabs can assuage their egos is by violence, Israel will have to worry about its survival.

Perhaps Arabs could instead focus on becoming better educated, building better civic institutions and less corrupt governments. Then you wouldn't need to attack others to preserve your dignity.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me as nothingng else is needed to stop the violence now but:

1. Stop the rockets into Israel

2. Stob bombing Lebanon

3. Free the two Isaraeli hostages (and Lebanese prisoners as well)

4. Internaational UN forces to the southern border of Lebanon. In fact this is the most difficult aim to achieve.

Solomon2 said...

FaiLaSooF, the simple answer is that, in the "modern" age, peace doesn't mean justice. No two peoples have ever agreed on what exactly is "just". It is far easier to concentrate on security for neighboring peoples. There, the bottom line is, Israel uses its power in a restrained fashion and only goes to war when its very existence as a nation is threatened, whereas Arabs and Muslims all too easily go to war at the drop of a hat. So is it not better that Arab arms and capabilities be limited in comparison to Israel? Is that not the surest way of maintaining peace?

FaiLaSooF said...


While i can't agree more with you with the fact that peace doesn't always mean justice, but i TOTALLY disagree with you when you say that Israel is using its power in a restrained fashion! Are you trying to say that destroying a whole country is a "restrained" use of power??!!

I can asure you that Israel as a nation is not threatened. Infact, Israel nowadays is the most stable "nation" in the Middle East. Yes, Arabs (well, only HA now) can hurt Israel, but not to the extent that the presence of Israel as a nation is in danger.

As for Arabs,they haven't gone to war since 1973 (with the exception of Iraq). While Israel keeps using its force to the far maximum each and every time, and let's face it, they are not getting what they want eventually.

What the Arabs asking is not much, and you have Egypt and Jordan as a shining example for that; once they got their lands back, they have become -by far- the best allies Israel can ever has! Egypt is providing Israel with gas and oil in "preferable" prices, something that Egypt doesn't give other Arab countries. And Jordan is always trying to minimize the effect of palestinian movements as much as it can, only for the sake of Israel.

The problem with fundamentalism in the Arab world is that Israel is giving it all the reasons to grow bigger and bigger. All Arab governments want peace, and ask for it loud and clear, but it's Israel and its problem with superiority and feeling of being threatened as a nation that is driving Israel to continue using its maximum force in a manner that is providing an ideal enviroment for violence and fundamentalism to grow......