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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Act of Desperation: Final Episode!

It seems Israel just can't accept UN resolutions, and history is a clear evidence to that! What is going on? The whole world is supporting UN resolution 1701, and everybody is pushing towards a sustainable peace, Then why can't Israel accept and stop it's madness meaningless attack?

Ironically enough, all Lebanese stayed up all night yesterday waiting for the voting at the UN Security Council, and even though we were thrilled to see that 1701 has become official, we all knew that Israel won't stop its attacks, and we were right!

Trying to understand this, there are couple of explanations:

1) USA asked Israel to get rid of HA, and US diplomacy tried everything it can to postpone a ceasefire. But Israel disappointed USA, and HA still operative. This made USA stop considering Israel a "winning card" in the Middle East; sure USA will still support Israel, but Israel lost a lot of its value to US administration. Therefore, US showed "flexibility" and very just UN resolution was issued by UN Security Council. So, Israel now is trying its best to make as much damage and destruction as possible out of desperation and frustration...

2) PM Olmert is facing an increasing opposition in Israel, blaming him for taking Israel into a war it can't win, which eliminated the Israeli force "effectiveness" in the eyes of its enemies. More and more voices are asking Mr. Olmert to resign since he failed dramatically in protecting Israel best interests. All that forced Mr. Olmert (once again) to show that he's a strong man, and he asked for a full-scale invasion; again in an act of desperation to save his face and maybe have a chance in maintaining his chair as a PM of Israel.

3) IDF generals were astonished and amazed by their inability to defeat what they call "a terrorist organization". And therefore, they have put tremendous pressure on Israeli government, to allow a full-scale, non-time-limited invasion in Lebanon, in (again) act of desperation to show IDF "toughness"

4) An IDF spokesman said earlier today to Al Jazeera Network that IDF has actually expand its ground operation to help the Lebanese government and the newly expanded UNIFIL forces in cleaning southern Lebanon from "terrorist activities" so that LAF nor UNIFIL will has to face HA! And that Israel is actually giving a "free-unconditional help" to the Lebanese. Of course, this so-called help was translated by cutting tyre and sidon cities off electricity and making more and more civilian casualties.... Thank you IDF

So, what do you think? Just for the sake of mentioning history, you can refer to UN unrespected Resolutions and see how many of them were NOT respected but no one but our very own state of Israel, coincidence? You tell me....

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Anonymous said...

These bastards make me so sick...The only good thing to come out of this apart from a possible Hezbollah victory is the fact that most people in the world (do not know about Americans but they are really a lost case) have understood that Israel is like Al-Qaida with suits, ties and ambassadors. I actually think they are worse:

Israeli Response to UN Ceasefire Call:
Invades with 30,000 more Troops, Races for Litani

The United Nations Security Council finally called for a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon late Friday.

A "cessation of hostilities" means that Hizbullah has to stop its attacks, but Israel doesn't have to stop its attacks or withdraw from Lebanon.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert responded to the resolution by promising to take it up (late) on Sunday but in the meantime to invade Lebanon with 30,000 more troops and to rush to the Litani river.

Olmert also decided to destroy the power plant providing electricity to the city of Tyre, depriving ordinary people of potable water, medical care, the ability to preserve food from spoiling. This move at this point in the conflict seems especially petty. Since the reports are that Hizbullah safe houses and caves have their own power generators, it is hard to see how hitting this plant helps the Israeli war effort, and I think it is a war crime.

The Israeli officer corps is apparently furious that the UN is now calling for a ceasefire of sorts, before they could accomplish their military goals. Gee, that is the problem with ceasefires, isn't it? Get in the way of further warmaking, if you pay attention to them.

The Israeli public, especially in the north where they have been taking daily rocket fire , is on the other hand rather less gung ho now. Approval among the public for how Olmert is handling the war has plummeted from 80 percent early on to 48 percent in a recent poll. Some 40 percent of Israelis disapprove of the war now. While hawks are saying that if he stops now, he is finished politically, the trend line of the polling suggests the opposite. If he doesn't find a way to stop the war soon, it looks as though his support will go on down to zero.

The Globe and Mail describes some other Israeli activities on the eve of "peace":

' Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes bombed southern Beirut and the south of the country again in the 31st day of violence.

In the far north, one of the last remaining bridges to Syria was destroyed in a strike that killed at least 12 people;

in the south, heavy fighting continued around the Christian town of Marjayoun, a key point overlooking the Litani River for Israeli artillery positions.

A convoy of hundreds of civilians and about 350 Lebanese soldiers and police, escorted by UN peacekeepers out of Marjayoun, was hit by several Israeli missiles when part of the convoy detoured from the approved route, apparently to avoid traffic jams. At least four people were reported killed and 40 others wounded.

Aid agencies tried again in vain to get supplies to cut-off towns south of the Litani River, and the mayor of Tyre warned the city would run out of food in two days. '

That's right. The Israelis bombed a civilian convoy attempting to obey their instructions , the departure of which had been coordinated with them through UNIFIL.

'In one of the most dramatic development in the fighting Friday, an Israeli unmanned plane fired at the convoy, which included a 350 joint Lebanese army and police force as well as 500 civilian cars. They left Marjayoun after hours of U.N. mediated negotiations which succeeding in receiving Israeli assurances for the convoy's safety.

The attack came as the convoy was en route from Jib Jannin to Kefraya in the south of the Bekaa valley, security officials said. They said most of the casualties were civilians.

"The Israeli forces had been told in advance of the convoy's passage, and had given it the green light," UNIFIL spokesman Milos Strugar said. '

The famed Israeli intelligence can't be much good if they don't know hundreds of civilians are heading out of the south at their orders, especially after UNIFIL told them about it. I'm afraid this further attack on civilians is more proof that the Israelis just don't care if they kill Arab civilians.