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Friday, August 11, 2006

Arabic Diplomacy......Excellent Job!

According to minister Fatfat in a talk show on LBC, Arabic diplomacy had achieved what was once considered the impossible. Mr. Fatfat mentioned the main points of UN resolution. Honestly speaking, I never thought that we would be able to reach such an excellent resolution. The main points includes:

  • Phased withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon, together with Lebanese army deployment in southern Lebanon
  • Mentioning the Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails
  • Expanding the currently positioned UNIFIL forces under the 6th chapter
  • Demanding Israel to give landmines maps
  • Asking Mr. Anan to give possible solutions concerning Shebaa farms strip within 30 days
  • Supporting PM Seniora's seven-point-plan
  • Insisting on the 1949 truce treaty between Lebanon and Israel
  • Providing all kinds of help to bring back refugees to their homes

When we take a closer look at this draft, we can see how excellent this resolution really is to Lebanon. Almost all of Lebanese comments were taken into consideration, and we can honestly say that such resolution can establish an excellent base for a sustainable peace.

The UN Security Council is now in session, and a voting is expected later tonight.

Israel and Hezbollah are put in corner now. This resolution gives Israel enough "insurance" to its borders, since the LAF and UNIFIL are to diploid in southern Lebanon, and the returning of the two Israeli soldiers. It also emphasizes on phased -yet complete- Israeli withdrawal from all Lebanese territories, returning back Lebanese prisoners, and providing the landmines maps; which is by far most of HA and Lebanon's demands. Both, Israel and HA, are urged to accept the UN resolution, once it becomes official, and put an end to this madness meaningless war.

This would not have been achieved if it wasn't for excellent Arabic diplomacy, strong and brave Lebanese government decisions, and amazing HA fighters' survival against the Israeli invasion.


e said...

I am glad you support the resolution. Given your previous posts I didn't think you would support the unconditional release of the Israeli prisoners, but I guess I was mistaken.
Let's hope that HA abides by the resolution.

Sarah said...

well done ya failasouf.very diplomatic post..just what we need at this stage.

FaiLaSooF said...


for the very last time, I don't support HA, and I want to see the Lebanese Government having full control over all of Lebanon.

But I can't not to ask you "e", UN has come to a "balanced" resolution, and apparently the Lebanese government is willing to accept it, and today is a Saturday (your holy day), explain to me why your forces are continuing its attack, what is going on? GIVE peace a chance...