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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Opposition's Logic... March 14th Are Killing Each Other To Accuse Us!

Of course! What else would you expect? Every time there is a major political event, they kill one of themselves, accuse Syria, and go on with their American-Israeli plan!

To the opposition, this is logic. And it is all just one big game to fulfill the Zionist plan. Whenever March 14th is cornered, their only way out is to assassinate one of their MPs so they can get some support from their stupid blind supporters.

These are -in short- the main ideas of the blogs that support March 8th. And in order to give a solid strong evidence for their theory, they say "How come March 8th MPs are never assasinated? Because American-Zionist traitors want us to believe that it is Syria behind all these assassinations!!??"

You can enjoy such great analysis, and smart logic from pioneer bloggers here, and there

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

R.I.P MP Anotine Ghanem

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why You Should Read Annahar And Not The Rest?

This is a true evidence of how press could be part of the "huge propaganda" used by different parties in Liban to mislead the people!

Three famous Lebanese newspaper discussed Patriarch Sfier's statement in thier print today; Annahar (most famous Lebanese newspaper, most objective), Assafir (pro-opposition), and Al-Mostaqbal (pro-government). Just check how each newspaper dealt with it:

وكان البطريرك صفير اكد انه لم يطرح مع البابا بينيديكتوس السادس عشر اسم رئيس الجمهورية المقبل ولا مواصفاته، مشدداً على "ان يكون الرئيس على مسافة واحدة من الجميع، نظيف الكف ومتجرداً". وفي موضوع النصاب قال: "ان الدستور واضح والنصاب يجب ان يكون ثلثي عدد النواب واذا لم يجمع المنتخب الثلثين فإنه ينتخب بالنصف زائد واحد". واعتبر ان "القول ان الانتخاب يصح حتى لو لم يتوافر الثلثان يناقض الدستور". وحذر في المقابل من مقاطعة الجلسة اذ "لا يمكن احداً ان يقاطع وطنه".

In the matter of the quorum, Sfier said: "The constitution is clear that the quorum should be two thirds of the total MPs, and if the candidate doesn't have the two third, he is elected by the half + one". And he considered that "Saying that you can vote without the two third quorum is against the constitution", warning at the time from boycotting the session "No body can boycott his/her country"

وأكد صفير على وضوح النص الدستوري «اي ان النصاب يجب ان يكون ثلثي عدد النواب، وإذا اجتمع المجلس وتأمن نصاب الثلثين فبإمكانهم ان يباشروا الانتخاب، ربما يجمع المنتخب ثلثين، واذا لم يجمع فإنه ينتخب بالنصف زائدا واحدا. لكن ثمة من يقول إن الانتخاب يصح حتى لو لم يتوفر الثلثان وهذا قول يناقض الدستور».

Sfier insisted that "The quorum is two third of the total MPs, and only then can the MPs vote, the candidate could have two thirds of the votes, and if not he/she is elected by the half + one. But somebody says that the voting is valid without the two thirds' quorum and that is against the constitution"

As you can clearly see, Assafir chose from Sfier's speech what suits its agenda, and didn't mentioned what Sfier insisted on about the necessity for ALL MPs to attend the session, for no one should boycott his/her country!

وجدد صفير القول ان الاستحقاق الرئاسي "يجب ان يتم في موعده والناس لا يقاطعون الوطن انما يقاطعون هذا او ذاك من الفئات"، مشددا على وجوب "ان يتغلب الحسّ الوطني على ما عداه من مشاعر انسانية (..)".

Sfier insisted that "The presidential elections should take place on its time, and people can boycott other people, but never their country", insisting on the need that "the patriotic feelings overcome other narrow-minded ones"

Of course, Al-Mostaqbal fails to mention that Sfier's opinion about the quorum is that is the Two thirds, not half + one!

As we can all see, it is important to realize that you can't just read any newspaper, as you can't just watch any TV station. We should realize that when it comes to news, media should be neutral and professional, delivering the WHOLE message and NOT just the part it likes. But most importantly, we as readers and viewers should be aware of such "propagandas", and know which newspaper to read, and which newspaper to boycott....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nahar Ashabab...

I had the honor and the pleasure to be part of Nahar Ashabab family earlier today, as I attended the first annual meeting in the memory of the late Gebran Tueni 50th anniversary.

In a documentary about the late Gebran's, and as I was listening to his words, I couldn't help but to think how much we needed him at these difficult times, especially when you realize that his words, though weren't said now, apply exactly to our current conflict.

At the end of the meeting, we all signed a big picture of Gebran Tueni.

May your soul rest in peace dearest Gebran, your dream will stay alive in us.

P.S.: Give a special attention to Gebran's wish NOT to give up March 14th spirit (minute 7:25 approx.).

Friday, September 14, 2007

God Bless Their Pure Souls....

Nothing much can be said....I believe the clips are more than enough.....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Future Movement should Re-consider Its Propaganda!!

So, all what I hoped for was to spend a lovely quiet weekend with the family after a long exhausting week, watching TV, eating pop corn and making fun of each other!

Well, think again! It seems that Future Movement had prepared for a major festival, supposedly showing support and gratitude to the Army and the ISF in Tripoli last Saturday. So speakers were sat-up everywhere, with big pictures and "blue balloons" and a stage for the speakers too.

At first I thought that this would be a lovely idea to show gratitude to the Army and ISF for their great sacrifices, and that I'm going to witness a nice gathering with lovely celebrations.

One more time, think again!! Future Movement were planning a "propaganda festival" using the worst way ever in Lebanese politics; sectarianism! The host started the evening saying hello to people coming from Menieh, Deniye, Qalamoun, Akkar, claiming that he had mentioned the whole North!!!! In his sectarian dictionary , Zgharta, Batroun, Koura and Bcharri are not parts of the dear North!!

And while this was supposed to be a gathering for the Army and ISF, Hariri (both the late Rafik. and Saad) were the one mentioned heavily instead, of course with some mentioning of General Achraf Rifi, and why not a little bit of General Suleiman.

Then, the host let his guards off, and started to use all the cursing vocabulary to start a huge attack over the Orange General, Weaam Wahab and of course the Syrian Regime, all that combined by cheering and sectarian slogans from the lovely crowd around.

It was a horrible scene, and I just couldn't believe what was going on there. And remembering what happened at Sassine Square last Thursday just made things worse....

I don't know who to blame for what is going on lately, but I know that the political leaders should put an end to their awful propaganda methods, and the sectarian haters they are spreading among the population. For this is in no way can be interpreted as means to brought the country to a better future......

Thank You ISF!

Almost 3 weeks ago, my cell phone was stolen from the hospital where I work! My first impression was that the phone is lost forever, with all the data in it (phone numbers, pictures, videos,....etc).

Almost everybody who knew about the story told me to just forget about it and move on. When ever I would say: "I should go to the ISF, they would get my phone back", people would start laughing loudly, saying that I will only be wasting my time, and there's NO WAY the phone will ever be found.

Yet, I felt I should give it a try. After all, I believe in the country and its institutions, and we should all do our part to preserve our rights. And so, I decided to follow the official procedures usually done when some one as unlucky as me looses his/her cell phone.

I have to admit, through all the long list of steps and things you should go through, I kinda felt that I'm really really just wasting my time, and there will be absolutely no results. But since I already started it, I'd better as well finish it.

Just yesterday, I get a call from Gemayze Police Station, Naher Department telling me that they got my phone back, and that I should go to the station to collect it!

I couldn't believe it till the phone was actually in my hands! In fact, I still don't believe that they were able to find the thief and restore the phone that fast!!!

To each and every person who helped in the process of bringing back my phone, I just want to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. You guys made me really re-believe in our institutions, and that we all should respect and follow the law, for it seems that at the end of the road, the law will support us eventually.

Thank you one more time, and keep up the amazing job you are doing.....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shouldn't It Be Really Obvious?

Couple of days ago, Speaker of House Mr. Berri announced his initiative to solve the current Lebanese crisis. Today, he calls the MPs to attend the presidential election session on Sept. 25th.

If you are naive enough, you would say: "Wow, this man is really trying his best to solve the crisis, he has offered a lot!"

But trying to think a little bit herder, you'll see a whole different aspect! In his initiative, Mr. Berri says that March 8th is willing to forget about a "National Unity Government" and to sit and talk about electing a new president. Well, excuse me! But how come March 8th decided to give up so easily??! After 11 months of meaningless sit-in, and all the attacks on the PM Seniora and his government, you simply won't to give up?

Of course NOT! Since the moment the sit-in in Downtown took place, All of March 8th figures (including our very own Orange General) knew that they won't be able to have such a government. Nevertheless, they were more than ok to actually "assassinate" the Downtown (60% of restaurants have closed) and continue with a meaningless move that was going no where.

But we have to admit, Mr. Berri is a very smart man; he realized that insisting on such a demand any longer will only put March 8th in the "loser" side, since it has been clear to every one that such government before electing the new president will not see the light. So the best thing to do is to come live and announce that "We have decided to sacrifice our demands for Liban" instead of having to explain to their supporters how they failed in achieving their demands, and you can use your media to show how "patriotic" you really are!!!

Not only that, but now he officially calls the MPs to attend the presidential election session at the Parliament, the same Parliament that he kept close all this time, only to show up as the wise man from the wise patriotic opposition who wants nothing but to bring stability back to the torn country!

But let me remind you that Mr. Berri's bloc is among the blocs asked to attend the session! So it means nothing at all to invite every body to the session, and then decide you simply don't want to go!!

Do NOT underestimate the Lebanese intelligence! We're NOT stupid nor naive. If Mr. Berri wants to prove that his call is honest and sincere, then the only way to do that is by asking his Parliamentary Bloc to attend the session. ONLY then can we believe that Mr. Berri is really trying to elect a new president, and that his call is a sencere one, or else what is the use of calling people to come without you showing up???

Mr. Berri, the Parliament awaits you and your Bloc's members to attent the session you called for, will you be there?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Christian Division......Even When Celebrating!

If you were among the lucky ones who decided to drive passing Sassine Square tonight, you would have witnessed a scene that can't be described!!

You see, it was supposed to be a celebration for the Lebanese Army's great victory at Nahr-l-Bared Camp. You would expect to see people holding Lebanese and Army flags, weaving, cheering, being grateful to all the huge sacrifices the army men paid for our sake.

Well, think again! There were two sides; an Orange side, holding up FPM flags and pictures of the Orange General, and another white side, weaving LF flags and holding big pictures of l Hakeem!!!

Alone in a single corner, stood couple of people with few Lebanese and Army flags, totally lost among the countless numbers of the other two sides.

And the Army men who were supposed to be there to celebrate, found themselves obliged to stand as a barrier between the two sides instead!

It was a sad scene, there is no way to describe what I saw tonight but one word......

Shame on us

Monday, September 03, 2007

Because Liban Deserves Dying For....

To our fallen martyrs
To our heroic soldiers
To our grateful nation
To our beloved Liban

God Bless us all......