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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Future Movement should Re-consider Its Propaganda!!

So, all what I hoped for was to spend a lovely quiet weekend with the family after a long exhausting week, watching TV, eating pop corn and making fun of each other!

Well, think again! It seems that Future Movement had prepared for a major festival, supposedly showing support and gratitude to the Army and the ISF in Tripoli last Saturday. So speakers were sat-up everywhere, with big pictures and "blue balloons" and a stage for the speakers too.

At first I thought that this would be a lovely idea to show gratitude to the Army and ISF for their great sacrifices, and that I'm going to witness a nice gathering with lovely celebrations.

One more time, think again!! Future Movement were planning a "propaganda festival" using the worst way ever in Lebanese politics; sectarianism! The host started the evening saying hello to people coming from Menieh, Deniye, Qalamoun, Akkar, claiming that he had mentioned the whole North!!!! In his sectarian dictionary , Zgharta, Batroun, Koura and Bcharri are not parts of the dear North!!

And while this was supposed to be a gathering for the Army and ISF, Hariri (both the late Rafik. and Saad) were the one mentioned heavily instead, of course with some mentioning of General Achraf Rifi, and why not a little bit of General Suleiman.

Then, the host let his guards off, and started to use all the cursing vocabulary to start a huge attack over the Orange General, Weaam Wahab and of course the Syrian Regime, all that combined by cheering and sectarian slogans from the lovely crowd around.

It was a horrible scene, and I just couldn't believe what was going on there. And remembering what happened at Sassine Square last Thursday just made things worse....

I don't know who to blame for what is going on lately, but I know that the political leaders should put an end to their awful propaganda methods, and the sectarian haters they are spreading among the population. For this is in no way can be interpreted as means to brought the country to a better future......


M Bashir said...

you have a point (or more) here, and i must say i agree...

TAYYAR said...

Congratulations for waking up.

It took you two years to find out that the FM is sectarian movement !!!

FaiLaSooF said...

m bashir,
thx man

huh? i never knew FPMers read my blog! That's so refreshing!
But i'm sorry to say that you haven't made any good contribution my friend!

Ennu what does your comment really mean? That FPM, HA, Amal and the rest of the opposition parties are NOT sectarian ones??!

At least on M14 side, we have the guts to point out fingers towards wrong behavior, don't you think?

You are productive when you point out the wrong, or propose a better solution, but just poking on ur political rivals' mistakes makes nothing more than the mistake they did themselves....

Keep on reading my blog, and be more productive.

This blog has been a strong supporter to the spirit and basic values of M14, while pointing out all the mistakes committed by the politician, for it is our duty to do so.

Jester said...

True, most movements adhere and claim to be multi confessional and very proud of it. This is a step back for the Future Movement. I see no future in such steps.



Thank you for having the courage to pinpoint to our mistake... you are totally correct, and i frankly think that this Lebanese army thing has become a cliché!

As for the tayyar comment, well i have nothing more to add, your reply was very laconic yet comprehensive! thank you!

Keep on the good job my friend!

Lira = 1500 said...


I meant to rate your post with 5 but instead clicked on 1, good observation from your side.