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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shouldn't It Be Really Obvious?

Couple of days ago, Speaker of House Mr. Berri announced his initiative to solve the current Lebanese crisis. Today, he calls the MPs to attend the presidential election session on Sept. 25th.

If you are naive enough, you would say: "Wow, this man is really trying his best to solve the crisis, he has offered a lot!"

But trying to think a little bit herder, you'll see a whole different aspect! In his initiative, Mr. Berri says that March 8th is willing to forget about a "National Unity Government" and to sit and talk about electing a new president. Well, excuse me! But how come March 8th decided to give up so easily??! After 11 months of meaningless sit-in, and all the attacks on the PM Seniora and his government, you simply won't to give up?

Of course NOT! Since the moment the sit-in in Downtown took place, All of March 8th figures (including our very own Orange General) knew that they won't be able to have such a government. Nevertheless, they were more than ok to actually "assassinate" the Downtown (60% of restaurants have closed) and continue with a meaningless move that was going no where.

But we have to admit, Mr. Berri is a very smart man; he realized that insisting on such a demand any longer will only put March 8th in the "loser" side, since it has been clear to every one that such government before electing the new president will not see the light. So the best thing to do is to come live and announce that "We have decided to sacrifice our demands for Liban" instead of having to explain to their supporters how they failed in achieving their demands, and you can use your media to show how "patriotic" you really are!!!

Not only that, but now he officially calls the MPs to attend the presidential election session at the Parliament, the same Parliament that he kept close all this time, only to show up as the wise man from the wise patriotic opposition who wants nothing but to bring stability back to the torn country!

But let me remind you that Mr. Berri's bloc is among the blocs asked to attend the session! So it means nothing at all to invite every body to the session, and then decide you simply don't want to go!!

Do NOT underestimate the Lebanese intelligence! We're NOT stupid nor naive. If Mr. Berri wants to prove that his call is honest and sincere, then the only way to do that is by asking his Parliamentary Bloc to attend the session. ONLY then can we believe that Mr. Berri is really trying to elect a new president, and that his call is a sencere one, or else what is the use of calling people to come without you showing up???

Mr. Berri, the Parliament awaits you and your Bloc's members to attent the session you called for, will you be there?

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