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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nahar Ashabab...

I had the honor and the pleasure to be part of Nahar Ashabab family earlier today, as I attended the first annual meeting in the memory of the late Gebran Tueni 50th anniversary.

In a documentary about the late Gebran's, and as I was listening to his words, I couldn't help but to think how much we needed him at these difficult times, especially when you realize that his words, though weren't said now, apply exactly to our current conflict.

At the end of the meeting, we all signed a big picture of Gebran Tueni.

May your soul rest in peace dearest Gebran, your dream will stay alive in us.

P.S.: Give a special attention to Gebran's wish NOT to give up March 14th spirit (minute 7:25 approx.).


Jester said...

With the current political stalemate... Do you believe that Gebran Tueni would have still been a staunch March 14 defender after everything that happened after his tragic death?

FaiLaSooF said...

The answer is a "yes, indeed!". As Gebran said in his very own words: "Never doubt March 14th, because it is you who made it come true, not the politicians".

I believe if Gebran was still alive, lotsa things would have changed, for he spent his entire life pinpointing the wrong, wherever it is, and asking for the change.

Besides, you think the other side provide any of Gebran's hopes and values so he could join then??!!