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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank You ISF!

Almost 3 weeks ago, my cell phone was stolen from the hospital where I work! My first impression was that the phone is lost forever, with all the data in it (phone numbers, pictures, videos,....etc).

Almost everybody who knew about the story told me to just forget about it and move on. When ever I would say: "I should go to the ISF, they would get my phone back", people would start laughing loudly, saying that I will only be wasting my time, and there's NO WAY the phone will ever be found.

Yet, I felt I should give it a try. After all, I believe in the country and its institutions, and we should all do our part to preserve our rights. And so, I decided to follow the official procedures usually done when some one as unlucky as me looses his/her cell phone.

I have to admit, through all the long list of steps and things you should go through, I kinda felt that I'm really really just wasting my time, and there will be absolutely no results. But since I already started it, I'd better as well finish it.

Just yesterday, I get a call from Gemayze Police Station, Naher Department telling me that they got my phone back, and that I should go to the station to collect it!

I couldn't believe it till the phone was actually in my hands! In fact, I still don't believe that they were able to find the thief and restore the phone that fast!!!

To each and every person who helped in the process of bringing back my phone, I just want to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. You guys made me really re-believe in our institutions, and that we all should respect and follow the law, for it seems that at the end of the road, the law will support us eventually.

Thank you one more time, and keep up the amazing job you are doing.....


Jeha said...

I has a similar incident a while back; my phone was once stolen from my parked car, as I had left the window open .

When I talk to the parking attendants who said they saw nothing, I mentioned that I would be going to the ISF. Before I had a chance, within 0 minutes, some guy calls on the home phone from my cell to tell me to pick it up. It was placed on the car's roof.

I found out later that they had randomly beaten up a few of those car park attendants in a previous case. I guess the attendants decided it was not worth another beating...

I am sure the ISF is now ever more be suspicious of cell phone "losses", and thanks to snooping, they can track those easily.

FaiLaSooF said...

What happened in my case is that they put the phone under observation using its serial number. And the thief simply used the phone and so they were able to contact her and bring her to justice.

I can assure you the ISF didn't beat her up during the process.

But you are right, cell phone losses is being given great attention ever since Hariri's assassination.