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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Choice Is Yours!

Today, we showed the whole world that we have two Lebanons! In fact, we showed the world that we are two opposites that can NEVER meet!

Irony of life...the smallest country is waging war against Israel and Syria at the same time!

In Martyrs' Square, M14 came strong, sending the strongest message against the Syrian regime ever, accusing it of being an "Israeli Product", insisting on electing General Sleiman as the next president at any costs, and threatening "their enemies" that the Tribunal is coming to harvest their necks.
But one can't mess how M14 didn't mention its rejection of the 10-10-10 formula! All of them were clear in refusing the "Blocking third", all of them insist on the Arab Summit initiative, but NONE of them rejected the 10-10-10 formula. It seems everything is set up! General Sleiman is to be elected, and a 10-10-10 Government is to be made, at least this is what M14 seems to be wanting.

In the Southern Suburb, HA was waging an "open war" against Israel, accusing it of assassinating HA's senior officer, Meghneyya, and promising to eliminate Israel from existence. Nasrallah was clear in saying that "June 2006 war is far from over, and everything that is going on nowadays, is nothing but a part of this "Long-Lasting" war. Nasralla told Jumblatt without mentioning his name directly "If you want devorce, you can leave to your masters in USA, or Tel Aviv"
On the other hand, Nasrallah didn't mention one word about electing the president, nor about the next Government, other than the "usual" refusal of "dividing" or "federalizing" Lebanon, and the ever-lasting commitment to keep the country a "resistant Lebanon", in an open war against Israel.

Gloomy picture is being drawn, the nation has proved today, with no doubt, that it is a divided one. One side waging war against Israel, another waging it against the Syrian regime, with half of the Country's population down in streets, under the rain, irony of life!!!!

The question remains though, where is the FPM? The one crowd that was missing was the FPM!! Where do they stand? Where should they have been today? In Martyrs's Spuare? Or in the Southern Suburb? What is that you are going to do Orange General? The Choice is yours!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Lebanese

Every time I feel that things are going to the unknown, I like to take a break from the whole mess, and go away for a while.

Between the "gunshots" and the "War talks and actions" that seems to be the new fashion of the political leaders in Liban lately (as if no one can see the "shit" we are in already), I thought that nothing can take me away from this madness but to go to "Prague" in Hamra.

To those of you unfamiliar with the place (if that is in any way possible!!), it is one of the most famous, most popular pub/restaurant in Beirut, with an amazing "home feeling" atmosphere, and always an excellent taste of music.

I sat with a dear friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a long time, no news, no politics, just lots and lots of catching up. It sure helped me forget the "shit" we are living nowadays.

As I was on my way back to my car, I randomly met Nobilis Tobilis and MMMMMMM (sorry man if i missed or added some M's by mistake lol). It was the first time I see M's, and it has been really long since I last saw nobilis. Before we know it, the talk was directly switched from "hey, what's up?" to our daily bread; politics.

I wish I could say otherwise, but the hope that we used to have for this country have significantly decreased, to the point were even hard-asses-stubborn-strong-believers in Liban are doubting their choice of staying in Beirut nowadays.....

Three years ago, we had great hopes, and string believes that Liban is coming back to us. Nowadays, we are wondering where we had lost it...

I don't want to be gloomy, and I sure ain't losing hope in a better future, but one can't miss the "sadness" in this nation's youth....

But again, and with some unexplained resilience, and hard-ass-pure-Lebanese mentality, the three of us agreed that we can never give up, and that we should meet again soon, and bring the lost hope back!

Illogical...some might even say madness....but I have one word to describe it.....

Being Lebanese

God Bless this country and its AMAZING people.....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nahar Ashabab.... How Come?

I'm a big fan of Nahar Ashabab, ever since it was first founded by the late Gebran Tueni. And I had the honor to be a part of the Nahar Ashabab's Family since its renewal by Nayla Tueni, even though my work in the hospital have drifted me away from the paper as well as my blog (no need to say anything more, you can clearly see how rarely I write nowadays...).

Nevertheless, Thursdays have always been a chance for me to see what's new on Nahar Ashabab, and what new issues are being discussed through this free space by the young generation. But today I was shocked when I saw this advertisement on the second page of this Thursday issue.

I can't understand how a newspaper, dedicated to the young Lebanese, and trying its best to promote better lifestyles and attitudes, can allow tobacco advertisements!!!

I'm not gunna be naive and pretend that smoking among young men and women is a fantasy! I'm very aware of the fact that smoking among teenagers has its highest rates in our region, but that would only mean that we should be doing our best to try to spread awareness about this horrible habit, not to encourage it in such an awful manner!!!

Nahar Ashabab was founded to address the young Lebanese population, aged 12 and above, to try to create a free space and a place for interaction, and it is really horrible to see that such place is being used to advertise for tobacco....

It is out of pure love and respect to Nahar Ashabab, that I decided to write this post today. I hope the editors and policy makers would make sure that such incident is not to be repeated again, for it goes against all the principles and pillars that Nahar Ashabab was founded upon...

Right after writing my post, I send an E-mail to Nahar Ashabab's official, and he was kind enough to reply to me as fats as this morning.

Here's the reply I got:




I would like to thank Nahar Ashabab's official (his/her name shall be anonymous, since I don't have his/her approval to mention it) for his/her fast and kind response. It's always great to know that there are still people willing to listen and act left in this country...