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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Choice Is Yours!

Today, we showed the whole world that we have two Lebanons! In fact, we showed the world that we are two opposites that can NEVER meet!

Irony of life...the smallest country is waging war against Israel and Syria at the same time!

In Martyrs' Square, M14 came strong, sending the strongest message against the Syrian regime ever, accusing it of being an "Israeli Product", insisting on electing General Sleiman as the next president at any costs, and threatening "their enemies" that the Tribunal is coming to harvest their necks.
But one can't mess how M14 didn't mention its rejection of the 10-10-10 formula! All of them were clear in refusing the "Blocking third", all of them insist on the Arab Summit initiative, but NONE of them rejected the 10-10-10 formula. It seems everything is set up! General Sleiman is to be elected, and a 10-10-10 Government is to be made, at least this is what M14 seems to be wanting.

In the Southern Suburb, HA was waging an "open war" against Israel, accusing it of assassinating HA's senior officer, Meghneyya, and promising to eliminate Israel from existence. Nasrallah was clear in saying that "June 2006 war is far from over, and everything that is going on nowadays, is nothing but a part of this "Long-Lasting" war. Nasralla told Jumblatt without mentioning his name directly "If you want devorce, you can leave to your masters in USA, or Tel Aviv"
On the other hand, Nasrallah didn't mention one word about electing the president, nor about the next Government, other than the "usual" refusal of "dividing" or "federalizing" Lebanon, and the ever-lasting commitment to keep the country a "resistant Lebanon", in an open war against Israel.

Gloomy picture is being drawn, the nation has proved today, with no doubt, that it is a divided one. One side waging war against Israel, another waging it against the Syrian regime, with half of the Country's population down in streets, under the rain, irony of life!!!!

The question remains though, where is the FPM? The one crowd that was missing was the FPM!! Where do they stand? Where should they have been today? In Martyrs's Spuare? Or in the Southern Suburb? What is that you are going to do Orange General? The Choice is yours!


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