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Friday, August 18, 2006

State of Hizbollah

It seems to be a new wave in Lebanese politics. Obviously, HA (not Lebanon) victory have encouraged lots of people to come in public and address a new terminology in the scenes.

In his editorial,Mr. Charl Ayoub, Cheif editor of addiyar newspaper was more than pleased with president Assad last speech. "For so long, the Arabs have been waiting for a true leader to express their feelings and beliefs, specially that frustration has dominated them due to the Arab regimes that made allies with USA" "Assad's speech came in a moment that all Arabs were waiting for, a moment of pride and truth, where an Arab leader stands and refuse to follow the American-Israeli wishes"

In his article in AlBalad newspaper, Mr. Ali Al Amin said: "Would the Lebanese Shiites trust that the Lebanese state is the way out and not the state of HA?, and could the Lebanese Shiites accept going on in building such a state that makes his own HA state useless?" "HA has proven that it is very efficient in building its own state, army, security and even its own cabinet, taking advantage of the high organization, strong beliefs and funding coming from outside (Iran), whereas the state of Lebanon is left to be stolen by political dealers from all sects of Lebanon. Let the "State of HA" be the example"!

Mr. Hassan Nasrallah said in his speech last Monday: "We all want the state, but what state are we talking about?"

Through out the Lebanese civil war, the different militias refused the "State of Lebanon", all of them, including the very ones who support this state right now. But history showed, that all these parties weren't successful in establishing their own state instead of "State of Lebanon". History is repeating itself now. HA has (with no doubt) shown a great deal of organization, but we never heard before about a "State of HA". HA kept assuring all Lebanese that he's part (and an essential one) of the Lebanese fabric, but it seems that nowadays, HA has yet another agenda.

Mr. Nasrallah addressed all southerners, and those from Bekaa and Da7yeh, that HA will support them financially, and that they won't have to wait for the Government to help them. Instead, HA will re-build their houses, and even pay them good amount of money sop that they can support themselves till things are back to what it used to be.

I want to address a question, if you believe in the "State of Lebanon", then why would you tell the Shiites that they don't need their country? And that you will provide everything they need, not to mention that you already showed that you are the one defending them against enemies. Aren't you making people more and more disbelieve in their country? Aren't you making them depend entirely on you? Doesn't that mean that HA is after building its very own "State of HA"?

And what about the rest of the Lebanese? Mr. Amin said : "Let "State of HA" be the example" Do you even realize how dangerous your saying is?!! What if this model doesn't suit the rest of us? Should we start seeking to build our very own "State" as well? Where would that lead us? Another civil war?? Should we all seek a kind of organization and funding from outside like HA?

This is scary, dangerous and irresponsible. I'm going to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, this logic that some people are trying to advertise will take Lebanon to the unknown. Only a central, strong,efficient "State of Lebanon" should be supported by ALL of us. And any steps that could jeopardize that should NOT be allowed to happen.


Jean said...

I share your worries. only the coming days will tell.

Raja said...

very nice. I agree wholeheartedly with you, and as with jean, share your worries.

Nobody said...

And what about the rest of the Lebanese? Mr. Amin said : "Let "State of HA" be the example" Do you even realize how dangerous your saying is?!! What if this model doesn't suit the rest of us? Should we start seeking to build our very own "State" as well?


I think that the question you are asking is nothing rethoric. I think that its the easiest solution to the problem

FaiLaSooF said...

Lebanese have tried -each on their own- to build their own state instead of one united Lebanon, and we ALL failed in that. It's not even an option. "Fool me once, you are smart. Fool me twice, I'm stupid." And Lebanese aint that stupid...

Nobody said...

I think this time we are talking about something different. This time it is more than a sectarian thing. On one side the semi state Hezbollah is cultivating in the South is more like mini-Iran. I may be exagerating but this is the direction they are taking now. On another hand the more western and modern rest of Lebanon.

i think that the socio political construct the Hezbollah is creating in the South has already set two parts of the country on the collision course. Its just a matter of time.

My impression is that the confrontation between Hezbollah and the rest of the country would come anyway sooner or later. Hezbollah seems to be in its prime and its only growing stronger. Hezbollah may get out of control at some point later.

I was nt talking about splitting Lebanon in federation , just about Lebanon splitting from the South.