Always in Our Minds....

Monday, October 09, 2006


Since I've started living in Beirut, I haven't been able to stay connected to all my friends in the North, specially those whom I spent years working with at OSA (office of student affairs) at my university.

But yesterday, the office organized a lovely "Reunion and Iftar" gathering, and though I had a pathology test today, I found myself going to the gathering no matter what.

I had a great time, we were almost 30 person, most of I haven't seen for months. We spent the time catching up, laughing about our memories and what we used to do, and laughing our asses off doing all the crazy things we do usually. You don't really realize what you are leaving behind till you live it all over again. And it feels great to know that though we have gone in our separate ways, we still find time to get together and catch up, lovely feeling indeed....

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