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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

March 14th Movement

March 14th, 2005, we marched in MASSIVE numbers asking for our independence. We ALL went to the martyrs squares demanding a better future. Our huge movement shut all pro-Syrian mouths, even the great HA found itself obliges to accept the fact that a new era has begun.

Our movement continued, and we won in the election, getting the majority in the parliament. And all of a sudden, we started dreaming about a pink future, where we can build our Lebanon the way it should be build.

Then what happened? till this day I still can't understand why our political leaders decided to compromise!!! Why we ran after HA to join the government? And why we kept all this time asking for unity, national agreement, etc.....

I really can't understand that. Are we that weak? Are we that much unable to form our own government? We marched for the second time in February 14th, 2006, and we are more than capable of marching again and again and again.Our seek for compromising encouraged the pro-Syrian parties to start appearing again; they found a golden chance to get back into the scene by forming coalition with HA, and so they did. We gave them the chance to stand up in our way and in Lebanon way!!! And for what??? Can anyone tell me?

And now, our political leaders are welcoming Aoun in the government!!!! I can't even get that man, he was offered 4 ministers before, and he refused, and now he seem more than happy with the 2-ministers-offer, what the hell is going on?

My point is, we won the elections, and we are the majority, and so we have the right to rule the country, and we should form our government without asking them to join and put sticks in our wheels. We should have done this from the very beginning.

A word to our politicians, GET SOME BALLS and form a government capable of taking decisions, and be sure we all will be right behind you, and we won't let you down. Stop asking others to join and accept their constant indifference with our decisions. Why on hell did we had the elections if we can't rule when we win????!!!!!


bodhisattva said...

To margnilize Aoun, Feb 14 slept with the devil (currently Ha), hence their inability to form an exclusive govt without them (reference baabda alley).

ud do better if you distance yourself and dont allow partisanship to affect your judgement,

theyre still gerrymanding, all of them, including HA and Aoun. And we still all give them legitimacy by clapping for them,

may we all break free,


Anonymous said...

HA & Aoun = The demise of lebanon. What a bunch of morons!

FaiLaSooF said...

It's NOt the leaders that make the cause, it's the cause that makes the leaders. Unfortunately, things are always upside down when it comes to Liban. We should support the political leadears as long as they serve the cause, and when they stop doing that, we should be aware and have a stand to re-direct the politician to the right tract. And that's why I wrote my last article, just so to be clear.