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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What the Problem is All About!

The problem is that the opposition thinks that all what is driving March 14th people is money, and desprate need to be in power! They still can't see that it was a VERY LOUD SHOUT to STOP playing with our future. And NO, it's not just the Sunnis that are making this movement, Christians are at the core of it, they have spent years asking and demanding for what March 14th is all about.

The problem I think is in the traditional Arab mentality. We always accept the fact that the whole world wants nothing but to invade us and stole our land. This idea is always successful and finds people who are more than welling to listen to and accept it. And this is exactly what HA is trying to do. They are selling the people what they love to buy through out their lives; that USA and Israel are coming to invade us, and that we should fight back, and everyone who is NOT with us is simply an American follower who is against us.

The Sunnis in Liban finally understood what this is all about, or maybe they are just fed up with the huge dept they have to pay for Arab and Islamic nationalism, and together with the Christians, they are now demanding that we should think about Liban first, a strong independent Liban, then start thinking and worrying about Arab issues.....

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