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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Ways to See Things

You can say: "the cup is half empty". Or you can be optimistic and say: "the cup is half full". Traditionally, Lebanese people would follow the first saying. But just to be optimistic for a change, I'm gunna go with the later this time.

We live in a democratic country. True we have our very own version of democracy, with all these religious sects in every single detail, but yet it is a democracy based upon free elections. And like in any other democratic countries, political parties disagree and sometime they just can't seem to find a middle ground. So they agree to disagree, and each team will do its best (within democratic regulations) to fulfill its project. And I'd like to think that this is how things are going now in Liban; HA and its allies decided to resign form the government as they don't agree with how things are going, and so they are in opposition now, and they have all the right to do whatever democracy allow to fulfill their goals. Both, Mr. Raad and Dr. Jeajea were pretty clear about that. Even if we didn't agree, that doesn't mean that civil war is on the way.

The opposition has all the rights to say "NO", and it has the right to organize riots and demand what it sees as right and just. And sure the majority has all the right to rule the country and make sure that security and stability are maintained at all costs.

Most people would disagree, and frankly, part of me find it extremely difficult to believe that this is how things really are. But nevertheless, you reach a place where you have to stick to hope and pray that good things happen to good people. And as long as all parties agreed that they are under the law, then hopefully this political crisis will come to an end without a huge loss like we used to see in previous occasions.

Call me a dreamer, but let's just hope that democracy is actually found in our community!

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