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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Need More Clues?

Al-Siyassa Kuwaiti newspaper mentioned that the Syrian news agency "SANA" called and asked about Gemayel assassination almost one hour BEFORE it took place!!!

And yet, we still hear voices accusing Israel and America! Not just that, but some people are even accusing March 14th movement itself! It seems that the new trend is to assassinate yourself!

That only shows that the "conspiracy Theory" against us is still overwhelming the masses, who still believe that all evil deeds have one source and one source only, US and Israel.....

Wake up people....WAKE UP


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Debbie Livni, Israel’s flamboyant foreign minister, just gave an interview to reporters in Jerusalem: interestingly, she said Israel supports the “moderate” coalition government of Lebanon led by Prime Minister Fuad Saniura [recall: that’s the sinister assortment of "Christian" Neo-Nazis and pro-Saudi Islamist technocrats].

This is what she had to say:
"The news from Lebanon is another example of the kind of region, the kind of
neighborhood we are living in," Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. "This
is between moderates and extremists."

Notice the use of the “tough neighborhood” metaphor used by Donald Rumsfeld back in March 2003 to justify the inaction of US troops standing idly while looters pillaged museums at will and burned Catholic churches and Sunni mosques across Baghdad.

This expression is actually a staple of American rightwing discourse: the south side of Chicago and the suburbs of Detroit are “tough neighborhoods” infested by Niggers and Ayrabz living lazily off welfare subsidies while honest (read: White) blue collars are working overtime!

Interestingly, Debbie Livni happens to be the daughter of Eitan Livni, a Polish-born member of the Irgun terrorist group, and one of the cofounders of the rightwing Likud party.

You may recall that Irgun was an openly Fascist Jewish organization, armed and funded by the Duce Benito Mussolini during World War II…

2nd Generation Fascists of the world unite!

Aryeh said...

First of all, it's Tzippie Livny.

Secondly, your vision of a facist moevement spanning the generations exists nowhere but in your mind.

Your average Israel wants to see a stable, flourishing Lebanon, free from the rule of Islamic radicals who think they have a direct line to God. They're making life miserable from everyone in the region.


From Jerusalem, al-Quds

Fatima said...

Aryeh said : Your average Israel wants to see a stable, flourishing

How cute is that when israel bombed Lebanon to 30 years back and killed 1400 people and sprayed the whole south with cluster bombs that are still claming lives and amputees and destroyd all bridges , Electrcity sources and most major Factories that were the backbone of Lebanon Economy. EXPATS loved to go to Beirut for a long week end , bathe, have a beer , have fun and back to saudi arabia on sunday , Tel aviv did not like that they wanted the expats to go to Tel aviv instead.

Anyone saying Israel cares about lebanon is going to make me puke .

Fatima said...

The killing has all the fingerprints of Mossad . if Ehud Barak can wear a dress , a wig and kill 3 palesitnians in the heart of Beirut , if they can poison Khaled Mishaal in the Heart of Amman, if they can send their spies to kill Islamic jihad this summer in may 2006 in Sidon , they can do anything . anything they are the experts at explosives , bombs you name it.
where was this lebanese army and police when a High ranking politician gets killed during the DAY . they are supposed to protect people right , after hassling hezbollah for dropping its arms or do they prefer to offer TEA like the General in Marjeeyoun this summer when the IDF were bombing Lebanon ? Know people know why Hezbollah does not trust his army or gov .

what about these guns with silencers addressed to the uS embassy intercepted by lebanese Customs, why did this story only appeared on Arabic papers and not in English , french and sent to the CNN , where they trying to cover up for their friend Mr Jeffrey Feltman. ? just wondering.

FaiLaSooF said...

Fatima, Syrian officials just sent a latter to Mr. Anan asking him NOT to let the Tribunal see the lights!

You must be asking yourself: "What would Syria gain from killing March 14th members?". Well, answer this: "What would Syria gain from the letter they just sent??!"

Wake up! Israel is an enemy, no doubt about that, but the other side is NOT a friend nor a brother at all ( the regime, NOT the people)....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This addresses Fatima's skepticism about Aryeh's claim that young Israelis care about Lebanon. Fatima is right to say that Israelis want a stable Lebanon for purely selfish reasons. They want stability because it means peace for Israel. Likewise, the West wants a stable Middle East for selish reasons. The Neo conservatives who encouraged Bush to invade Iraq don't give a damn about Iraq or the Iraqi people; they want stability in the Middle East because it ensures the free flow of oil. But many Muslims competely miss a key point: In the past U.S. foreign policy placated the worst dictators in the world in order to achieve stability. Bush's Iraq adventure tried to achieve the same goal through democracy. That's revolutionary! We now know that the effort failed miserably, and it's really tragic. The idealists (utupians?) like Wolfowitz who encouraged Bush to invade Iraq have lost all credibility. Now, we will see U.S. foreign policy revert back to the cynical practice of allying with dictators -- simply because they ensure stability. Who are the biggest losers in all this? The ordinary people of the Middle East. Anyway, back to Fatima's comment: Outsiders want stability in the Middle East for their own selfish reasons. But so what? Just because Isrealis want stability in Lebanon doesn't mean the Lebanese should be suspicious of it. Just because the West wants stability in Iraq doens't mean the country has to self-destruct to spite the West. We all look forward to the day when Middle Eastern countries desperately want stability for their own reasons.