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Sunday, November 19, 2006

"The Hell with Independence, Welcome Followship!!" بئس السيادة و أهلا بالوصاية

Sorry our martyrs, they have uncovered us! They discovered what we are all about. We are American-dolls run by Jewish fingers! Yes, they revealed the true face of March 14th movement. We are corrupted, un-patriotic, money diggers and not worthy of the word "Lebanese".

They are telling us to forget you, to forget that they killed you because you were asking for our freedom, NO, because you were DEMANDING Liban's freedom and independence.

Independence???!! What an awful-American-Israeli-unpatriotic demand you lost your lives to, and we marched for two years ago! A truly-Lebanese-elected-government???!! What were we thinking? How could we do such a horrible thing?

How did we throw the Syrian regime out! How did we dare to stand in the face of dictatorship???!

But now, the true Lebanese patriots are here! And they are going to bring Liban back to the Syrian-era, to Karami's national government that allowed every single on of us to express his/her opinion, to the era where NO ONE was allowed to say anything but "YES" and "unity of road and destiny".....

But they did FORGET something, they forgot that we didn't made March 14th because we were blindly following our leaders, we didn't declare the "Cedars Revolution" because we were ordered to. We did what we did because we BELIEVE in INDEPENDENT LIBAN, because we refuse to be guided by Syrians and Iranians, because we are FED UP of Arab nationalism CRAP that kept holding us prisoners to open meaningless destructful wars with Israel.

Think again! If you think you can turn the table on us and take Liban back to the black past, then think again!

One word to them.... "Welcome Independence, and the HELL with followship"

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Battal Agha said...

Bravo ya Failasoof - Excellent comment which complements my own views on the present situation.