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Monday, July 31, 2006

Who are the Lebanese?

One year ago, all of us marched to down town Beirut, demanding our freedom and independence. We showed what is like when the nation raises above all the obstacles, and declares loud and clear, that we are here, and we are not going to allow others to take our country a hostage. All of us, Christians and Muslims, showed the true meaning of unity against all odds. And by our unity, and our persistence, we gain the independence we deserve….

This summer, we marched back again to down town Beirut, shouting out loud and clear. Once again, that we are a nation that will never surrender, a nation that won't accept to give, a nation that knows one thing and one thing only; we are HERE, and we are STAYING.

It's Lebanon, it's our beloved country. No matter how barbaric our enemies may become, they can destroy our infra structure, they can kill our children, but they will never take our LOVE for our Lebanon; they'll never divide us.

To all the people of the world, we are Lebanese, and we are so damn proud, and we won't give up, and we will NEVER surrender…..


Nadav, Tel Aviv said...

You have every right to be proud, but bare one thing in mind: Israel does not want you to give up. Israel does not want you to surrender. Israel does not want to occupy a single inch of your country. Israel wants to live free of terrorist threaths. That's all. Being proud is not enough. Pride comes from ability. Take the Hezbollah out of your country, and be proud of having a peacfull state. If you do that, you will have no conflict with Israel whatsoever. Then you won't need so much pride, but you will have a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

to nadav,
terrorism is the most badly-used word in history. Hizbollah is NOT a terrorist organization. It is a patriotic resistance movement, that leberated our land from Israel barbaric occupation. You want peace in Israel? Simply withdraw from the Arab occupied territories, give the palestinians the state they deserve, and stop killing innocent people, and I can asure you you'll have the peace you are asking for...

But as long as you are killing us, occupying our land, and TERRORISING us, I swaer you won't ever ever have peace

Nadav, Tel Aviv said...

If Hezballa only purpose is to drive Israel out of Lebanon, then it had already achieved its goal. Since Israel withdrew, the Hizbullah has no Lebanese-patriotic reason to continue arming itself (with waepons only countries posses).
Hezballah needs to continue the armed struggle because:
1. The armed struggle serves as the best recruiting propaganda for it.
2. The armed struggle serves foreign interests of Iran (and Syria), in which Hezballah depends.

Aiding the Palestinians in their struggle is nothing but an excuse, which allows the Hezballa to portray itself as the all-Muslim protector, thus attracting more and more supporters.

If you "buy" this type of excuse, and you would like to drug Lebanon into the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, you must know the consequences.

The Israeli-Palestinian struggle is a complex one. My own view is that the Palestinian people should have an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem. Are the Palestian people ready for such a settlement? Will such a settlement satisfy Hezballa? Too many times I heard its spokers call for the destruction of Israel, so I have hard time to believe it.

I call upon you to concentrate your efforts on building your country. If you insist on participating in foreign struggles, then both you and us will loose, and the Palestinian people will benefit nothing from it.

Salam Aleikum

Anonymous said...

Shebaa farms are lebanese teritory that Israel is still occupying. If Israel really wants to get rid of Hezballa, she should withdraw from shebaa farms and release Lebanese presoners. By doing so, hezballa won't have an excuse to keep its arsenal, and the lebanese government can disarm it easily.

Israel gave hezballa (by the second massacre in Qana) a great chance to gain the support of many lebanese who were against it, and made it very difficult (if not immpossible) for PM saniora to go on with his 7-point-plan, the plan by which Israel would have had everything it ever dreamed about....but when Lebanese children are being bombarded by Israeli army, the government can't demand hezballa to be disarmed

I'm a Lebanese christian, i don't support hezballa, but at the same time i can't force hezballa to disarm while israel is still occupying part of lebanon, keeping lebanese presoners, killing innocent people in the name of "self-defence" and every couple of years destroying Lebanon infra structure specially that hezballa was successful in the past in freeing the most of the occupied land and freeing lebanese and ohter arab presoners.

We don;t want a war with Israel, but when it keeps occupying part of our land, and holding lebanese presoners, and every now and then kiling innocent lebanese children, we can't just stay nuetral anymore....

Nadav, Tel Aviv said...

I am well aware of the damage that the tragic incident (which you call "massacre") has caused both for Israel and for peace seeking Lebanese. I learned about it when I woke up yesterday, and opened the Internet. Believe it or not, when I saw what had happened I felt physically sick to the extent that I needed to lie down for a couple of minutes. I knew at that moment, that not only many innocent lives were taken, but that we delivered Hezballa with the best ammunition it could wish for. Naseralla had wished exactly this kind of event to occur, because this was the only way he could have gotten out of this conflict triumphant. No matter how many Katiusha rockets we destroy and how many Hezballa figthers we kill, Lebanon is now united behind him, because of our military's horrible mistake. I know this all too well, believe me.

But I still call upon you to ask yourself: What is this all about? The Sheba farms? A no man streach of land, 14 km long, 2km wide? A streach of land that the United Nations acknowledged as belogning to Syria, not Lebanon? Or is it the two Lebanese prisoners? One of them, Samir Kuntar, is a cold-blooded murderer, who killed a father and his two daughters at their home, and the other - an Israeli born spy? Does it worth it? And more importantly - do you really believe Hezballa has built such monstrous bunkers and piled up so many missiles and launchers for the sake of these causes?

No, my friend (if you allow me calling you so), anyone can see there are much larger interests invloved, and the stakes are much much higher. Stakes, that Israel cannot afford to live with.

As far as I'm concerned, you can have the Sheba farm, and your two prisoners. Will Hezbollah disarm after this happens? Only if forced to do so, and currently I don't see anyone who can and wishes to do so. I have hard time believing that the Lebanese goverment can disarm it, and I know for sure that the Iranian don't want to.

We have no interest destroying your land, but the threat of Hezballa as a remote Iranian military outpost, was just too great for us to ignore, and it got greater by the day, with no other force but us, which can stop it.

Hezballah may have been seen as a legitimate patriotic resistance as long as Israel held the security zone in South Lebanon. It is no longer that movement. It still uses "patriotic" excuses, but what really makes it going now - should worry you no less then it worries us.

سلام عليكوم