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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Reply

It seems my article "Shame on you..." Had brought lots of attention.

The last comment was:

Anonymous said...
1. These pictures are staged by the photographer, no parent will let his child sign shells, its just aint done.
2. What reads on the shell is to "Nasralla with love". Since you can read English, I guess you already know that, and that turns you into a liar.

I feel I'm obliged to reply to that last comment simply because I was accused of being a liar.

First of all, if you (whoever you are 'cause you didn't leave your name or e-mail) paid enough attention, you would have been able to see that the article was taken from a source: so it wasn't me who said what was written by Israeli young girls on the missiles attacking innocent Lebanese children (more than 1/3 of the casualties among Lebanese are children)

Second, if you don't have the GUTS nor the COURAGE to state your name and e-mail, Don't bother us with your accusation and analysis. My blog has a credibility and I won't allow anonymous person to question my integrity.

Third, even if what the girls wrote was "To Nasrallah with love", that doesn't make it right. These are children that should NOT be raised to hate and kill other innocent people, NOT to mention that they were in a military area, which is an extremely dangerous place for civilian rather children to be in.

Fourth, I hope you'd show these young Israeli girls the results of the missiles on Lebanon. Maybe that can help you guys in teaching them more and more violence and hate can lead to LETHAL ends....


Anonymous said...

Um, your source admits that he made up the caption. So that makes you dishonest at best.

Anonymous said...

a lie is still a lie, it doesnt matter if it's your lie or someone else's lie, it doesnt matter if im an anonymuos coward or the pope himself.

if you paid enough attention, you would see the little p.s under your source's post, which states:

"The above message is imaginary. It is not what I see written on the bombs"

(although, since you can read english, you could have guessed that by looking at the picture)

im sorry if i insulted you, i hope you, your family and friend will stay safe and unharmed, and that the war will end soon.

yoav from israel

Anonymous said...

this is so ridiculous. any smart person would know that whoever wrote the comment is being ironic and figurative. ofcourse that is not what the kids are writing... please do not be so petty and call people liars... the fact still remains that the missles are killing children, and that is what the caption is trying to convey. Go waste your energy somewhere else, this is pathetic.


Anonymous said...

By the authors attack on the above poster, one can clearly see that he wasn't being ironic and figurative. And by the way, HOW THE HELL IS TO NASRALLA WITH LOVE, BEING RAISED TO HATE AND KILL INNOCENTS? HE IS ANYTHING BUT!