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Saturday, July 15, 2006


There is nohting more tirrifying than feeling HELPLESS and not being able to do anything while the one thing you love the most is being distroyed infront of your own eyes.

It can't be discribed what it is like to see your country being torn by bombs coming from the ski and the sea, and you're just sitting there watching the distruction and NOT being able to do anything but to raise your hands up in the skies and pray to God to save Lebanon and its people.

Maybe I don't have an official papers that says iI'm lebanese, and maybe most of you would look strangely at me when I say Lebanon is my country eventhough I dont have the lebanese nationality, But who said that love can be defined by a peice of paper? Love is something that takes over your soul, it's a feeling that fills up your heart, mind and soul. I don't care what others say, but no peice of paper can tell me who I am and where I belong to. I am Lebanese and Lebanon is my country.

Words can't describe what is happenning here. To see that all what we spent years building up is being cast away in less than 72 hours is horrible. Specially after what we have been through in the last two years, when we all went in the streets demanding our freedom, and after all the sacrifices all of us paid in order to see Lebanon as we always dreamed of.

I can tell you guys one thing, we are used to be distroyed, but we always come back again. No matter what happens, Lebanon was and will always be the pearl of the east.....

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