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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What are they thinking!!??

Today, our TV cable was out, so we were forced to check the radio to get the latest news. To my surprise, there were an Israeli new channel. They were talking in bad arabic accent, trying to turn people against Hassan Nasrallah, saying that he's the only reason why the lebanese people are suffering...

What exactly are they after? do they really think that any Lebanese would take their side??!! They have been distroying us for over 30 years, didn't they relaize that we WILL NEVER surrender? are they actually thinking that we could be with then agaist a fellow Lebanese??!!

Many of us may disagree with Nasrallah and his approaches, and many would even be mad at him, but there's NO WAY ON HELL that we could side with Israel and leave him behind.

What ever the reason, we are under war now, and the Israelis are attacking us. So to those on teh radio I say: "Give up, and instead of wasting your time trying ti turn us against eachother, worry about your own people and make sure they won't realize the truth and turn against you!!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Let them say whatever they wanna say...they have tried once in 1982, and they failed....what's gunna make them win this time??!!