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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is It Elias el Murr Again?

Ever since Ain Alak tragic bombing, we are welcoming every morning with more and more news about bombs being found here, and explosives being found there. This horrible news haven't spared any Lebanese area. All areas, from the North all the way to Mount Liban to Beirut, the Lebanese are living in never-ending fear of this unexplainable bombs and explosives being found.

So, what the hell is going on? How come all of a sudden, explosives are being found everywhere, specially in trash? Well, here is a theory:

It's Elias el Murr! Ever since the last explosion, Mr. Murr has been initiating a full campaign to locate and capture as much explosives as possible. He was very clear about that when Marcel Ghanim, the famous media man, hosted him in his talk-show "Kalam el Nass" on LBC.

The Army and the Internal Security forces are doing an enormous job. Just yesterday, they were able to capture 3 people with high-tech-state-of-the-are explosives that can be set up to explode for up to more than 100 days! Reporters said that this incident took place 8 days ago, and looking back in time we can see that most of the "explosives in trash" incidents happened in the past week.

It seems that those who are having bombs and explosives are afraid to get caught, so afraid that they decided it would be better to through them in garbage instead of being caught by the Army or the Internal Security Forces. And so, we are welcomed everyday with more and more explosives in our neighbourhoods.

Hopefully this is true, for it means that finally the authorities are doing their job. Maybe we should be happy every time we discover new explosives in trash, for it means that there's a campaign by the state, and it is working effectively....

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