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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Solution

Yesterday, Mr. Jeajea was on LBC, and today's morning, a HA official was on LBC too. Watching the two men talking, I've come to be more and more convinced that the conflict is not coming to an end. Each side seems to be -more than ever- clinching to its point of view, and refusing even simple adjustment to how things should go.

It has been clear by now that the country has been polarized so much that reason and logic have no place anymore, and it would be a total waste of time trying to convince the other side about your point of view. It's no longer about right or wrong, it has turned into a "Bone-breaking-contest" that none seems to be interested in ending it.

Looking at the situation, one can easily see that the future is bleak, and that hope for a resolution is far far away. So, what should we do? How can this conflict come to an end?

Well, objectively speaking, we can say that both sides are wrong at the same time, and being stubborn doesn't lead to anything but more and more tension in the streets. It seems that what we need is to simply -eliminate- the worries of each side and establish a new beginning to solve all the current issues.

March 14th says that its main worry is that giving March 8th the "blocking third" gives the opposition the upper hand in the "Council of Ministers", since they can topple the government at any moment. March 8th, on the other hand, says that allowing March 14th to have the "Controlling two thirds" of the government allows them to do whatever they want without even considering March 8th opinions.

Obviously, March 14th is not willing to give the "blocking third" to the opposition, and March 8th is not wiling to give the majority the "controlling two thirds".

Then the solution would simply be "disarming" both sides of the "powers" that worries the other side. A 19-10-1 confirmation would disarm March 14th from the "controlling two thirds", so they won't be able to take any decision unless March 8th accepts it, and at the same time, such confirmation would disarm the opposition from the "blocking third", so they won't be able to topple the government.

Such government, would be responsible for:
Reaching an agreement regarding the presidential elections
Reaching an agreement regarding the Tribunal
Reaching an agreement regarding a new fair electoral law
Reaching an agreement regarding the "Constitutional Council"
And most importantly, solving Liban daily issues and put an end to the paralysis that has infected Liban

All problems can be addressed in the government or the parliament, while the Lebanese daily life and issues are being run appropriately.

It seems like this is the only "middle" solution available nowadays, especially when knowing that the presidential elections are so near, and if the conflict is not resolved, we will end up arguing about the government, the presidency and the parliament. Paralysing the three institutions is NOT the way; it will lead to a farther ciaos and the chance of running into a new civil war will be higher higher, if it won't be the only last solution then......


Anonymous said...

didn't seniora propose this option when the talks began with amr moussa and the opposition refused? i don't believe the opposition leaders really give a rats ass about the govt, but rather their beef is something beyond what they are expressing, and therefor, even if the logical solution was put forth, they would still refuse.

Maya@NYC said...

tayeb, where do u get this "1" from? who is he? who decides on him? is there "someone" who doesn't belong to either camps?

FaiLaSooF said...

he/she can be anyone, he/she just won't have the right to vote. What matters is that we agree on the solution, then finding such man/woman will be an easy thing to do.

We have to watch out. Presidential elections is soooo near, and we have to end this "conflict" before we end up with no institutions to run the country.....

Khawwta said...

Logic have no place in Lebanon since 1948
Eliminating worries from each side is not a solution… eliminating both sides is the only solution